Studying Italian in Italy

The best way to learn a language is to be fully exposed to that language. For this reason, one of the best ways to learn Italian is through language schools in Italy. Of course, you can study Italian online without going to Italy, but learning by going to Italy will strengthen your relationship with the language, as well as make you repeat the steps you took while learning your mother tongue.

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Every time you speak, you will interact by seeing, touching, hearing, and tasting, and you will be able to get instant feedback from these interactions. After the education period starts, you will be in the act of using all your language knowledge while walking in the historical streets of Italy or when you go to a market and face a question, and you will use the speaking method, which is the most effective way of learning a language, in your whole Italy adventure.

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İtalya'da Dil Okulları

If you make a mistake in your Italian workbook, you may not notice it right away or at all. However, if you do the same thing at an Italian deli, you can get a red bell pepper instead of the salami you want. Which one do you think will motivate you better to learn?

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How to Choose an Italian Course Right for You?

For language schools in Italy, the lifestyle and goals of the person are the most important factors that will determine the language school to go to.

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Here are some things to consider:

1- Choosing the right course program

You should choose the Italian learning areas offered by the language school well. If you want to continue your life in Italy as a student, you can learn Italian from scratch, or you can also take private language courses for the arts, music and professions you are interested in.

2- City to go

Language schools in Italy are in every region, but the living standards are not the same everywhere; they differ according to the expectations of the person from the city. Big cities are lively, but with more tourists and more English spoken. Small towns offer beauty and authenticity but not much experience in terms of nightlife.

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3- The quality of the language school

The quality of the language school is directly proportional to how big it is and the services it provides. Would you rather be in a small, close-knit group or have a few friends to hang out with? Looking for more features, class options and beauty? Smaller programs can be more intimate, while larger programs sometimes offer a wider range of opportunities and courses.

4- Lesson intensity

How much time do you spend working? Be sure to check whether your course will be half-day or full time, how many days per week the course will be (Italians go to school on Saturday), and how much homework you have to do.

5- Advantages of the school

The facilities provided by the schools may vary according to each course, region and length of stay. Extra services that the school provides can be an airport transfer, room and board, excursions, meals, social outings and seminars.

Leonardo da Vinci Language School, which comes to mind first when language schools are mentioned in Italy, offers different courses in many different cities.

İtalya'da İtalyanca öğrenmek

For more details, you can take a look at Leonardo da Vinci Language School .

Leonardo Da Vinci Italian Courses

Leonardo da Vinci Language School Italian courses offer lessons in groups or individually, depending on the number of lessons per week. All levels, from beginner to advanced, last 4 hours each weekday and 20 hours per week of instruction throughout the year. Some language courses have specific start dates. On the first day of school, students are assigned to a class after their level is evaluated by taking a test. Students who already know the language and want to improve themselves can start the course on any Monday of the year.

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While there are many options, such as intensive Italian courses and a one-week Italian course. Courses are as follows:

  • Italian Courses in Italy
    • Intensive Courses
    • Individual Lessons
    • Evening Courses
    • Long Term Courses
    • Academic Year
    • Exams and Certificates
    • Italian Tour
    • La Dolce Vita
    • Italy Today
  • Other Italian Courses
      • Academic and Professional Courses
      • Art, Fashion and Design Courses
        • Visual Arts
        • Design Courses
        • Fashion Courses
        • Leather Working Courses
      • Private Courses
        • Course for Swedish students CSN
        • Evening Course
        • Part time evening course
        • Music Courses
        • NEW: LEARN-AND-GO! Italian plus city tour
        • Discovering your origins

Students can have the privilege of studying Leonardo Da Vinci Italian language courses in Florence, Milan, Rome or Siena, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. High-quality Italian language training is provided for each category throughout the year. With nearly 40 years of experience, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci can provide different styles of Italian education in line with your language level and goals.

Courses start every Monday (beginners only, fresh start every fortnight) and you can stay as long as you like. One of the biggest attractions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Italian Schools is that most of the new students who prefer this school state they receive exceptional advice. So why are students so satisfied?

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Advantages of Learning Italian in Italy

  • Italy is historically a city of art, communication-oriented and high-quality education is provided.
  • Having a friendly environment for everyone
  • Having well-equipped and dynamic trainers
  • School staff and Italian course coordinators are always ready to help
  • Consists of classes with small and international student groups (each class has a maximum of 14 people).
  • An internationally recognized Italian certificate
  • Having many different cultural organization options for free time
  • Italian courses are always in city centres (Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena)
  • Recognition of all courses by the Italian ministry of education

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Now let’s get to know the Italian language schools in these four cities a little more closely.

