Life in Rome is among the first cities that come to mind, especially for students who are thinking of studying in Italy. While evaluating the options for studying abroad, Italy has definitely come across you, and it is among your most important choices. Italy is one of the countries most preferred by students who want to study abroad with its quality schools, easy-to-adapt city life, museums, history, natural touristic places, pasta and pizza. The capital city of the country, Rome, is one of the most developed cities and one of the easiest to get used to. World-renowned and prestigious universities in the city provide education in English as well as Italian. This way, you can study in the city even if you don’t speak Italian, so life in Rome won’t be a difficult experience for you.

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Roma Kolezyum

Universities in Rome

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Life in Rome for Students

For students, life in Rome is a fun, instructive and self-confident experience. The unique life and culture of the city can make you look at life from a different perspective over time. In addition, the effort you make to get used to this unique culture can help you become a more self-confident individual and make more confident decisions when you return to your hometown.

  • Make sure you have a translation app on your phone.

You may need it any time you are in Italy. So especially get a translation app or dictionary that can work offline as well. You definitely need it in the market, on public transport or on the street.

  • Be prepared for all-season conditions. 

Since Rome is a Mediterranean country, even if it has a temperate climate, you should be prepared for rainy and cold weather, and you should bring your clothes accordingly.

  • If you are thinking of renting an apartment, you should risk getting used to the conditions. 

For those who want to rent a house, life in Rome may not be as expected. For example, most places do not have air conditioning. Heating is not central, and in most apartment buildings, the heat is turned on only between certain hours. This is done on the basis of both Italian law and consensus in the building. Electrical power in buildings may not be satisfactory. If you operate many electronic devices at the same time, you should not forget the possibility of blowing fuses.

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  • Complete all procedures related to your school on the first day. 

In order not to encounter annoying situations later on, go to the student affairs office on the first day or at the latest within a week, learn everything you need to do, and try to complete all the procedures related to foreign students within this period. It may even be beneficial for you to learn the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your courses and professors from the student affairs office.

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Getting used to life in Rome

  • Be prepared for a tight walking pace.

Roma'da Yaşama Alışmak

Life in Rome is beautiful; it is a fact that this city is weak in public transportation. There are many places to explore and visit in the city, so it’s best to have good walking shoes.

  • Drink water as you wish from the city’s fountains. 

Rome is a city where you can see fountains in almost every street. Therefore, you can travel comfortably without worrying about finding water.

  • Explore the city during quiet hours. 

Life in Rome can be one of the best examples of solitude in crowds. The city hosts millions of tourists, especially in the summer months. For this reason, you can visit every part of the city that you want to see, which takes on a unique calmness in the early hours of the morning.

  • Try the Italian breakfast. 

İtalyan kahvaltısı 

Although there is a brunch (late breakfast) culture in the country, the typical Italian breakfast is quite light. This breakfast consists of cappuccino, juice and simple pastries. Maybe it can be enhanced with some jam, Nutella and cereal.

  • Learn the Extensive History of Italy
Roma Forumu

Roma Forumu

Italy has an incredible history. Especially the capital, Rome, sheds light on this history with its centuries-old streets and buildings. Visit these places, which also reveal the art and architectural history of Italy, and read their books and research.

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Places To Visit In Rome | Life in Rome

  1. Colosseum
  2. St. Peter’s Square
  3. St. Peter’s Basilica
  4. Pantheon
  5. Trevi Fountain
  6. Spanish stairs
  7. Roman Forum
  8. Sistine Chapel
  9. Vatican Museums
  10. Navona Square
  11. Holy Angel Castle
  12. Palatine Hill
  13. Borghese Gallery
  14. Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore
  15. II. Monument to Vittorio Emanuele
  16. Sant’Angelo Bridge
  17. Quirinal Palace
  18. Popolo Square
  19. Constantine Jewelry
  20. Saint Clement’s Basilica
  21. Venezia Square

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