Studying fashion and design in Milan: Milan is one of the first cities that come to mind when the world’s fashion centre is mentioned; studying in this city is undoubtedly one of the turning points in the lives of many graduates.

Milan is a city not only with its fascinating architecture and rich history but also where you can feel yourself in the depths of fashion even while studying fashion design. It is a city where you can find opportunities to work with important artists of the world, especially from fashion weeks to furniture design fairs, from interior design fairs to thousands of exhibition halls and boutiques.


4 major exhibitions and design weeks are held in Milan every year. These are Furniture Design Fairs, Galleries and Museums, Theaters and Studios, and Historical and Contemporary Architectures. So, what are the best academies/universities for those who want to study fashion design in Milan?

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Academy/Universities Providing Fashion and Design Education in Italy

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So, why is Fashion and Design education so important in Milan? Let’s list them in 4 items:

Features of Fashion and Design Education in Milan

1- Design in Milan: Interior Design, Product Design, City Design, Architectural Design