General Information About Leonardo da Vinci Language School

Leonardo da Vinci Language School was established in Florence , the capital of the Renaissance, in 1977. Approved by the Italian Ministry of Education, the school has branches in Milan , Rome and Siena .

Leonardo da Vinci Language School offers Italian courses divided into 5 skill levels, from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2), according to an assessment system approved by the Council of Europe.

Leonardo da Vinci Language School Italian courses offer lessons in groups or individually, depending on the number of lessons per week. All levels, from beginner to advanced, last 4 hours each weekday and 20 hours per week of instruction throughout the year. Some language courses have specific start dates. On the first day of school, students are assigned to a class after their level is evaluated by taking a test. Students who already know the language and want to improve themselves can start the course on any Monday of the year.

Leonardo da Vinci Altın Oran (Vitrivius Adamı)

Leonardo da Vinci Altın Oran (Vitruvius Adamı)

The minimum age accepted by the school is 16 and the maximum number of students per class is 15. Only students aged 10-15 are accepted in the newly launched Italian language course “Junior Programme”. If an acquaintance or reference is taking the course, it can be between the ages of 9-16.

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Leonardo da Vinci Language School Italian Courses

It is a good place to say that “there is a course for every request” at the school, which has many short, medium and long course options. In addition to the general Italian course, there are also vocational, cultural and academic courses. Here are some of these courses:

  • Online Italian Courses
    • Intensive Course
    • Part Time Course
    • Private Lessons
    • Junior Program
  • Italian Courses in Italy
    • Intensive Courses
    • Individual Lessons
    • Evening Courses
    • Long Term Courses
    • Academic Year
    • Exams and Certificates
    • Italian Tour
    • La Dolce Vita
    • Italy Today
  • Other Italian Courses
      • Academic and Professional Courses
        • Italian language Professional Courses
        • Preparation courses for University
        • Preparation courses for Fashion and Design Academies
        • Courses for Teachers
        • IMAT (International Medical Admissios Test preparation Course
      • Art, Fashion and Design Courses
        • Visual Arts
        • Design Courses
        • Fashion Courses
        • Leather Working Courses
      • Private Courses
        • Course for Swedish students CSN
        • Evening Course
        • Part time evening course
        • Music Courses
        • NEW: LEARN-AND-GO! Italian plus city tour
        • Discovering your origins

Intensive Italian Course

İtalyanca Kursu


  • Leonardo da Vinci Language Course, an intensive Italian language course, is the standard course and consists of 20 Italian lessons per week, 4 lessons per day.
  • Classes are held Monday to Friday in groups of no more than 14 students, led by qualified and expert teachers.
  • Classes are held every Monday for students with knowledge of the Italian language, and once every two weeks for beginners.
  • Italian lessons are mainly conversation oriented but also very much concerned with the more formal aspects of the language (vocabulary, vocabulary and grammar). A lot of time is devoted to activities where there is dialogue and discussion on various topics from art, and literature to modern urban culture. Textbooks are provided by the school and are included in the course fee.
  • Teachers use not only these textbooks but also other support materials (newspapers, songs, movies and other authentic material from daily life) to give students the opportunity to engage with different contemporary forms of communication and develop their communication skills.

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One-Week Italian Course

Recommended for students who don’t have much time to brush up on Italian or want to lay the foundations for future learning of the language. One-week courses are organized with the same care as medium and long courses.

Classes with a maximum of 14 students; It allows you to take full advantage of your stay and free time in Italy, thanks to all the activities organized by the staff of the Leonardo da Vinci Language School, ranging from guided visits to evenings spent together.

More Intensive Italian Course

  • This course is an intensive course consisting of 4 Italian lessons per day: there are 2 extra group lessons per day and a total of 30 Italian lessons per week. Lessons are held Monday through Friday in groups of up to 14 students.
  • Lessons are run by different teachers who deal with both the formal and the more communicative aspects of the language. Classes start every Monday for students with knowledge of the Italian language and every two weeks for new students.
  • Such Italian language courses help to quickly develop students’ practical, communicative abilities, with special emphasis on the communicative aspects of the language due to the 2 extra lesson hours.

İtalyanca Kursları

  • It is the ideal course to speak more fluently and precisely, expand your vocabulary, have solid communication with others, improve your comprehension skills and achieve them in a short time.

