10 Things You Should Do Before Study in Italy

You made your applications to study in Italy, received your acceptance, settled all your transactions, and it’s time to go to Italy. Although it is a close country in terms of culture and location, Italy’s life experience is different from short-term travels. That’s why in this article we are discussing 10 things you should do before studying in Italy.

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1) Do not try to take all your belongings at once. It will be enough to take the suitable items for the weather present at the time of travel, which will allow students to manage for 2-3 months.


2) Categorize and file all your documents well. Since your first days will be full of official procedures, separating documents according to the place you will deliver them will save you from stress.

3) Accommodation is one of the most critical issues for students in Italy. When you first arrive in Italy, you may need to arrange temporary accommodation.

4) You can open your phone line with the ‘roaming’ setting for a while. However, we recommend buying a local SIM card upon arrival.

5) Take necessary health supplies such as pain relievers, antipyretics, and nausea medication with you.

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6) You can buy an Italian language pocketbook or mobile apps to communicate at a basic level.

7) Plug sockets in Italy are slightly different than in many countries. Although cell phone and laptop chargers are usually compatible with sockets in Italy, you may need to purchase a converter to use other electronic devices. You can easily find this in grocery stores in Italy.

8) You can also download the map of the city in Italy where you will study and use it offline.

Map and Bag

9) Do not keep a large amount of cash with you before your education in Italy, and stop converting the exchange rates in your mind for your expenses. Keep your money in your bank account whenever possible.

However, it may not be possible to pay by card in some cafes in Italy. Therefore, it is useful to have a little cash.

10) Free up space on your phone! You will collect many pictures of Italy’s outstanding architecture, friendly people, and unique student experience.

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