The architecture exam preparation course in Italy is for students who want to study architecture in Italy. To be admitted to any Italian university, the person will undergo an entrance examination (in Italian) in scientific and technical subjects.

Students from EU member states can apply directly to universities in Italy for the architectural education entrance exam.

Students from other countries should apply for the entrance exam at the Italian Consular Mission in their country. Before taking the entrance exam, students must pass the Italian language proficiency test.

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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is among the first in Italy to offer an architecture exam preparation course. During their thirty years of experience, they have prepared a program corresponding to the official program of entrance examinations. The main emphasis in the preparatory courses is thorough preparation in the language lessons and various exam subjects. The courses in the preparatory course are taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The purpose of the courses is not only to successfully pass the university entrance exams but also to facilitate students’ studies at the university, thanks to the experience of many exam subjects in the first university year.

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Undergraduate Program in Architecture | Architecture Exam Preparation Course in Italy

The aim of this undergraduate program is to provide future architecture students with the necessary studies to pass the university entrance exam while at the same time allowing students to attend advanced classes in their freshman year without difficulty. Language skills are developed so that students can understand, discuss and express their views on a scientific subject. In addition, the student is also informed about how to find his way in the relevant literature and how to interpret the literature correctly. Italian language knowledge corresponding to intermediate level B1 is required to participate in this undergraduate programme.

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Examples of topics to be taught in individual architectural exam preparation courses in Italy includes:

  • Architectural language
  • General elements of architectural history
  • Construction sciences and techniques
  • History of art
  • Maths
  • Geometry
  • Physics
  • History
  • Geography

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