Tour of Italy: Improve Your Italian by Traveling

  • Leonardo da Vinci Language School is located in 4 magnificent cities. These are Milan, Rome, Florence and Siena. The Leonardo Da Vinci school offers Italian language courses in every city at the same price and with similar programs .
  • The “Tour Italy” course is a study program that can be done in 2, 3 or 4 weeks. You learn the Italian language and experience purely Italian culture by staying in some or all of the 4 available cities as the student chooses.
  • The minimum stay in each city is one week.

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Private Lessons and Individual Italian Courses

  • Such Italian language courses are a special program based on individual lessons. It is a type of course that is organized in the timetable chosen by the student and is specially designed according to the professional or personal needs of each individual.
  • The Leonardo da Vinci Language School teacher’s attention will be focused on only one student, and therefore the content of the lesson and the learning needs of the student will be perfectly matched.
  • Individual lessons are incredibly helpful for those who have trouble speaking because you can interact with the teacher throughout the entire lesson.
  • Having a teacher who is completely dedicated to your goals and who understands your needs as completely as you do as a person is a unique opportunity to develop your skills while offering support at every stage of your learning.
  • Individual lessons can also be easily combined with the many group activities organized by the school and offered in addition to study opportunities. In this way, it is possible to socialize and have fun with other students.
  • Even those with a very advanced level of Italian can greatly benefit from a special course because you can use the opportunity to learn vocabulary for a particular profession or sector: for example, in business, banks, import-export, law, marketing, medicine.

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Leonardo da Vinci Language School Facilities and Activities

Leonardo da Vinci tablosu

The books, texts and exercise modules to be used in the lessons are prepared by the instructors at the school. Italian education is taught efficiently with materials such as texts, newspaper articles, video and audio recordings, and different activities in the classroom. All books and other materials are also given to students free of charge by the school. The student will only need to bring a dictionary.

Leonardo da Vinci Language School organizes numerous activities, students can participate in these activities as they wish. Some of the activities organized at the school are:

  • Dinners and meetings that bring teachers and students together;
  • Historical and art tours with guides;
  • Movie evenings at school;
  • Excursions (half day-full day);
  • Wine cellar tours.
  • This and many more Different events are organized.

Leonardo da Vinci Campuses

Learning Italian in Florence (Firenze) – Leonardo da Vinci Language School

Leonardo da Vinci Language School is located in the historical center of the city, right in the heart of the city. The school is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. In addition to the secretariat, the language school has 15 classrooms in harmony with the historical texture of the city, a study room with internet access and a cafeteria. Students from 50 different countries learn Italian in Florence at the language school.

As the center of the school, Florence has for many years been an international school of art and Italian culture for students from all over the world. With its expert instructor staff, fascinating architecture and art studio, it is located in the city center and next to all the main museums and monuments of the city. The education system in the art academy is structured according to the concept of “free space”, and it aims to create a real and typical artistic community while enabling students from different fields to communicate easily with each other and receive education in an interactive way.

Floransa'da İtalyanca öğrenmek

Many different arts and art techniques are taught here to students from all over the world. As students develop their artistic talents and knowledge, they also find their own way in the vast and fascinating world of the visual arts. At the same time, exhibitions and conferences are constantly held in its academies. These not only help students in their learning process, but also give these students the opportunity to delve deeper into the “Florence Art World”.

Some Courses in Florence

The academy offers all-year courses in drawing, painting with old techniques, painting with modern techniques, sculpture, ceramics, fresco painting, mosaic ( mosaics), fashion design, restoration, engraving, art history and photography (history of art and photography). The courses are open to everyone, from individuals who want to start over, to those who want to specialize.

The school also offers courses open to beginners throughout the year:

  • Basic courses (6 hours per week)
  • Semi-intensive courses (10 hours per week)
  • It’s divided into two intensive courses (20 hours per week).

Those who take language and Italian culture courses attend the basic and semi-intensive courses. Instead, intensive courses are mainly for those interested in artistic fields. You can attend all art courses as private lessons (one teacher + 1, 2 or 3 students). Lessons are offered in Italian and English. At the end of the course, participants are given a certificate. Courses start weekly.

Art courses are held Monday through Friday from 3 am to 7 pm, except for the printmaking course, which is held from 9 am to 1 pm. Students can only take private lessons in the morning. Italian language courses are held from 9 am to 2 pm.

The Pava Education team is the official representative of Leonardo da Vinci Language School and we provide free consultancy services to our students who want to be a partner in these goals and who want to take an Italian course at Leonardo da Vinci Language School. Do not forget to fill out our application form .

