IMAT Course Details

IMAT Course given by our expert instructors helps you prepare for the IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) exam, which is mandatory for medical education in Italy. It aims to improve yourself in the fields of biology, chemistry, logic, mathematics, general culture, and physics.

The IMAT Course should be seen as the first step for students who want to start their IMAT studies for the first time or improve IMAT Scores. 

Start Date 24 January 2022
End Date 6 February 2022
Quota and Place 10 People – (Online Class)
IMAT Simulations 2
IMAT Course Duration 60 Hours
IMAT Course Fee 800 Euro > 499 Euro + Tax (Discounts are valid for a limited time)

There are a limited number of places in our IMAT Courses, so contact us now to take an IMAT course.

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IMAT Course: Main Lectures

Lectures on the IMAT Course consist of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, logic, general knowledge and practice exams.


Biology section consists of 18 questions. IMAT course mainly targets lecturing and solving practice exams in biology subjects.


Chemistry section consists of 12 questions. The goal of the IMAT Course is to help students develop a study plan for IMAT after the course.

Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics and physics section consists of 8 questions. Only basic knowledge of mathematics is sufficient for the IMAT mathematics department. Our IMAT Course aims to evaluate mathematics topics and explain the subjects at the beginner level.

Logic and General Culture

Logic and general culture section consists of 22 questions. The part of IMAT Logic is partially similar to the mathematics part and consists of problems. It also consists of paragraph questions, and the student’s English level is very important for this section.

The IMAT general culture section covers many topics from different fields and the Pava Education IMAT Course also shares questions for students to work in this field.

IMAT Practice Exams

You can measure your level with IMAT practice exams prepared by our expert teachers. You can also see your world ranking with IMAT practice exams we have done around the world.

There are a limited number of places in our IMAT Courses, so contact us now to take an IMAT course.

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IMAT Course: Application Requirements

  • Our IMAT Course is designed for students who will be preparing for the exam for the first time or who want to increase their IMAT score.
  • The course will be entirely in English, so knowing English at least  B1 level will increase your course efficiency.
  • It is sufficient for students to have a comprehensive knowledge of high school before starting the course.
  • It is possible to attend the course from all over the world. Students can attend the course through the online platform shared with them.

There are a limited number of places in our IMAT Courses, so contact us now to take an IMAT course.

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Information about the IMAT Exam

What is IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test)?

IMAT is an entrance exam for the Departments of  Medicine, Surgery, and Dentistry in Italy, where the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing work together. IMAT is entirely in English and those who want to study in the Departments of  Medical, Surgical and Dentistry in Italian must also take a different exam in Italian. In order to prepare for these exams, the IMAT course is among the most important factors behind the success of students.

Part 1: Logical Reasoning and General Culture

Logical reasoning and general culture section; There are 22 multiple-choice questions from problem-solving, understanding argument and paragraph, general skills in data analysis and inference, and general culture questions. If we open them, we can list them as logic and general culture.

There are 10 questions from logic and 12 questions from the general culture.

Part 2, 3, and 4: Scientific Knowledge

Ability to apply scientific knowledge from your previous school background: There are a total of 38 multiple-choice questions from the departments of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

There are 18 questions from biology, 12 questions from chemistry, 4 questions from physics, and 4 questions from mathematics.

In order to prepare better for the exams, you can take the IMAT course given by our expert team.

Exam Preparation Process

In order to prepare for the IMAT exam in a more knowledgeable and experienced way, you can join us by attending the IMAT course. 

Instead of stressing over how to prepare for the exam, where should I start, and whether the questions are difficult for the IMAT exam, we will do the best exam preparation together with study sources, exam samples, previous questions, an intense but not boring course experience for each lesson, and practice exams.

IMAT Exam: Application Requirements

  • To be a high school graduate by completing 12 years in IMAT
  • Pre-registration on time and successfully
  • To have paid the exam fee

IMAT Exam: Entrance Fee

There is an exam fee to be paid by every candidate to enter the IMAT exam. This price can be paid as 130 € or £ 114 or $ 164. If you join us with the IMAT course, we will always be in contact with the solution to your problems, such as this and all other questions.

Exam Rules

  • You must bring your exam registration document and the document showing that you have paid the exam fee while coming to the exam.
  • You must come with the passport you used during registration for the exam.
  • You can only bring a black ballpoint pen with you to the exam.
  • In the exam, 100 minutes are given for 60 questions.

IMAT Exam: Exam Evaluation

Well, how many points do you need to get from IMAT? The scoring formula in the IMAT exam is as follows:

  • The value of each correct answer is 1.5 points, and each incorrect answer is 0.4 points.
  • The questions left blank do not have any point value.
  • IMAT exam evaluation grade is 90; there is no threshold score.
  • Each candidate must have a minimum score of 20 to be placed in a university.

IMAT Exam: Time and Location

In September of each year, exams are held only once a year in universities offering medical education in English or pre-determined examination centers in Italy. With the IMAT course, we can prepare you in the best way with the quality of Pava Education.

There are a limited number of places in our IMAT Courses, so contact us now to take an IMAT course.

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