Private Galileo Galilei Italian High School started its education life in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, in 1870. It primarily provides training to Italians residing in Turkey. To study at Galileo Galilei Italian High School, which later accepted Turkish students, you learn Italian by studying in the preparatory class in the first year. Then you see the courses specified in the MEB secondary education curriculum.

When you finish your studies at Galileo Galilei High School, which received a certificate of equivalence with high schools in Italy in the 2004-2005 academic year, you can have the privilege of continuing your education in the universities you want in Italy by taking an exam called “Maturità” administered by the Italian state.


How is the Education at Private Galileo Galilei Italian High School?

At Galileo Galilei High School, you learn Italian by studying in the first-year preparatory school. You choose one of the numerical, verbal and equal-weight areas according to your abilities. The difference from other Anatolian high schools is that you take extra lessons. In the last 2 years of your 4-year high school life, you choose your course according to your interests.

Since the school applies both the Turkish and Italian education systems, 2 separate report cards are given. At the end of the 12th grade, you take the Maturita exam and get an Italian high school diploma. The co-education system is implemented, and there is a separate curriculum for students who will receive an Italian diploma apart from the MEB curriculum.

In addition, for students who will receive a Turkish diploma, Latin, Italian and World History classes are also offered. The courses taken by students who will receive an Italian diploma are;

– Italian, English, Latin and Turkish Language and Literature

– Painting and Art History

– History (Turkish History, World History)

– Maths

– Physics

– Physical Education classes are taught for 4 years.


Opportunities of Galileo Galilei Italian High School Education

Compared to others, the most significant opportunity this high school offers is that it blends the Italian and Turkish education systems. You can go on to build a beautiful future in Italy and most European countries by studying at this school, which strives to increase the cultural and academic knowledge of its students without sacrificing the quality of education.

Opportunities offered at this school are:

– English education in addition to Italian, starting from the preparatory class.

– Latin language and literature lessons for 4 years,

– Light and classical music, theatre and short film work,

– Literary studies,

– Opportunity to do sports activities,

– Consultancy service for universities in Italy,

– Club work

What is Galileo Galilei Italian High School’s Maturita Diploma Advantage?

When you have the Maturatia Diploma, you will be able to enter universities easily in Italy and most countries in Europe. You can complete your higher education in Italy without difficulty, as you will reach a sufficient level of language and culture for 4 years.


Galileo Galilei Italian High School Documents Required for Registration

-Original and photocopy of identity card

-Exam Result document.

-6 passport size photos from the last 6 months.

-Document showing blood group

-Certificate of residence of the student.

-Bank receipt showing that the first instalment has been paid or a copy of the bank receipt and passbook for the advance payment

-Original and photocopy of a power of attorney (Notarized).

-Student Registration Agreement

-Privacy and Personal Data Policy

-Student Examination/Follow-up Notification Form

-Covid-19 Information Form and Commitment

-Parent Consent

-Hes Code Petition


Galileo Galilei High School Base Score 2022

The entrance score announced by the school is 425 base points out of 500 total points. Any student who has a score equal to or above the base score reported by Galileo Galilei High School can apply. You can register for high school registration on the registration date determined by the school.

Galileo Galilei High School Price

According to the credit system protocol between the school and İşbank, 2021-2022 academic year preparatory class tuition fees

-56.435.18 + 4514.82 .-TL(VAT) = 60.950.-TL.

If you are not going to pay the school fee in advance, it is obligatory to apply to the credit system determined by the school.



1- What is the Private Galileo Galilei Italian High School curriculum?

In this high school, both Italian and Turkish curricula are blended.

2- How to be included in the Italian Diploma (Maturità) system?

Every student who passes the preparation and becomes 9th grade is automatically included in this document. At the end of each semester, two report cards, Turkish and Italian, are given.

3- What are the conditions for obtaining the Maturità Diploma?

At the end of each year, the average of all course grades must be above 50 points. Students who fulfil all the requirements until the end of the 12th grade are tested by a commission of teachers sent from Italy. If they pass this exam successfully, they will be able to receive a diploma.

4- What are the hours of the lesson?

The classical lesson hours start at 08:00 and end at 15:00. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

5- What are the foreign languages you will study?

In addition to the mother tongue Italian, Education in English and Latin is also provided.

6- Are scholarships given?

The school has the right to teach 3% of the school population 100% free of charge for one academic year.

7- Does Galileo Galilei Private Italian High School have a boarding department?

No, this school does not have a boarding section.

8- Is it compulsory to attend the preparatory class?

A B1 certificate of proficiency in Italian is required to pass the preparatory class. If you have this certificate, you can skip the preparation directly with your High School Entrance Exam score and move to the 9th grade.

9- Does the school assist the private Galileo Galilei Italian High School graduates in entering Italian universities?

Yes. Necessary directions and guidance are provided for universities in Italy. Support is provided for all bureaucratic procedures.

10 – How many years is the Private Galileo Galilei Italian High School?

After 1 year of preparation, it is 5 years in total with 4 years of education.

11- How many Italian High School Will the student take?

The quota for 2021/2022 is stated as 68 people.

12- While choosing universities in Turkey, which departments are most likely to be placed in?

The orientation to law and psychology is greater than in other fields of study. Of course, this situation varies.