Access Start : CET 00:01 – 04 Feb 2023

Access End   : CET 23:59 – 05 Feb 2023

Duration   : 100 mins – 60 Questions

Our International IMAT QUIZ is completely free to take. We organize global IMAT Quizzes to give students from around the world a chance to practice and compare their level with other students. 

This is going to be a practice IMAT Quiz for 2023. However, everyone can take the quiz. 

Please share this email with your friends, classmates and others who you think would join on 4-5 Feb 2023. 

By having more students you can get a more precise ranking percentile.

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About International IMAT Quiz:

What is IMAT?

IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) is a test used as part of the selection process for the admission to the medical and dental schools in Italy. It is organized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and is based on multiple-choice questions on scientific subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and English.

Why should you join IMAT Quiz?

It is Completely Free

International IMAT Quiz is completely free and gives you a chance to see your rankings among other students who will take the exam with you in 2023.

Available for 48 hours

The International Quiz will be available for 48 hours to solve only once. This gives everybody from around the world with different time zones a chance to take the quiz.

Anonymous Ranking Lists

Ranking lists will be published on our website once everybody completes the quiz, and your names or personal information will be hidden. Check and our social accounts to learn about ranking lists.