General Information About Luiss University

Luiss University , also called “ The Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali ‘Guido Carli ‘”, was separated from Pro Deo University which was founded in 1966 and was founded in 1974 by Umberto Agnelli and his team in Rome. Luiss University, a private university, is a prominent institution in the field of social science education. The main purpose of the university is to meet the need for qualified employees in the economic field by developing competent people in the fields of business administration and economics.

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LUISS Üniversitesi

Luiss University, which has approximately 10,000 students, recruits more than 1500 students each year. At Luiss University, which has a very high education quality, there are 7 students per professor. The rate of finding a job within the first year of graduation is 90%. Luiss University, which is especially popular with students interested in management sciences and economics, trains expert managers in their fields.

Where Luiss University Makes a Difference in Approach to Education

  • University placement with entrance exam
  • Mandatory full-time attendance at classes
  • Instructors with high level of academic and professional experience
  • Library with rich and special content, which can be accessed through the university’s website.
  • A wide network of international exchange programs at 197 universities in 39 countries, inside and outside Europe
  • Support and assistance of expert lecturers throughout the undergraduate program and internship

Where is Luiss University?

Luiss University is located in Rome, the capital city of Italy. The university, which has 5 different campuses, also draws attention with its historical buildings on these campuses. Having many historical and touristic places, Rome is a frequent destination for tourists who want to spend a pleasant and culturally satisfying time. Living in this city which houses many historical beauties such as the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, is a great opportunity for everyone.

Roma Castel Sant'Angelo (Kutsal Melek Kalesi)

Luiss University’s Place in the World Rankings

Luiss University is one of the leading private universities in management and social sciences. According to the QS World University Ranking by Subject 2020 list, which ranks the best schools worldwide:

  • It is in the 51-100 range in policy education.
  • According to the Impact Rankings: Climate action 2020 data of The World University Rankings (THE), it is shown between 101-200.
  • It is in the range of 151-200 in business and management studies.
  • It is in the range of 151-200 in law and legal studies.
  • It is in the 201-250 ranking range in the field of accounting and finance.
  • It is ranked 251-300 in the field of economics and econometrics.
  • It ranks 269th in social sciences management.

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Luiss Üniversitesi dünya sıralaması

Famous People Who Graduated from Luiss University

Luiss University ‘s most successful and famous alumni include:

  • Elisabetta Belloni (Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Luca Maestri (Apple, Vice President)
  • Concetta Brescia Morra (Law professor, SSM Board Member)
  • Riccardo Zacconi (King, CEO)
  • Maurizio Lauri (Chairman of UniCredit Board of Auditors)
  • Massimo Moratti (Saras, President, INTER Football Team President)
  • Rosy Bindi (Italian Minister of Health)
  • Rossella Sensi (Roman Football Team President)

Companies with which Luiss University Collaborates

What sets Luiss apart is its privileged relationship with the business world. More than 200 companies, multinational companies, public and private institutions that cooperate with the university offer undergraduate candidates and recent graduates their first opportunity to step into the business world.

The Luiss Placement and Career Education Office offers students many opportunities to meet and learn with people in the business world. This orientation and training service facilitates the placement of degree candidates and recent graduates in the business world through internships and training in companies, public and private institutions. It also organizes recurring meetings and presentations with large multinational corporations, investment banks, and public and private organizations and institutions.

Fox Network Group, United Colors of Benetton, Rosewood Castiglione del Bosco, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Lungarno Collection, Hertz, NH Hotel Group, Tempur Sealy, NTV Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, Jaguar Land Rover Pellicano Hotels, Poste Italiane, Sas, UNA Hotels & Resorts, MAG – JLT, Mossi 1958 and Wind are some of the companies that LUISS University cooperates with.

Luiss University Student Life

Luiss University is a university where students can easily partake in social activities and develop themselves at the same time. Exhibitions, concerts, film screenings held within the university. Thanks to activities such as photography, poetry, theatre, art and music workshops, students will both enjoy campus life and have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities even within their own universities in Rome, the capital of the arts.