Learning Italian in Milan – Leonardo da Vinci Language School

Milano'da İtalyanca Öğrenmek

In the capital of fashion and design, shopping and historical museums, music and the famous aperitivo, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci reflects the original Milanese lifestyle. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to attend fun and creative Italian language and culture courses taught by qualified and professional teachers and discover the charm of Lombardy’s main city.

Leonardo da Vinci Language School is located in a modern building in Milan’s historic city centre, a few minutes’ walk from the Duomo Square. In addition to its lively, dynamic and ever-evolving neighbourhood style, it is known for hosting venues suitable for every budget, culture lovers, theatre lovers, shops, bookstores and Bocconi University , one of the two most important universities in the city. Equipped with modern audio/video and high-speed Wi-Fi network, twelve classrooms make you feel at home with their young and comfortable design. The language school in Milan also pays special attention to the ecological system by minimizing damage to the environment by promoting recycling, sustainability and zero waste projects.

Some Courses in Milan

In addition, courses such as art courses, cooking courses, fashion courses, history of art courses, Italian courses online, Italian literature courses and over 50 painting courses and wine courses are also offered.

Learning Italian in Rome – Leonardo da Vinci Language School

Roma'da İtalyanca Öğrenmek

Leonardo da Vinci Language School is located in the center of the historic city. St. Peter’s Basilica, Sant’Angelo Castle and Piazza Navona are in the middle and within walking distance. In this region, which preserves and hosts a lot of history until today, there are charming cafes, shops, boutiques and libraries with a liveliness found nowhere else in the city.

Here, our teachers who are suitable for all language levels, equipped and experienced in education, are always at the service of the students. Leonardo da Vinci Language School has 12 classrooms, an Internet room with 6 computers, a cafeteria that provides special discounts for students, and a video room. There is a conference room with sufficient capacity, an elevator, wheelchair accessibility and central heating.

All lessons at Roma Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Italian Language School are held in rooms with large windows and good lighting. Lessons are more interactive, with a maximum of 12 students per class.

Some Courses in Rome

In addition, art courses, cooking courses, history of art courses, Italian courses online, Italian literature courses and over 50 wine courses are also offered.

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Learning Italian in Siena – Leonardo da Vinci Language School

Siena'da İtalyanca Öğrenmek 

Siena is a small, beautiful and peaceful medieval city bursting with culture in the heart of Tuscany. A visit to Siena should include a biannual excursion to Siena Cathedral, the city’s magnificent cathedral, and of course, Piazza del Campo, home to the city’s famous event, the Palio.

Sienians speak a pure Italian language that remains unchanged in dialect. This is why Siena is a great place of choice to learn and study the Italian language at Leonardo da Vinci Language School.

There are hearty cultural programs in Siena, with walking tours, Italian film evenings at the school, regular seminars on Italian history, music and art, dinners with teachers, wine tasting sessions and full-day trips to Chianti, Florence and the coast.

Some Courses in Siena

In addition, art courses, cooking courses, history of art courses, Italian courses online, Italian literature courses and over 50 wine courses are also offered.

Leonardo da Vinci Accommodation Facilities

italya'da yurt ve konaklama imkânları

Leonardo da Vinci Language School offers free of charge is to find suitable accommodation for students who can stay in shared apartments, guest families, dormitories or private apartments. In addition, after finding a place, the school also carries out checks regularly.

The most important criterion in guest families is not that they have a luxurious house but that they are friendly families. For meals, you can choose breakfast only or breakfast and evening. For example, an Italian breakfast is usually preferred with bread, butter and jam, along with tea or coffee. Dinner is usually eaten around 20:00.

You can also stay in double and single-occupancy rooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Cost of electricity, water, natural gas and other taxes are also included.












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Standard apartment, shared kitchen and bathroom

double room

150 €

195 €

234 €

105 €

126 €

15 €

18 €

single room

204 €

286 €

325 €

154 €

175 €

22 €

25 €

family with breakfast

double room

174 €

247 €

286 €

133 €

154 €

19 €

22 €

single room

228 €

338 €

377 €

182 €

203 €

26 €

29 €

Half board family (breakfast and dinner)

double room

258 €

429 €

468 €

231 €

252 €

33 €

36 €

single room

312 €

520 €

559 €

280 €

301 €

40 €

43 €

All types of hotels, Private Apartments, Residences

Prices on request

The Pava Education team is an official representative of Leonardo da Vinci Language School, and we provide free consultancy services to our students who want to be a partner in these goals and who want to take an Italian course at Leonardo da Vinci Language School. Do not forget to fill out our application form.