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How to Prepare for IMAT Exam?

Students who have been dreaming of studying abroad for a long time are now taking the last steps to “study medicine in Italy“. In these last steps, of course, it is the IMAT exam that has to be overcome for medical education. In order to receive admission from the medical department in Italy, you need to conclude the IMAT exam preparation process successfully.

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How to prepare for the exam, what should we pay attention to while preparing, what are the best resources for IMAT and you will find answers to your questions about the exam process here.

What are the methods that can be applied in the IMAT Exam Preparation Process?

1) “Attention and Focus” You must remove all obstacles (IMAT Exam Preparation)

The most important factor in preparing for an exam is the study environment. Especially when you are studying for the IMAT exam, you should get rid of anything that can distract you on the table where you are studying; this can be a family photo, a pencil case full of pens, books and other lecture notes that have nothing to do with the exam you are studying for IMAT course.

IMAT exam preparation

Such different items are likely to distract you at any time. If you can switch off your mobile phone when you are going to work, this will be much more useful for you. You should try to create an effective working environment in your room with your own facilities.

If your opportunities are limited, libraries are one of the best options for you to study.

Would you like to prepare for the IMAT exam with us? Our professional consultants can help you with the IMAT course.

2) “You must have a work plan and a specific goal!”

You should create a list of things to do for IMAT exam preparation. You should create a special study order for each branch for the IMAT exam, which consists of logic, general culture, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Since you are expected to solve 60 questions in 100 minutes during the exam, testing yourself with a stopwatch so that you do not have problems in terms of time will help you adapt to the exam atmosphere.

In other words, you can apply the following in your study organization;

  • Try yourself with a stopwatch
  • For each section, you can prepare yourself with the questions we share in our IMAT course
  • Do a lot of reading to improve your reading and comprehension in English
  • Since analytical thinking questions are quite a lot, many questions should be solved

3) “Best Source” You should review the previous exam questions

Solving the previous questions will enable you to get a general impression of the exam and to evaluate the types of questions you may encounter. For this reason, while completing the field and subject deficiencies, it is absolutely necessary to solve the previous IMAT questions.

IMAT exam preparation, Studying medicine in Italy

In our IMAT course, we share the questions and question bank resources with our students prepared according to the questions. With the help of these resources, we have enabled many of our students preparing for the IMAT exam to settle in different medical faculties in Italy.

4) “Time Management” You must have a specific daily study plan (IMAT Exam Preparation)

Sometimes even a short sleep break! Some sleep time during the day will improve your performance, but you should remember that each individual has his/her own study method. For example, while some individuals can study for 12 to 13 hours a day, some individuals may find it sufficient to study for 4 to 5 hours.

It is useful to remind the concept of efficient work here. Therefore, you should calculate how much sleep you need, your meal times, reading times and the time you allocate for social activities.

5) “Day or Night” You should organize your working time according to yourself

Especially some people find it much more useful and productive to study at night. In fact, you should not forget to repeat as much as you study. For example, it is very important to revise today what you have learnt the day before, but you should not forget to revise it at monthly intervals. Have you ever forgotten what you studied the day before? This may be the reason.

6) “Experiencing the Same Situations” Of course, there will be those who are prepared with you.

Studying with friends who are in the same situation as you or with people who are working towards the same goal will motivate you even more. Study together, even set your programs together and take a break together when you take a break. This will actually be very useful for you to follow the program you have prepared yourself. Ask each other questions after a certain study or at the end of the study. This is both fun and very instructive.

IMAT exam preparation

7) “Name the Objects” If you don’t want to forget them, give them values that you will remember.

One of the most useful ways of working is to name the subjects you are studying or to link them to a memory to keep them in your mind. Especially when you need to memorize, comparing them makes it easier for you to remember them for a long time and to be remembered quickly. In order not to forget important topics or formulas, give them features to remind you again.

8) Your “Starting Early” Topics should not hang (IMAT Exam Preparation)

It is very stressful and difficult to learn something under time pressure. Have you already started studying for the exam? Maybe you should start ordering books now. For example, finish whatever you need to finish today. Make sure you finish it. Even if you are going to go out of your program, finish it because what is left for tomorrow insists on being left for tomorrow. If you cannot finish it that day and this repeats every day, it means that you should redesign your program from top to bottom.

In the process of preparing for the IMAT exam, the above-mentioned things are of course important, but you may encounter certain difficulties in applying them to this exam. But every person knows himself in the best way and you can work by making the above-mentioned things the most suitable for yourself. If everyone can do many things in almost every situation, why can’t you?

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