Architecture of Italy and full of visual beauties have increased the demand for architectural education in Italy, which is flooded by thousands of tourists every year, welcomes its visitors with its historical buildings with magnificent design.

The most important reason for preferring and obtaining architecture education in Italy is the beauties of the country and the advantages of architectural education in Italy. One of the reasons why Italy is the 5th most visited country in the world is that Italy has hosted different cultures for centuries and has rich heritage. Studying architecture in Italy, which was home to the Roman Empire and has 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Vatican, occupied the minds of every student who has set his heart on architecture.

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Architecture as we know it, teaches how to design buildings and make them sound both functionally and aesthetically. Architecture schools in Italy prepare students to combine the principles of utility, durability and beauty. Architectural studies; lead to careers such as architect, urban designer, landscape architect or structural engineer.

Italy is one of the best options in Europe in terms of education, low tuition fees, scholarships and accommodation opportunities offered to students. Architecture is one of the most preferred fields in the country, which accepts a lot of students from abroad and taught in high quality universities.

Architectural education in Italy, which has unique architectural elements and artefacts, can be a rewarding experience for students. Students studying architecture in Italian Universities, which are among the best universities in the world, have a chance to closely observe the architectural history of the country and the architectural works that have survived to recent days. Students who want to study architecture in Italy can obtain a high quality education at universities that are ranked among the best universities in the world, such as Politecnico di Milano , Politecnico di Torino , University of Rome La Sapienza . If we can describe all aspects of studying architecture in Italy in a general way, we could describe them under the few headings as outlined below:

What are the Advantages of Studying Architecture in Italy?

Studying architecture in Italy means being fascinated by different buildings every day. As you go deeper into the art of architecture and science, you will find that studying architecture in Italy is a turning point in your architectural career. You will start looking at the historical buildings that you see in every city of Italy, each of which is a unique experience for you, from a different perspective.

Studying architecture in Italy has many advantages:

  • The diploma that students who complete architectural education in Italy will receive while graduating is referred to as a blue diploma and the person who graduates from here can practice the profession of architecture in Europe and other countries of the world. This allows the person to have more job opportunities and to use his/her diploma.
  • Universities in Italy are at the forefront of other European countries. The high quality of education provided by Italian universities is one of the reasons for preference.
  • Undergraduate education in architecture in Italy is 3 years. This means getting into life a year earlier.
  • The tuition fee for studying in Italy is quite low compared to other European countries. Considering that the universities in Italy have more opportunities than other European countries and provide a better education, education in Italy is very attractive.
  • People who receive an architectural diploma from Italy also obtains architectural signature authorization.
  • Students do not need to speak Italian to study architecture in Italy. Architecture education is provided in English in the country for students from abroad.
  • The person who receives architectural education in Italy receives his diploma with an advanced command of English and Italian until the date of graduation. This is very important to be successful in business life.
  • In addition to Italian cuisine, the culture, history and tourism of the country are quiet attractive. There are many natural and historical places to visit in Italy, being one of the most touristic destinations in the world.
  • Scholarship opportunities and numerous accommodation opportunities are offered for students who are willing to study architecture in Italy.
  • Italy provides permit of residence for students who study and graduate in the country. In this way, students who want to study architecture in Italy can have the chance to continue their careers here after graduation.

Information About the Department of Architecture in Italy

architectural education in Italy

Italy is a highly developed country in terms of education programs and course contents. In the faculties of architecture, education programs are designed for the success of students. This architecture education programs last 3 years for undergraduate degree and 2 years for graduate degree if students want to study in Italy. The language of instruction is generally Italian, but there is also an opportunity for students who wish to study in English. Students can obtain a high quality education by supporting fundamental courses such as visual communication, design theories, architectural history, structural elements with courses as mathematics, physics, art history.

The duration of education for students who want to do a master’s degree in architecture is 2 years. Students can choose specialization areas such as architectural technology, architectural design, architectural engineering, architectural history and interior architecture.

