Bocconi University, founded in Milan in 1902 with the financial donation of a wealthy merchant Ferdinando Bocconi, is Italy’s first higher education institution to offer a degree in economics. The university also keeps the memory of Ferdinando Bocconi’s lost son, Luigi Bocconi, alive under the name ‘Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi’. This private institution, which has adopted the values of social and economic progress, pluralism, and liberalism since the day it was founded, has also managed to get its name written in the licensing of elite universities that have become traditional. Bocconi University, which has been the center of many successes to date, with the signature of my minds, which supports especially disadvantaged students to receive a full-fledged education and advocates equal opportunity in this sense, has become one of the first choice schools not only for undergraduate students but also for students who want to do a master’s degree in economics.

Bocconi, which has a place in the top 50 globally and among the top 10 universities in Europe, opens its doors to many successful students who apply from Turkey every year.


Bocconi University, located in Milan, one of the cities famous for its cultural richness in Italy, is a research university with an international reputation in the fields of business and law as well as economics. Research projects initiated in these departments are financed by important national and international institutions. Bocconi is a brand followed by many global businesses, especially in European countries. In this sense, it cooperates in large projects with European and American universities and business schools with similar corporate cultures. Bocconi University has close relationships with major companies, international agencies, senior officials working there, and distinguished universities. So much so that the education continues to grow in constant interaction with the business and economic environment to evaluate new problems in the light of the disciplines it offers, apply new techniques, and initiate new research initiatives.

Bocconi; It offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in management, economics, law, and other disciplines. At the same time, it provides hundreds of advanced courses to managers and professionals in all private and public administration fields, with programs prepared as a result of a series of experiences and research. In keeping with the ideals of its founders, Bocconi aims to meet the research and educational needs of the European and global economy by promoting cultural progress, international exchange, and economic integration. Bocconi views higher education as a continuous process covering an individual’s entire professional life. To this end, it supports economic progress and civic values, instilling in its students sound analytical skills and a strong emphasis on ethics.

Bachelor at Bocconi University

The degree programs offered at Bocconi University aim to optimize the overall quality of teaching and encourage the renewal of education programs offered globally. Undergraduate courses start from a minimum of 3 years. Among the undergraduate departments offered in Italian, there are also programs lasting 5-6 years. The fact that the school is located in the center of Milan enables students to access social and cultural opportunities more quickly. In addition, there are also a series of special courses that undergraduate students can attend outside of classes, such as football, basketball, water polo, art, music and theater training, and leadership and teamwork skills.

The university, which has a staff of approximately 1400 expert faculty members, has once again managed to become popular with its world-renowned alumni. So much so that Istanbul-born American economist and IMF consultant Nouriel Roubini, Leonardo SpA CEO Alessandro Profumo, Emma Marcegaglia from the board of the Italian Confederation of Industry, former Italian Minister of Economy and Finance Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, member of the Italian Republic -lifelong- Senate, Former Bocconi University rector Mario Monti, AC Milan football club president Paolo Scaroni and Vodafone Group’s former CEO and Italian businessman Vittorio Colao are also Bocconi graduates.

Students who continue their undergraduate education within the scope of the exchange program should start by choosing between 2 and 5 courses at the beginning of the semester. The undergraduate credit system is equivalent to the ECTS system. Accordingly, 1 Bocconi credit for the courses corresponds to the duration of 8-course hours. Students, who have the right to choose from various curricula, can make their course choices online. However, undergraduate students are obliged to select only undergraduate courses.

There is no obligation to attend classes in Bocconi undergraduate education; however, different exam rules can be applied between students who participate and students who do not. Grades are determined according to the final exam results. In some courses, homework, essays, attendance, and group work can also affect grades. Exams are held on pre-announced dates and only within the Bocconi campus. To ensure that the grades are registered, students must officially register for the exams on the officially announced dates.

Bocconi University Departments

English undergraduate departments at Bocconi University are as follows:

  • International Economics and Management,
  • International Economics and Finance,
  • Economics and Management for Arts, Culture, and Communication,
  • Economics and Social Sciences,
  • Economics, Management, and Computer Science,
  • Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence,
  • International Politics and Government,
  • World Bachelor of Business.

The undergraduate courses offered in Italian at the university are as follows:

  • Business Administration and Management,
  • Economics and Finance,
  • Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication.

In addition to these, the Law (Giurisprudenza) program, which is offered in Italian and is a 5-6 year undergraduate program, is also frequently preferred by the students.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements at Bocconi University

Candidates have the right to apply to the undergraduate department only once a year. They must first get the required score from the SAT, ACT, or Bocconi Test. The Bocconi exam aims to measure students’ abilities, decision-making skills, and crisis management styles. There are 70 multiple choice questions in the exam, and the exam duration is planned as 105 minutes.

In addition to test scores, candidates must apply with their high school diploma and transcripts, passports, CVs, and language test scores. The language score requirement is 6.0 for IELTS (a minimum of 5.5 from all bands) and 88 for TOEFL IBT. In addition to the annual fee for Bocconi university undergraduate programs, there are also financing opportunities based on the student’s family income. For this reason, the most accurate information about the application and annual fees can be obtained from the school’s official website.

Master at Bocconi University

Bocconi University’s master’s programs are offered in the form of a 2-year master’s with a thesis and an MBA. The Institute coordinates pre-experience Specialized Master’s programs and economics and business master’s programs. Master’s departments are also offered with English and Italian language options. English master’s programs are available within the following departments of the university:

  • International Management,
  • management,
  • Marketing Management,
  • Accounting, Financial Management, and Control,
  • finance,
  • Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment,
  • Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations,
  • Economic and Social Sciences,
  • Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology,
  • Data Science and Business Analytics,
  • Politics and Policy Analysis,
  • Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance.

In addition, the master’s programs offered in Italian are as follows:

  • Marketing Management,
  • Finance,
  • Management,
  • Accounting, Financial Management and Control,
  • Law and Business Administration.

Apart from these programs, the 2-year Double Degree English Master program is also among the advantages offered by Bocconi University. In this postgraduate education provided within the scope of the CEMS MIMS program, students can choose one of the CEMS partner universities for their second year of education after completing the first year at Bocconi. Students who complete the program in this way have the right to graduate with a double diploma. To apply for this master’s program, a minimum of 600 GMAT score is required from the candidates.

Postgraduate Admission Requirements at Bocconi University

To enroll in the university‘s graduate programs, candidates must first have a score of at least 6.0 in the IELTS exam (all bands cannot be less than 5.5) and at least 99 in the TOEFL IBT exam. Turkish students who cannot achieve this must apply with a document showing that they have studied at the university in Turkey in 100% English.

In addition, students’ undergraduate diplomas and transcripts, resumes, and passports are also documents that must be submitted during the application process. In addition, students who will apply to CEMS and Bocconi-ESEC programs are expected to get 100 points from TOEFL.

Unlike the undergraduate application, candidates must also notify the school of their GMAT/GRE score scores. The annual fees of Bocconi University master’s programs are detailed on the official website. Candidates are also advised to thoroughly research the programs they will apply for, their program fees, and educational content.