Established in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, the first name of the university was Studium Urbis and the current name “Sapienza” means wisdom. La Sapienza University of Rome is one of the oldest universities in Italy, there are 115,000 enrolled students, 58 departments, 11 faculties, more than 275 programs, 54 libraries (4 of which have 24-hour reading rooms) and 18 museums.

La Sapienza is especially preferred for Medicine, but it is also at the forefront in Law and Engineering fields. The university, which has played an important role in the history of Italy since the date of foundation, has always aimed to provide advanced and high quality education, and has always progressed in the best way in every field with the new ideas and philosophies it has developed.

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The University of Rome La Sapienza (Uniroma1), with its main campus designed by Marcello Piacentin, is like an entire city  in the canter of Rome and in addition to the main campus there are 2 other campuses in the Lazio Region outside Rome. Each year about 7000 students get accepted to the University and about 1200 students come through exchange programs.

The international office supports incoming students from the first day. It is constantly making new cultural scientific agreements with foreign academic institutions to support international mobility. In addition to the Erasmus program with European countries, there are also agreements with universities from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and Oceania.

Various events are organized at La Sapienza University all over the year. The university offers its students a well-rounded life in the cultural and social point of view, as well as a jazz ensemble, theatre group, radio station and sports facilities.

Where is La Sapienza University of Rome (Uniroma1) Located?

La Sapienza University of Rome is located in the center of Rome, the most magnificent city of Italy with a long history and home to the Vatican. The main building if the University is located in the Centre of Rome and the other 2 campuses are located in the Lazio Region.

La Sapienza University is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe hosting more than 130 thousand students and is situated in the center of Rome, close to Termini railway station. Termini railway station is also located in the center of Rome and is one of the largest railway stations of Italy. The station provides easy transportation to other areas around the city and to other cities in Italy.

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Student Life at La Sapienza University of Rome 

Being a student at La Sapienza University of Rome, Rome has a fascinating beauty, a deep-rooted history, a vibrant lifestyle; It has 16% of the cultural treasures of the world and 70% of the cultural treasures in Italy. Due to the abundance of historical buildings, the options for those who love travelling are quite wide.

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Rome ranks in the first place with its crowded student population. Various events are organized in the city as student mobility is so intense.

There are numerous places in the city where students can socialize comfortably. Since the rate of students coming with the student exchange program to the university is also high, the university organizes various acquaintance events for students within its own structure.

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La Sapienza University of Rome in World Rankings

  • Rome La Sapienza University was ranked 67th in the world and 1st in Italy in the CWUR World University Rankings of 2018-2019, with an overall score of 80.4.
  • According to CWUR 2020-2021 data, it is the 1st university in Italy and the 114th in the world.
  • It is among the top 250 universities in the world in accordance with The Times Higher Education 2021 ranking.
  • According to QS 2021 data, it is the 3rd university in Italy and the 171st in the world.
  • The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021 data, ranked La Sapienza University of Rome as the best university in the world in the Classics & Ancient History field.
  • According to ARWU 2020 data, it is among the top 200 universities in Italy and in top 3 in the world.

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Famous Alumni Graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome

Nobel Prize winners at the Sapienza University of Rome (Sapienza Università di Roma):

  • EMILIO SEGRÈ- Physics
  • ENRICO FERMI- Physics
  • GIULIO NATTA- Chemistry
  • DANIEL BOVET- Medicine
  • CARLO RUBBIA- Physics

In addition, among the famous people who graduated from the university are:

  • First female doctor of Italy – Maria Montessori
  • President of European Central Bank – Mario Draghi
  • President of Italy – Sergio Mattarella
  • First European astronaut – Umberto Guidoni
  • There are also names such as Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy- Federica Mogherini.

Departments of La Sapienza University of Rome (Uniroma1)

La Sapienza University of Rome offers more than 280 Bachelor’s and Master’s departments. These include 200 Advanced Professional Courses, 80 Doctoral and 80 specialist schools, of which more than 50 are taught in English.

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Undergraduate Programs in English

  • Bioinformatics
  • Nursing
  • Sustainable Building Engineering
  • Medicine and Surgery

Undergraduate programs at Uniroma1 are 3-year programs, except for medicine. Admission requires a B2 level of English and passing an admission test, which varies according to the program.

