What is Codice Fiscale?

Codice Fiscale ( The Fiscal Code ) means ” tax code “. This code is a kind of social security number and functions similar to an identity number. It is a code that varies according to your name, surname, date of birth and place of birth. Your code consists of letters and numbers. This code, which has a total of 16 digits, is special for everyone. You will need this code for almost every job you do in Italy (especially corporate and government jobs).

What Does Codice Fiscale Do?

  • Codice Fiscale is used when applying to some departments of universities in Italy.
  • It is used when submitting documents to the institute, university or school where you are accepted.
  • It is used when making a lease.
  • You will be asked for this tax number when opening a bank account.
  • It is used in natural gas, electricity, water, internet applications.
  • It is used for mobile phone payments and sim card applications.
  • Permesso di Soggiorno (Italy residence permit) is required to obtain a document.
  • It is required to receive health care.

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How to Get Codice Fiscale?

Codice Fiscale is provided free of charge from the Italian Consulates abroad. Fill out the relevant form on the Italian Consulate website. You can also obtain the same form from the Italian Consulate, along with a photocopy of your ID or passport. You can then receive it in writing on a wet-stamped A4 paper from the Italian Consulate or Embassy you are in. This code, written on A4 paper, is the temporary code that you can use in your university registration process and other transactions in Italy.

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What are the Required Documents

You don’t need a lot of documentation to receive the Codice Fiscale code. You can easily apply with your ID or, most importantly, your passport.

If you forget to get the codice fiscale from the Italian Consulate & Embassy abroad, or if you lose the code you received, when you come to Italy, you can go to Agenzia Delle Entrate (Italian Tax Office) in each city with your passport copy and request the same codice fiscale to be issued.

Perhaps your Codice Fiscale will be written on A4 paper, which you can use temporarily. Then, you will be told by the authorities that this code will be sent to your address in the form of a plastic card. Although this card has not been received until now, it is legal for them to make such definitions due to certain procedures. Of course, we recommend that you do not lose your A4 paper. Since there is an official seal on your Codice Fiscale code written on the paper, it is possible to do all your transactions written above.

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How to obtain The Codice Fiscale Code?

To obtain the Codice Fiscale code , you can do so by filling in a few information that will be requested from you on sites such as www.codicefiscaleonline.com ”. It should be noted that this code obtained from these sites has no legal validity. Each institution will request the code on the A4 paper, which is sealed in advance. However, if there is any information requested by the school, you can give your Codice Fiscale to the authorities.

Codice Fiscale functions almost like your foreign citizenship number within the borders of the Italian Government. Therefore, it is very important for official transactions to have your Italian tax code with your sealed document. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get it from the nearest Italian Consulate or Embassy in your city, region or country. Most of our students forget to do this while applying for education in Italy, or they may lose the wet-stamped document after receiving it. The said document and code will be required for many transactions you will make in the country. Receiving this code will greatly benefit you in advancing your business and daily activities in many areas in Italy.

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