Luiss Üniversitesi

The city of Rome, where Luiss University is located, is a very satisfying city both in terms of history, tourism and entertainment life. In this city, every student can find an activity that interests them and they can live an active and enjoyable student life. Home to many famous historical buildings such as the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain, Rome is almost an open-air museum city. There is also an admission discount for students who want to visit museums in the city.

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Luiss University Employment Rate

Luiss University’s careers team helps students find and apply for internship and job offers, learn more about potential recruiters through their job profile, access exclusive tips and advice, and sign up for career fairs and employer presentations.

Luiss University graduates have a job acceptance rate of 2-3 months. This rate enables a Luiss University graduate to enter business life in a short time.

Additionally, the university has a “Career Adviser Team” for students who need advice, who can help them identify the next steps and explore their options.

Luiss University Departments

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English Undergraduate Programs

Luiss University is basically divided into four separate undergraduate departments. The university, which has education in the fields of Law, Business & Management, Economics & Finance and Political Science, offers training in English and Italian in these fields.

  • Economics and Business
    • Major Economics
    • Major Finance
    • Major Management
  • Political Science
    • Major Politics, Philosophy and Economics
  • Business & Management
    • Management and Computer Science

LUISS Guido Carli University

English Master’s Degrees

  • Corporate Finance
  • Economia e Finanza
    • Major Economics
    • Major Finance
    • Honors Program RoME (Rome Master in Economics )
  • Management
    • Major Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Major International Management
    • Major Luxury, Fashion and Made in Italy
  • Marketing
    • Major Marketing Analytics & Metrics
    • Major Market Relationship & Customer Engagement
  • Global Management and Politics (taught in English)
  • Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability (taught in English)
    • Major Digitalization
    • Major Sustainability
  • International Relations (taught in English)
    • Major Diplomacy
    • Major Mediterranean Governance
    • Major Security
  • Policies and Governance in Europe (taught in English)
    • Major Cultural Heritage Policies
    • Major Economic Governance and Market Regulations

Luiss University Admission Requirements

The requirements for students who want to study at Luiss University are as follows:

  • To have completed 12 years of secondary education.
  • To have passed the YKS exam threshold or to be a university student in the year in which the application will be made.
  • Students who are EU citizens must pass the entrance tests of the department they want to study and be successful. Students who do not have European citizenship (non-EU) are not required to take the entrance exam.
  • Students who want to study in Italian must have an Italian language certificate at B2 level.
  • According to the department, a reference letter and a letter of intent are also required.

Luiss University Tuition Fees

Luiss Üniversitesi Eğitim Ücretleri

Luiss University tuition fees differ for 3-year undergraduate programs and 2-year graduate programs. An annual tuition fee of 11,300 € is required for 3-year undergraduate programs consisting of Economics, Management, Finance, Management and Computer Science, Politics, Philosophy and Economics departments.

An annual tuition fee of 12,300 € is required for 2-year graduate programs with departments such as Economics and Finance, Corporate Finance, Global Management and Politics, Marketing Analytics and Metrics, Market Relationship and Customer Engagement, Diplomacy, Cultural Heritage Policies, Sustainability. Tuition fees are paid in three instalments.

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Dormitory and Scholarship Opportunities at Luiss University

Luiss Üniversitesi konaklama imkânları

Luiss University has more than 40 scholarship opportunities for international students. These scholarships are given according to the success of the students. In addition to the scholarships they provide for students experiencing financial difficulties, female students or high-achieving students, there are also different scholarship options for students from different fields.

Luiss University can offer students different options for accommodation. The university has its own accommodation building in 5 different locations. These dormitories, which provide services at different prices, attract a lot of attention from students. There are also contracted private dormitories for the accommodation of Luiss University students. The university, which also has contracted real estate agents that direct students who want to rent a house, offers a wide range of student accommodation.

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As an official representative of Luiss University, the Pava Education team provides free consultancy services to our students who want to be a partner in these goals and who want to complete their education at Luiss University . Do not forget to fill out our application form.