Master’s Degrees Programs in English

  • Architecture (Conservation)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Atmospheric Science and Technology
  • Business Management
  • Chemical Engineering for Innovative Processes & Products
  • Classical Archeology
  • Clinical Psychosexology
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Computer Science
  • Control Engineering
  • cybersecurity
  • Development and International Cooperation – Economics for Development
  • Data Science
  • Economics
  • Economics and Communication for Management and Innovation
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Engineering in Computer Science
  • English and Anglo-American Studies
  • European Studies
  • Fashion Studies
  • Finance and Insurance – Financial risk and data analysis (subject to final approval)
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Health Economics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Nanotechnology Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  • Space and Astronautical Engineering
  • Statistical Methods and Applications
  • Transport Systems Engineering

Master’s degree programs at La Sapienza University of Rome last for 2 years. The admission requirements are language proficiency at B2 level and graduation from a related undergraduate program.

La Sapienza University of Rome (Uniroma1) Medical Education

The Faculty of Medicine at La Sapienza University of Rome offers a highly disciplined and detailed education. Current medical education at the university is about more than examining patients.

It has adopted a highly disciplined system, especially in subjects as compulsory attendance in classes and not being late. There is a great ethical rule for students such as having knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Therefore, students must have take exams on these courses in the first year.

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From the first year, students become familiar with laboratory equipment and begin to participate in hospital services. Therefore, students already have clinical experience by the time they graduate.

Medical education at La Sapienza University of Rome lasts 6 years. There is only one test in English for admission, the International Medical Admission Test (IMAT) which costs approximately € 130.

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La Sapienza University of Rome Tuition Fees and Scholarship Opportunities

Fees at La Sapienza University of Rome are calculated based on family income and the student’s country of origin. Fees vary between 150 € and 3500 €. Italy is one of the countries offering the most scholarship opportunities in Europe. Scholarship opportunities vary according to the university and department students will apply to. In Italy, which consists of regions, each region provides scholarships according to the rules determined therein. These scholarships vary according to family income, success rate and personal income of students.

Additionally, the School of Advanced Studies (SSAS) awards 16 scholarships each year and provides free education, room and board to the best students.

Dormitory and Accommodation Opportunities in Uniroma1 | Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”

La Sapienza University of Rome offers students a wide range of housing opportunities through agreements with public and private agencies, which are under control of the educational institution.

There are residences according to minimum needs, as well as other wide range of residential options. There is even an agency that provides telephone, Internet connection, heating, air conditioning, study rooms, conference rooms, libraries, entertainment area, music hall, gym, restaurant, communal kitchen, computer hall and auditorium for the students.

There are numerous affordable accommodation options at La Sapienza University of Rome. Due to the large student population, there are various offers for accommodation such as houses, rooms, shared flats and dormitories. Dormitory rooms or rented room options are mostly preferred means of accommodation by students as they offer the most affordable facilities.

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What are the Application and Admission Requirements for La Sapienza University of Rome?

Students wishing to study at Uniroma1 on a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral (PhD) programs have to meet certain requirements.

Undergraduate degree program requirements

  • Completion of the 12 years of education
  • Having exceeded the minimum score in the university entrance exam
  • B2 level language proficiency on IELTS or TOEFL exams is required for programs taught in English
  • Programs taught in Italian also require a B2 level language qualification (CELI and CILS exams)
  • To complete student visa, passport issuance and other consular procedures

Postgraduate and Master’s Programs requirements

  • To have completed any undergraduate degree program
  • B2 language proficiency is required for programs taught in English or in Italian
  • Master’s or doctoral (PhD) programs must be compatible with the obtained undergraduate program
  • Meeting the prerequisites of programs having prerequisites
  • All other necessary paperwork such as student visa, passport and translation of bachelor’s degree certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is La Sapienza University of Rome (Uniroma1) public or private?

La Sapienza University is one of the 3 public universities in Rome. This university in Rome, one of the most unique cities in Italy, offers undergraduate, graduate and master’s programs in various different fields.

What departments are there at La Sapienza?

Departments of La Sapienza University are medicine, architecture, business administration, biotechnology, computer science, engineering, economics, psychology, sociology, law, archaeology and many other graduate and master programs can be counted.

Is there a fee for La Sapienza University of Rome?

Despite La Sapienza University – Uniroma1 is a public university, it has a certain amount of annual fees. Prices vary depending on the program of choice, with annual payments between 150 and 3,500 euros.

What is the language of instruction at La Sapienza University of Rome?

University programs are taught in English or in Italian. Bachelor’s degree programs are limited to medicine, nursing, civil engineering and other fields, while the number of English-language subjects in master’s and postgraduate programs are quite high.

What are the dormitory and accommodation facilities at La Sapienza University of Rome?

La Sapienza provides dormitory options to students and there are also many public and private dormitories available in Rome and neighborhood areas. If students can manage the application process correctly, there is a higher chance of obtaining a room in a dormitory, while students who are unable to take advantage of dormitory facilities will be able to consider options such as renting a room, which are as low-cost as dormitory options.