Every new breakthrough comes with certain situations, one of which is finding accommodation in Italy. Depending on the accommodation and institution, your choice is very important as some state or private dormitories, apartments, and other private residences may offer contracts over a certain month or year. Especially for students who want to settle abroad for education, finding a place to stay is important for the future of their education and life. For this reason, talking about this issue with both the advisors and the students in Italy, learning about its advantages and disadvantages and making decisions accordingly will prevent students from making hasty mistakes.

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Staying in Italy as a Student

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Housing and dormitory opportunities vary greatly in Italy, as in many countries. Undoubtedly, residences in big cities such as Rome and Milan are more expensive than rural areas, but this disadvantage also has some advantageous situations. In big cities, you may have a problem in terms of price, but the types of rooms available and finding a roommate will give you more options in terms of choosing. Before choosing your residence in Italy, it is useful to know what alternatives you can have.

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  • Apartments

With accommodation in Italy, it is easy to be comfortable and free. Moreover, by getting along with one or more friends, you can learn about a different country and culture and improve your language and communication.

Many students choose to share apartments or houses with other students. Students at different universities often post online to rent out the spare rooms of the flat they are staying in. These accommodations are generally inexpensive and vary in price depending on the size and location of the house. So you don’t need to know another student to rent a room. It will be very useful to follow the Facebook groups of the city you go to for such apartments.

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  • University or State Dormitories

Many universities have their own unique accommodation options. Some universities provide housing to candidates who want to stay in Italy. For example, it can be single or double apartments or student dormitories in the classical sense. Although student apartments provide more freedom to students, student dormitories, gyms, TV, library rooms, etc. It offers students more social environments with opportunities. You can find detailed information about university residences on the university’s pages or by contacting us.

Many universities offer services to assist international students, but they may charge a fee to help you find housing. You can consult your university’s accommodation services office about the subject.

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  • Homestay

Seeking independent housing is always an option, but it is often the most expensive option. Prices of residences in Italy vary according to their location and the number of rooms. Because everyone’s needs and lifestyles are different, it wouldn’t be right to give a clear price on your cost of living. When it comes to private housing, another issue is the opportunity to stay with a family. Thanks to this opportunity, you can learn a language from a family whose mother tongue is Italian, and adapt to the Italian culture very quickly while staying in Italy.

If you specify the items you want or do not want, such as the food you ate or did not eat, the choice of only breakfast or two meals a day, if you have allergies, the pill you use or any special condition, you can get the chance to stay in a homestay in line with your wishes. If you are not satisfied with the family you are staying with, you can request a new family.

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  • Private Dormitories

In the private dormitory option, you can choose to have meals. In private dormitories with many different options, you can stay with one person or with more than one person, so there will be a decrease in the price you will give. However, in private dormitories, everyone has a single room in addition to the kitchen, living room, study room, etc. Shared workspaces like these are used by everyone.

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Need to Know | Accommodation in Italy

  • The industrial zone in the north of Italy is generally more expensive than the agricultural sector in the south of Italy.
  • Be sure to check your university’s relevant pages to see if they offer housing or housing assistance. This can be a valuable resource for you!
  • Get around realtors! Don’t feel pressured to rent the apartment from the first person you talk to. Housing is important, and you should take the time to find a suitable place to live.
  • Start early. Start looking for places to stay long before you start moving. When your university starts education, you do not want to start your education without a place to live.
  • Be sure to read your contract thoroughly. Be sure to look carefully at each housing contract to see what’s included in your rent.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Accommodation in Italy

  • How important is it to you to be close to your university?
  • Where would you like to live? (in a city, a place with a lake view, an apartment or a detached house, etc.)
  • How much time would you like to spend going to school each day? (This can help you determine how close you want to stay to your university.)
  • Would you like to live with other people? If so, how many would you like to live with?
  • Do you want to live with people of the same sex or different sex?
  • Do you want a bathroom, kitchen or any private space for yourself?

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Additional Costs | Accommodation in Italy

Additional expenses and expenses that will arise during your stay in Italy are the costs you pay in addition to your monthly or weekly rent. These are usually:

  • Water bill
  • Natural gas bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Parking (if you have a car)
  • Transportation (bus pass, train ticket, etc.)

To know how much money you will need, you can calculate your rent by taking these additional expenses into account.

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