Modern Italian universities were founded in the XII century and are the oldest educational institutions in the Western world. Art, music and dance education have also existed in Italy since ancient times. Italy is a pioneer in all areas of higher education, especially in design, architecture, applied sciences and the arts.

Alta formazione artistica e musicale ( AFAM ), namely the Higher Education Institutes of Art, Music and Dance, is a part of the Italian higher education system and carries out education, production and research activities in the field of art, especially in the visual arts, music, dance, theatre, drama and design sectors.

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AFAM institutions offer highly qualified specializations in the following areas:

  • Visual arts (painting, sculpture, decoration, set design photography, multimedia, art, new technologies for film and TV, modern and contemporary art)
  • Drama (acting and directing)
  • Dance (classical and contemporary dance and choreography)
  • Music (all instruments, jazz and electronic music)
  • Design (product design, communication, systems and fashion design)

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Art, Music and Dance Education in Italy (AFAM)

Institutions of AFAM | Art, Music and Dance Education in Italy

High school diploma or other equivalent certificate obtained abroad is required for admission to undergraduate courses at AFAM institutions for art, music and dance education in Italy.

In addition, each institution can determine the level of qualification according to its own regulations and specifies the knowledge required for admission as well as the assessment procedures. Examinations may also organized by the completion of preparatory educational activities carried out in co-operation with upper secondary education institutions.

The institutions decide on the identification and recognition of qualifications acquired abroad in terms of the directives and regulations of the European Union and the international agreements in force.

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Accademie di belle arti (State Fine Arts Academies)

These are institutes of applied arts (painting, sculpture, decoration and stage décor) whose main aim is to prepare students for practical training. These institutions include:

  • 20 State Academies of Fine Arts
  • 23 legally recognized Academies of Fine Arts.

Istituti superiori per le industry artistiche (ISIA) “Higher Institute of Arts Industries”

These are government agencies that offer specialized training in design (graphic design).

  • There are 4 institutions with halls in Faenza, Rome, Florence and Urbino.

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Accademia nazionale di arte dramamatica (National Academy of Drama), Rome

It offers training courses for actors and directors to Italian and foreign citizens.

Accademia nazionale di danza (National Academy of Dance), Rome

Its main purpose is to train dancers, soloists and choreographers.

Conservatori di musica (Conservatories)

They are higher applied art institutes aiming to teach music. These institutions include,

  • 58 Conservatories
  • 21 Higher Music Institutes.

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Certification Institutions | Art, Music and Dance Education in Italy

There are institutions in the arts sector, particularly design, music and fashion, which can award certificates equivalent to those of other institutes offering higher education.

  • 27 certification bodies

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AFAM Education System Programs | Art, Music and Dance Education in Italy

First Level Academic Diploma

Applicants must pass an admission test. The course lasts 3 years and students are required to obtain 180 CFU (ECTS). The aim of this course is to provide a level of knowledge of the artistic method, scientific content and techniques in combination with specific subject understanding and professional expertise.

Second Level Academic Diploma

Applicants are required to take the admissions test to ensure they are adequately prepared to follow the course. The course lasts for 2 years and students are required to achieve 120 CFU (ECTS). The aim of the course is to provide advanced training and a high level of professional expertise in artistic methods and techniques.

Academic Diploma Course for Educational Research

A second-level academic diploma or other qualification from abroad is required for admission to the course. It lasts at least for 3 years and does not provide credits. The aim of the course is to provide the necessary expertise to plan and conduct high-level research.

Other courses | Art, Music and Dance Education in Italy

  • Specialized academic diploma courses: These courses provide a high level of professional expertise in specific fields.
  • Graduate or postgraduate diploma courses: These types of courses are in-depth courses for specific industries. The professional upgrade provides continuing education and includes a minimum of 60 CFUs (ECTS).

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