Universities Offering Architecture Education in Italy

Architecture undergraduate education in Italy is 3 years. It is possible to take lessons in Italian as well as in English. Universities offering undergraduate architecture education in Italy:

  • Politecnico di Milano (English)
  • Politecnico di Torino (English)
  • University of Genova (Italian)
  • Rome La Sapienza (in Italian)

Postgraduate architecture education in Italy :

The number of universities that can be chosen for graduate education is slightly higher than for undergraduate education. All of the universities where both levels of education are provided are institutions that deliver high quality and long-term education and are in the top 10 in the rankings made in European countries.

Italy Architectural Education World Ranking

Here are some of Italy’s top universities for architecture education, many of which also have English options:

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Requirements for Undergraduate Architecture Education in Italy

Politecnico di Milano, architectural education in Italy

In order to enroll in undergraduate programs in Italy , students must attend the university exam and pass the threshold. In addition, applicants are expected to have a good command of English. (Although B2 level grammar is generally required, it can sometimes vary). Students who meet these requirements are called for taking the architecture exam to be held in Italy.

The architecture exam is prepared by the Italian MIUR Institute. Exam entrance places vary depending on which university students are willing to study. Students must attend this exam, which is usually held once a year in September, at the university of their first choice. The exam consists of 60 questions in total. Despite the time given to the students in the exam varies, an average of 100 minutes is given. Students who get a valid score from the exam and fulfil the requirements can obtain architectural education at the university they were admitted to.

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Requirements for Postgraduate Architecture Education in Italy

The requirements for postgraduate degree education in Italy  are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree in architecture or architecture-related departments must be completed at any university.
  • Despite the conditions vary according to each university, universities asking for a good average marks for graduate education.
  • As a foreign language certificate, a valid score from exams such as TOEFL or IELTS is required. However, some universities do not require a language certificate.

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Admission Exam for Architecture in Italy

There is an admission exam for students who want to study architecture in Italy. The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) held the architectural exam in Italy every September.

Some changes were made in the admission exam for faculties of architecture for 2023.

According to the new system;

  • The number of questions was reduced to 40 in the exam.
  • The exam duration was determined as 70 minutes.
  • Each correct answer is worth 1.5 points, while wrong answers are -0.4 points. Questions left blank do not have any effect.
  • The exam will be evaluated over 60 points.

Exam Content

  • General Culture: 8 questions
  • Logic: 6 questions
  • Date: 12 questions
  • Design and presentation: 6 questions
  • Mathematics-Physics: 8 questions

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Architecture Tuition Fees in Italy

University fees vary according to the universities chosen to be educated are private or public institution and the criteria of the university. However, it may also vary based on the family income status and success of the students, etc. If an average price is given, tuition fees between 150 and 3500 euros are paid to state universities. In private universities, this figure varies between 7000 and 13000 euros. Students are advised to make their applications by considering all these criteria.

Architecture Scholarships in Italy

Students who want to study architecture in Italy have the right to receive scholarships, although this scholarships are given based on various conditions. Scholarships that students may receive vary according to the income status of their family and the personal success of the student. They can receive scholarships up to 5200 euros per year. Some universities also offer higher scholarships to students who excel in their exams. Scholarship amounts vary according to the university and the general situation of the students.

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Accommodation and Dormitory Opportunities in Italy

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Accommodation and dormitory facilities for students in Italy are available at majority of universities. There are single, double, studio apartments as well as large apartments for students. Students have accommodation options suitable for almost every budget. If you cannot find a place to stay, some companies contracted by universities will offer you both dormitories and private houses, apartments, rooms, dormitories, hostels and hotels. Moreover, international students are given priority for dormitories, but the most important thing in this process is to make the registration and application procedures on time and completely. For this reason, using Pava Education consultancy service will determine the best route for you on the way to architecture.

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Architecture Equivalence in Italy

Universities that provide architecture education in Italy are in the top 500 in the world rankings in general and in the top 50 in the field of architecture. In this sense, students who study architecture in Italy will not have any equivalence problem.

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