The architecture exam preparation course in Italy is an education program that makes it very practical for students who want to study architecture in Italy, both in the exam process and in the education process in Italy.

In general, the architecture undergraduate program in Italy lasts 3 years and few universities offer education in English. In this respect, students who want to study architecture in English within Italy have the opportunity to study at two important technical educational institutions. These technical universities are Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino universities, have a great prestige in fields such as architecture, engineering and design in Italy and worldwide.

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The polytechnic universities in Milan and Turin are among the few public universities that offer architecture education in English, so these universities apply preliminary exams in the admission process. Politecnico di Milano university applies a test called Test Arched Exam (Test of Architecture), while Politecnico di Torino applies the test called TIL-A.

When the architectural exam is mentioned in Italy, TIL-A and Test Arched exams are generally understood, which are administered in English. Students who pass successfully from these two exams will be able to take their first steps into the adventure of architecture education in Italy.

What are the Politecnico di Milano and Turin Architecture Exams?

These two polytechnic Universities in Turin and Milan, which first come to mind when it is about technical schools in Italy, apply exams with different names when admitting students to the technical undergraduate programs they offer. For example, Politecnico di Torino applies exams with names TIL-I for English engineering programs and TIL-D for design departments. Likewise, the test for the English architecture program is called TIL-A.

The same is true for Politecnico di Milano, both universities are very close to each other in terms of exam content, they have similar test conditions that do not include a challenging curriculum on testing students at a basic level. The content includes topics such as reading comprehension and interpretation, simple logic questions and general culture for the history of art.

How Should I Prepare for the Architecture Exam in Italy?

The TIL-A and Test Arched architecture exam in Italy do not differ in content but consist of 50 questions on paragraph interpretation, logic, art history, mathematics, physics and some basic technical knowledge. Students can evaluate both the questions that have already appeared in Politecnico di Milano and Turin examinations and the questions that have appeared in other tests, such as the TOLC exams, which are administered throughout Italy.

In addition, since there might be many general culture questions from a wide range of perspectives in the field of art history, students can read and follow the content on this field. Many general culture questions on areas such as the cities of Italy and art history have been asked in previous years.

So, in summary, the following can be applied while preparing for the architecture exam:

  • Solving the questions that emerged in previous exams in the same areas of course content throughout Italy
  • Practicing questions in mathematics, physics and logic
  • Solving paragraph questions and doing readings in English
  • Following the contents of general art history and contemporary art

Why to choose Italy for Studying Architecture?

Italy has always maintained its leadership as a country where art has been manifested since historical times. This unique location, which is a country of art with its structure and nature, undoubtedly inspires with its atmosphere. Italy is a privileged country for students studying in a field with intense art content such as architecture.

Apart from this, there are many advantages of studying architecture in Italy;

  • Technical schools in Italy are ranked globally and have a high standard of education
  • The universities have co-operation with European and many international companies
  • Italy offers a large number of scholarships to foreign students
  • Possibility to develop a career as an architect in every continent of the world thanks to the blue diploma
  • English as the language of instruction, as well as the possibility to learn Italian as a second language

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What are the Advantages of Working with an Architecture Exam Preparation Course in Italy?

Although they do not ask students content with high technical difficulty in the architecture exams, students should be able to collect high scores in the exam content and increase their success ranking. In this respect, the architecture exam preparation course in Italy provides students with maximum efficiency in terms of both guidance and exam scores.

As in every exam process, students may feel a mental pressure in this process, in this respect, carrying out the exam preparation process with experienced people about the education process in Italy minimizes these pressures. In addition, while students are preparing for the architecture exam alone, they have limited knowledge in researching current resources, past questions and question structures that may arise, while in the course, access to many up-to-date resources can be provided.