General Information About IULM University

IULM University, known as Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione, was founded in 1968 by Professor Carlo Bo and Professor Silvio Baridon as the Institute of Modern Languages. In 1998, its name was changed to IULM University of Languages and Communication. The main goal of this university since its establishment is to catch the current trends in the market, to carry out various studies according to them, to produce ideas and in this way to meet the demands of the labor market.


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IULM University is to bring its graduates to the business world by evaluating the labor shortage that has emerged as a result of various researches in international markets.

Consisting of three faculties, the University was established on an area of 50,000 m². IULM University, which has nine laboratories, two research centers, approximately 240,000 books, 1300 newspapers and 13,000 audio resources in its library, is an important educational institution for those who want to make remarkable studies in its field.

Students in IULM University are offered a variety of three-year courses in line with their chosen field: Public Relations and Business Communication, Communication, Media and Advertising, Interpreting and Communication, Tourism, Culture and the Region, and Communication in Culture and Art Markets. In addition to these courses taught by the teaching staff, various seminars and elective courses are also offered to students to teach professional services, business administration, management of public administration and cultural organizations. In-class activities and case studies, internships in Italy and abroad, and international student exchanges are held in order for students to develop themselves and become competent individuals in their fields.

IULM University’s Place in the World Rankings

IULM’s interaction between students and faculty identifies the student as the core of its mission, paying attention to aspects of university life such as real-world connection, collaborative learning, and support for creative thinking. The fact that IULM University scored 201+ points in THE Europe Teaching Ranking 2019 general table, ranked 1st in Italy and 4th in Europe in a survey conducted according to student satisfaction, proves how much they value their students with this positive approach. Considering that Università IULM is included in this ranking for the first time, it is a noteworthy starting point. IULM University is also shown between 201-300 according to THE Impact Rankings: Reducing inequalities 2020 data.

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Where is IULM University?


IULM University is located on its campus in Milan ; it was built in 1993. IULM University, which offers easy access to the centre of Milan, is open between 8.30 and 19.30 on weekdays; on Saturday, it is open to visitors between 8.30 and 12.30.

IULM University Student Life

Since IULM University is located in Milan, it promises an active social life to the students of the school and acts as a center of attraction. Milan, the second-largest city in Italy, is also a student-friendly city.

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Students can easily explore Milan, where student travel cards are offered for public transportation. At the same time, students studying at IULM benefit from many facilities such as discounts on cinema, theatre, concerts, festivals and international events. University students studying at the campus in the center of Milan will experience daily cultural events and entertainment opportunities, as well as go to places frequented by young people such as Navigli and Colonne di San Lorenzo.

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IULM University Departments

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English Undergraduate Programs

The education period at IULM University is three years as in all other European countries. Students studying at this school are entitled to graduate if they complete 180 ECTS (credits).

  • Public Relations and Corporate Communication

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English Master Programs

  • Communication for International Relations (teaching in English and Italian)
  • Game Design
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Food Design
  • International Communication
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Master’s programs at IULM University are predominantly one-year. However, in some master’s programs, English education is given, which corresponds to 120 ECTS and lasts for two years. At the same time, these programs have YÖK equivalency.

2-Year English Master Programs

  • Strategic Communication
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management

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IULM University Tuition Fees

Fees at IULM University are 8000 € per year. Two-year English master’s programs are set at € 9400 per year. One-year English master’s programs vary.

  • Communication for International Relations: The tuition fee is 12,672 € per year.
  • Game Design: Tuition fee is 10,560 € per year.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management: The tuition fee is 14.400 € per year.
  • Food Design: The tuition fee is 15,600 € per year.
  • International Communication: 13.500 €.
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship: The tuition fee is 12,500 € per year.

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IULM University Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities

Students studying at IULM University have the opportunity to stay in dormitories within the school. According to the price determined by the university, students can stay in the Residence Halls of the university by paying an amount of 280,00 € per month. In these halls where there are 10 beds, five beds are reserved for undergraduate students and the other five beds are reserved for graduate students. Finally, you can review our article ” Accommodation in Italy “.

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