For those who are interested in economics and politics, the Department of Economics and Politics at the University of Milan has a special meaning. Italy is the only place where these two concepts are taught together. The undergraduate is 3 years, and the master’s is 2 years.

According to the statistics kept by the department, 90% of the graduates of this department find a job, while the rest are accepted from doctoral programs. It is very easy for graduates of this department to receive a doctorate in both economics and politics because having a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in both fields creates a significant positive effect. When we look at the economists who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in the last period, almost all of them come to the fore with their studies on the effects of politics on the economy.

Due to its application of the social state system and its touristic and historical prowess, Italy receives thousands of international student applications every year and accepts most applications that meet the conditions.

The University of Milan Economics and Political Science is one of the prestigious departments recognized in Italy. Italian universities provide education to a very high standard and have a huge impact in Europe due to their location. Italian universities have a very important place in the world, especially in the fields of medicine, law, architecture, politics and economy.

At the University of Milan (The University of Milan or Università degli Studi di Milano in Italian), which is one of the most important universities in Italy, almost all branches are 3 academic years a year, starting in mid-September and continuing until the end of June. The biggest advantage of dividing it into 3 academic years is that it allows specialization in each course area due to the decrease in the number of courses per semester. Especially its rich libraries provide excellent opportunities for every student in this regard.

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What are Economics and Political Science?

A degree in Economics and Political Science (EPS) aims to develop a high-quality learning path in economics and political science. In modern times, economics and political science grow from the same body represented by moral and political philosophy. Taking their origins and inspiration from this common idea, the two fields soon organized themselves according to autonomous epistemological laws to which different conceptual frameworks corresponded. Yet over the centuries, they have maintained a close relationship that mutually influences each other. In reality, not only their common origins but also the extensive sharing of the object of study fostered the methodological and theoretical similarities between the two social sciences.

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Particularly in the last two centuries, increased public intervention in the economic sphere in all socioeconomic systems has brought the two disciplines, including market economies, closer together, enabling them to face a common set of problems and questions. In today’s research activities, it has become clear that the boundaries between the two sciences are blurred, and the tools and methods of analysis – from rational choice theory to game theory, from political philosophy to econometrics, from the theory of justice to welfare economics – are essentially the same in countless examples of theoretical and empirical research.

To cite just a few examples, the analysis of individual and collective choice in both the economic and the political realm can be mentioned; examining the existing relationships between political institutions on the one hand and economic growth or social welfare on the other; discussing public policies and their effects on individual and aggregate economic variables; The study of the interaction between government actions and business cycles.

Contracted Universities | Department of Economics and Politics, University of Milan

Students of the Department of Economics and Politics at the University of Milan are generally highly successful in their fields and have their undergraduate or doctorate degrees from well-known universities. In addition, after spending their first year in Italy, Economics and Political Science students can do Erasmus in many other European countries, if they wish, according to their course averages.

However, there are double degree agreements with some universities within the scope of exchange programs. In other words, students can be deemed to have graduated from both universities by studying at the university they went to with exchange in their second year, if they wish.

Some of these universities are:

  • Peking University (Beijing, CHINA)
  • HSBC Business School (Shenzhen, CHINA)
  • Plekhanov School of Economics (Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
  • Singapore School of Management (SINGAPORE)
  • Manipal University (Karnataka, INDIA)
  • Université Catholique de Louvain (BELGIUM)
  • Facultés Universitaries Notre Dame de la Paix de Namur (Namur, FRANCE)

As can be seen, this program, which is in a very important international position, also offers its students very good opportunities to participate in international mobility. In addition, students who register to the program for the first time each year, according to their success (generally, the undergraduate grade point average is taken into account) and students who move to the second year, according to the grade success of the previous year.

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University Scholarships

In addition, candidates applying to the University of Milan can benefit from many scholarships provided by the university. These possibilities are: Subsidies and tuition waivers ranging from 2200 to 5200 per year, free lunch and discounted dinner, flats and dormitories for accommodation, and free Italian language courses for all levels are available.

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