One of the important questions in the minds of students who want to study in Italy and their parents is accommodation options in Italy. Italy, a country that stands out with its quality university education and opportunities abroad, offers different accommodations for students in Italy according to various budgets. In this article, we will examine accommodation options for students in Italy in detail.

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Accommodation Options for Students in Italy

Dormitories in Italy

University of Trieste Dormitory

Dormitories in Italy

Many universities in Italy offer dormitory options for students. However, quotas may vary from region to region and from city to city. Dormitory prices usually range between 250-380 Euros. In some towns, universities also have studio apartments for 1-2 people. Contracts are made for 11 months per year, and dormitories are kept closed for general cleaning and maintenance in August.

In addition to the dormitories of universities, private dormitories also provide services for students. Their prices are slightly higher than university dormitories. Their monthly fees range between 350-550 Euros.

Student Dormitories in Milan

Most of the universities in Milan offer dormitory options for students. However, dormitories that have a certain quota may not be available for every student. In these cases, we offer our students various options such as a room for rent, rental flats, or private dormitories through our team in Italy.

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Student Houses in Rome

Universities in Rome are weaker than other cities in terms of dormitory facilities. For this reason, students generally prefer to stay in their homes. We offer rented rooms, rental flats, or private dormitory options for our students through our team members in Italy.

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Bologna Student Dormitory

Bologna University is one of the universities with the highest international student mobility. The city of Bologna is also known as a student city and has a high student density. Therefore, students experience difficulties at the accommodation point. With our team in Italy, we offer suitable accommodation options for students studying in Bologna.

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Naples Student Dormitories

Universities in Naples, one of the most important education centres in Southern Italy, offer English medical education and many more English program options. For this reason, it is an important education centre for international students. It also hosts a large student population with Italian students from many different cities. This is a complicating factor, especially for international accommodations for students in Italy. At this point, we offer the most suitable accommodation options for our students with our team in Italy. 

Shared Room Rental

One of the accommodation options for students in Italy is room rental. When you rent a room, you usually use a shared kitchen and bathroom with other house members. Your room can be single or double. The pricing is usually accordingly. Expenses such as electricity, water, and natural gas are generally included in the rent.

It is common for students to rent a room instead of a whole apartment. Room rents are more expensive in big cities. Room rents in Italy vary between 400-600 Euros depending on the size and location.

Flat Rental | Accommodations for Students in Italy

Among the accommodation options, the highest cost compared to the others is apartment rental. If students want to stay alone, they usually prefer studio apartments. Studio apartment rents vary between 500-800 Euros. It is also possible to find 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 flats where a few students can come together and rent. As we mentioned before, these options vary according to the apartments’ size, location, and city.

Erasmus Accommodation in Italy

There are different accommodation options for students who will study in Italy. First of all, many universities offer accommodation for Erasmus students. However, this opportunity may not be possible for every university in Italy. In this case, you can evaluate options such as rental rooms, rental apartments, or private dormitories.

Important Points to Consider

Italy’s northern part is the industrial zone, and life is more expensive than in the cities in the south. This is naturally reflected in accommodations for students in Italy.

Get support from someone who knows Italian, mainly to rent rooms and apartments. This can be difficult in the first place. Therefore, you can get support from the “Studying in Italy” team, which has an education and life experience in Italy, helping you with accommodation in Italy.

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Accomodation and Dormitory in Italy

Points to Consider on Student Accommodations in Italy

  • Proximity to the university
  • Where you want to live (city centre, quieter neighbourhoods, etc.)
  • How much time would you like to spend getting to school each day? (This can help you determine how close you want to live in college)
  • Do you want to live with other people? So how many people?
  • Would you like to live with people of different genders?
  • Would you like to have your own bathroom or kitchen?
  • Additional expenses of your house or apart

Additional expenses

Additional charges are expenses you pay in addition to your monthly or weekly rent. In some of the accommodations for students in Italy, these expenses are included in the rent. We can list these expenses as follows:

  • Water
  • Natural gas
  • Electricity
  • Shopping for kitchen

To calculate your monthly cost of accommodation, you must factor these expenses into account in addition to what you will pay for rent.

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Accommodation Tips for Students in Italy

Go around a lot! Don’t feel pressured to rent an apartment or room from the first person you speak to. Accommodation is essential for students studying abroad. You have to take your time to find a place to live.

Start early! Start searching for apartments before you reach Italy. Temporary options can be costly for you until you arrange your accommodations for students in Italy when your studies begin.

Check your rental agreement carefully! Look carefully at the lease agreement to see what is included in your rent and what is not. At this point, it is very important to get support from someone who knows Italian!

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