Florence Italian Language Course | Language Schools in Italy

İtalya'da yaşam

The center of the Tuscany region, this city was the cradle of the Renaissance movement that began with classical Italians such as Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio. While all of Europe was living in the Middle Ages, it was one of the rare cities where modern art and culture could develop themselves freely during the Medici Kingdom. You can see the most beautiful and rarest works of world-famous artists such as Michelangelo, Botticelli and Leonardo Da Vinci in many museums, churches and even walking the streets around Florence.

The city of Florence is famous for its many famous squares (Piazza delle Repubblica and Piazza delle Signoria) and the rivers that run through the city. In this respect, Florence attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year with its historical buildings, dishes, wines, bars and many famous shopping centers identified with the Tuscany region.

With all these features, this city provides excellent opportunities for those who want to learn the Italian language. Leonardo da Vinci Italian Course, which comes to mind first when language schools are mentioned in Italy, is located in the center of Florence with its historical palace and cathedral view and is only a few minutes’ walk from Florence’s busiest street. The school has lounges, coffee places and free internet access points for its students.

Italian Course in Milan | Language Schools in Italy

Milan is the most cosmopolitan and lively city in Italy. In this city, you will find the perfect harmony of tradition and modernism, design and fashion. Characteristically, the city is the most powerful city in Italy’s industrial and economic fields, with a historical background. It is also considered as one of the most prominent cities in Europe in this area. One of the most important features that make Milan a metropolitan city is that it has been at the heart of fashion and design and is the starting point for many trends around the world.

“Duomo Cathedral” with its Gothic structure and the “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele” , one of the oldest shopping centers in the world, located right next to it, are considered the symbols of the city. Leonardo da Vinci Language School is located in the Navigli area , where many student campuses are located . This place, which is one of the most beautiful areas of Milan, is a 20-minute walk from the city center and those who wish can also go to the center by metro and bus. All classrooms have air conditioners, and the school has its own park, bar and eating places. They also provide free internet service for their students. It is one of the most important places in the category of language schools in Italy.

Studying Italian in Rome | Language Schools in Italy

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its 2600 years of history and culture. This city, which resembles an open-air museum with its unique historical structures and personalities, also has a fun-filled and very lively nightlife. It will definitely be the right choice to learn the Italian language and culture.

Leonardo da Vinci Language School provides education in a historical and magnificent building in the city center of Rome, the area where it is located is considered a pedestrian area and is located in Piazza Navona, Castel S.Angelo and St. It is next to famous structures such as Peter’s Basilica. Here, too, there are restrooms, free internet, cafeterias and bars for students.

Siena Italian Course | Language Schools in Italy

Surrounded by hills and olive trees, this city is the most beautiful city in Tuscany, especially for nature lovers. In the Piazza del Campo square, located in the centre of the city, many entertainments and festivals are held. The city of Siena is also famous for its annual horse races. These horse races are held on July 2 and August 16, and weeks before these races, there is great excitement and enthusiasm in the whole city. It also has a very active nightlife, as almost half of the city’s population is made up of students.

The Leonardo da Vinci Language School is located in the historic Siennese Street in the center of Siena. It is next to Piazza San Domenico and Piazza Gramsci and is a three-minute walk from Piazza del Campo. Since it is a small language school, it offers a friendly atmosphere. After the classes, social and scientific meetings and activities are held on the terrace for the students at the school. Here again, free internet service is provided to all students. If you want to learn Italian with a life intertwined with nature, this would be the right choice.

Leonardo da Vinci Accommodation Facilities

italya'da yurt ve konaklama imkânları

Leonardo da Vinci Language School offers free of charge is to find suitable accommodation for students who can stay in shared apartments, guest families, dormitories or private apartments. In addition, after finding a place, the school also checks regularly.

The most important criterion in guest families is not that they have a luxurious house but that they are friendly families. For meals, you can choose breakfast only or breakfast and evening meals. For example, an Italian breakfast is usually preferred with bread, butter and jam, along with tea or coffee. Dinner is usually eaten around 20:00.

You can also stay in double and single-occupancy rooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Prices of electricity, water, natural gas and other tax costs are also included.

Accommodation Details (with Prices)

Standard apartment, shared kitchen and bathroom double room 150 € 195 € 234 € 105 € 126 € 15 € 18 €
single room 204 € 286 € 325 € 154 € 175 € 22 € 25 €
family with breakfast double room 174 € 247 € 286 € 133 € 154 € 19 € 22 €
single room 228 € 338 € 377 € 182 € 203 € 26 € 29 €
Half board family (breakfast and dinner) double room 258 € 429 € 468 € 231 € 252 € 33 € 36 €
single room 312 € 520 € 559 € 280 € 301 € 40 € 43 €

All types of hotels, private apartments, residences and prices on request…

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Pava Education, the official representative of Leonardo da Vinci Language School, provides free consultancy services to our students who want to be a partner in these goals and who want to take an Italian course at Leonardo da Vinci Language School. Do not forget to fill out our application form.