Erasmus Study in Italy

The Erasmus Study in Italy exchanges students with partnered schools abroad thanks to Erasmus+ and their schools. According to the Erasmus+ 2019 Annual Report, Italy is the second most preferred country among 34 countries in the Erasmus+ program. Having a Mediterranean climate, high quality of education, food, historical places, museums, natural beauty and friendly people are among the most attractive features of studying in Italy.

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What is Erasmus+? | Doing Erasmus in Italy

Erasmus+ is a program introduced by the EU to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. While the 2014-2020 budget of Erasmus was 14.7 billion euros, the 2021-2027 budget program was determined as 26.2 billion euros. With this increased budget, it aims to provide more opportunities to students.

Many countries are included in the Erasmus+ program, especially European Union, which has signed an agreement with the European Free Trade Association, including Turkey. Students have the opportunity to study for one semester or two semesters (one year). Students who go abroad with Erasmus+ programs may be eligible to receive grants. In addition to a grant, your university may also have a non-grant quota. Those with certain conditions can also go with this option.

Why should you do Erasmus in Italy?

There are many reasons for doing Erasmus Study in Italy, where you will perhaps spend the most educational and fun time of your life. Let’s see some advantages and benefits based on the experience of people who have gone before.

Education in Italy

It should be noted that universities in Italy occupy important positions in the world rankings. There are many universities that rank not only in the general university rankings but also in the departments in your field.

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The involved universities are:

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The following courses are available for study:


Since 50 cultural and 5 natural heritage sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, students will not have any problems with sightseeing in Italy. Due to the developed transportation in Italy, it is easy to plan and realize your trips. Thanks to the distance between famous cities such as Milan , Venice, Rome , Naples , Florence, Bologna, Palermo , and Catania , wherever you study, you can organize trips to these cities by various means of transportation.

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Besides, there are 2 more nations in Italy: San Marino and the Vatican. Moreover, Italy neighbours France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Considering its proximity to other European countries, trans-European travel is relatively easy. All you have to do is follow cheap flights or different transportation options.

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Erasmus Study in Italy also offers rich activities for students. While there are many cities you can see in Italy outside of your own region, you can also go abroad at very affordable prices. Apart from this, there are many activities that you can do alone or with your friends in Italy.

Some highlights of Italy include the Vesuvius Volcano, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, basilicas, caves, Trevi Fountain, cathedrals, and Venice’s Grand Canal. Each season in Italy brings different activities and delicious food. and there is always something to do.

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Italian cuisine

Among the most famous dishes of Italy are Lasagna, Carpaccio, Ravioli, Osso Buco, Minestrone, Tortellini, Tiramisu, Cannoli, Italian ice cream and Neapolitan pizzas. There are many unique regional dishes and street delicacies.

Moreover, there are different food and beverage cultures in Italy. After a morning coffee and pastry you won’t witness a coffee ordered with milk after 11am. This is because Italians believe that consuming milk after a meal will disrupt digestion.

Pre-dinner aperitifs are served during evening hours; here, you can pay for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, defined as “happy hours” or referred to as “aperitivo”. But since these snacks can be quite heavy, it can be said that they replace dinner for some.

World Citizenship

Erasmus in Italy opens the door to abroad for 1 semester or 1 year. There are many advantages that this will bring. Students will experience a variety of cultures and make long-lasting friendships with Italian students and even people from all over the world. This experience in the international environment can make students a citizen of the world.

The experience, knowledge and education that a person can gain by stepping out of their comfort zone are invaluable. To meet new people means you expand your horizons, learn new languages and visit other countries.

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Erasmus in Italy – Grant, Expenses, Accommodation

  • A 2-part grant is awarded during your study in Italy. Your first grant will be 80% of your total grant provided within 30 days of the agreement between the two universities. Your remaining payment is given after you provide a certain ECTS.
  • You do not pay any fees to the university you attend.
  • Depending on the length of your course, you are also provided with a certain fund.
  • Your accommodation fee is not covered. However, if you are thinking of staying in a dormitory, we recommend that you speak to the Erasmus Coordinator for dormitories. If you want to stay in a house, flat or apartment with friends, various opportunities at different prices are available depending on the city.
  • The fee you receive while doing Erasmus varies according to the city and region you are in. In addition, this fee may increase every year.

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