General Information about the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples

Declared as the city of Literature by UNESCO, Naples is among the most ideal cities to study in Italy. The university, whose previous name was the Second University of Naples , continued its education life as Naples Luigi Vanvitelli University in 1991: It is an important educational institution that hosts 24 thousand students and has 16 faculties. Giving importance to the simultaneous management of globalization and cultural values, students not only professionally; Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples, which focuses on personal development, is named after the famous Italian architect and engineer Luigi Vanvitelli.

Luigi Vanvitelli University, which has campuses at 5 different points in Naples, has also made a name for itself with the medical faculty building in which the oldest hospital in the city is located, and it has become a university in Italy, especially for those who want to study medicine in Naples. In addition to medical education, it took its place among the leading schools in Italy with the architectural education given at the Polytechnic School.

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In addition to the departments of medicine and architecture, the university, which has a wide range of options from law to economics, engineering to international relations, and offers many different options to students who want to receive education, aims to keep the quality of education at the highest level and to bring students to the highest level academically.

Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples, does not cut off its communication with the students after the end of school life. It aims to facilitate its students in finding a job with its work placement center. At the same time, thanks to the graduate programs offered at the school, students who wish to have the opportunity to develop themselves can enter academic life.

In addition, the famous monumental historical complexes, which have regained their former glory, now host the schools and departments of the university. Many of these buildings were once monasteries and churches from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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Where is Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples?

Located in the city of Naples, the university is located in the south of Italy in the Campania region. Being one of the important tourism centers of Italy, Naples is also a center of attraction for tourists and students as it is considered cheaper than the northern cities of Italy.

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World Ranking of the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples

Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples, one of the important institutions in Italy, has found its place among the top 1000 universities in the world as a result of the research. According to URAP World Ranking 2020-2021 data, this is the 568thbest university in the world. At the same time, according to the CWUR World University Rankings 2020-21 data, the university, which is ranked 654th, has officially proven how important the quality of education is.

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Student Life at the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples

The city of Naples, which hosts many tourists every year with its historical city center, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s also an interesting city for students. Thanks to the lower cost of living in Italy’s northern cities, students studying in this city have the opportunity to visit various museums and historical places or to shop at their heart’s content by visiting various shops on ‘Via Toledo’.

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Students who feel the history in the famous square of the city, Piazzo Plebistico, will also come face to face with history while passing by Palazzo Reale, where the kings of Naples lived. Students who easily experience the famous pizza culture of Italy in the restaurants in the city, will also have fun at the jazz music concerts that are widely held in Naples.

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Departments of the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples

University of Naples offers a wide range of options to its students with many different department options, and provides education to thousands of people every year in the fields they want.

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Undergraduate Programs

  • Medicine

Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples started its medical education in 2005. Although this date is considered recent to some people, the education in this department is actually provided in Italy’s oldest city hospital. Standing out with its advanced laboratories, the university is one of two alternatives for students who want to study medicine in English in Naples.

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  • Business Administration
  • Economy and Trade
  • Law
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy
  • Tourism
  • Political science
  • Dentist
  • Architecture
  • Engineering Departments

Master’s Programs

  • Economics and Finance
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Biology
  • International relations
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • architecture
  • Aerospace Engineering

Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples Tuition Fees

Like all other state universities in Italy, the tuition fees at the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples vary according to the income levels of the students’ families. Tuition fees are paid annually and range from 500 to 2800 euros. At the same time, Italy is among the countries that are most suitable for education since it is a country with abundant scholarship opportunities. The amount of scholarships given by the Italian government to students is between 2000 and 5200 euros per year.

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Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples Accommodation Facilities

Official accommodation is plenty at Naples Luigi Vanvitelli University, but since life in the city is very convenient, students living in this city apply to rent a house or a room. Accommodation costs in the city start from 200 euros. In addition, thanks to a website run jointly by the university, you can start researching your accommodation before you arrive.

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