Ways to Finance Yourself

As a student in Italy, planning your finances and having a rough idea of how to do it during your student years in Italy means a comfortable and stress-free life. You have been enrolled in a training or certificate program in Italy, and you want to stand on your own feet financially. Of course, this is actually quite necessary for every student to adapt and get used to living conditions. In this article, we will tell you what you can do to work and earn income in Italy with a few items.

When starting your education in Italy, making an economic plan and taking steps in that direction will help you get through the difficult and turbulent periods that may be in the coming years. During your education years, you should build your economy on 3 foundations: scholarship, savings and part-time work. These three items are very important for you to study in Italy with peace of mind without difficulty.

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İtalya'da Üniversite Ücretleri ve Burslar

Scholarship | Living as a Student in Italy

We have covered this subject before in our article ” Scholarship Opportunities in Italy “; to briefly repeat, this scholarship is around 2000-5200 Euros per year, but these scholarships you will receive may have a few minor problems. First of all, you cannot fully trust this scholarship because sometimes, for reasons beyond your control, you may lose it if you fail to meet the required loan requirement. Secondly, unfortunately, this scholarship will not be enough to meet all your annual needs. (Approximately 6000 euros required per year). Another is that -depending on the scholarship you will receive- this process may take longer. For example, they may be asking you for a sufficient credit limit after initial payments. Since each region and the given system has a different scholarship system, you can get specific information from us by filling out the relevant application form.

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Accumulation of savings | Living as a Student in Italy

Your savings are the biggest resource that will keep you alive, especially during exam times and when your scholarship is cut or for years. Of course, we do not expect you to have 6 years of experience, but sometimes the conditions may not go the way you want. In the worst case, having savings of 6-12 months will make you very comfortable economically to make a living while you are a student in Italy.

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Study | Living as a Student in Italy

Now we come to our main topic. There are many different ways a student can study. As a student, you have very different circumstances than non-students. You need part-time, flexible and well-paying work. Your time may be limited due to the lessons, and sometimes it may not be at all during the exam week. However, if you are not a European Union student (Non-European Students), your student visa limits you to 50% work.

Moreover, if you do not know Italian, your study option will decrease. If you have knowledge in areas such as computer software, application and website development, and you are confident in this regard, you can work as a software developer at home, or you can find other options to make a living with this type of e-commerce, writing. If you do not have such knowledge, talent or interest, we have compiled 5 different ways for you to earn extra money as Pava Education :

1- Giving Private (Language) Lessons

Tutoring online in English (or any other language) is one of your best options. Even if you have no experience of teaching English, you can quickly improve yourself on how to do this job by writing an “Online Language-Teaching Course”. Thanks to such courses, you can teach English to people from many parts of the world for a fee.

Is your knowledge of the English language not good? For this, you can fill in your deficiencies at this address https://www.italki.com/home and improve yourself very well (you can improve your Italian with the help of this site). You can also use this website to learn different languages such as German, French, and Russian. In this way, you can easily earn money and focus on your lessons easily. You can start studying for pre-course programs right now.

Apart from this, there is also an ” Italian Course ” given by us.

2- Software development

Find a field and become a good programmer in that field! If you have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the computer, you can earn money by working at your desk at home by improving yourself on the programs that are needed more than necessary in business life. With these online courses that are not as expensive as Udemy, with programs such as Web-Design, Professional Blogging, Web-Development, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing or Video-Editing, you can develop yourself in a very economical way, even at no cost. All you need is a computer. Most of the most requested courses on the Udemy platform are under $50 or even $20, depending on your initial purchase. After that, after learning any program to make a living as a student in Italy, you can easily find yourself a job with the help of freelancer.com or fiverr.com .

İtalya'da para kazanmak

3- Working at the University

Each university has a limited number of student admission procedures for this job, with an average hourly wage of 17 euros. For this reason, it is difficult to find a job at the university. What is expected of you for this job is not a very tiring schedule or work tempo. You have basic simple tasks such as working in the library or assisting staff in student exchange programs.

The way each university applies to these jobs is generally different. But generally, universities place advertisements on school pages at the beginning of each semester or sometimes give specific notifications to potential study candidates via e-mail. Although you have a certain annual working hour limit, you can also do this job as an additional job along with other job opportunities.

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4- Babysitting

You can “babysit in English” rather than traditional babysitting because it will be difficult to compete with regular childcare. Since it will be easier for young children to learn any language by being exposed to it, your chances will increase considerably if you indicate that you will be taking care of a child in English. Make sure you have some basic Italian and some babysitting experience (it could even be a sibling or cousin) to improve your chances of getting a job.

5- Waitress

Being a classic job almost all over the world, there is usually enough work for everyone, but the difficult thing about being a waiter in Italy is knowing Italian well. Despite this, it is easy to find a job with your knowledge of English in hotels, restaurants, bars and cafeterias in more touristic places. However, a certain level of Italian is essential for any prospective client.

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Finally, if you don’t want to have financial problems with your education abroad, find an area where you can work now (this profession can be the one we wrote above or another way you know). You can earn money during your university years by improving yourself in the field you have determined. You do not need to have worked in a special field or have a special talent for any of the above paths. In fact, there are always ways in which everyone can easily earn money in many areas. As a result, you have many fields of study, and only you can set the working limit here.

Pava Education provides consultancy services for students applying to all universities in Italy. If you want to study at any university in Italy, fill out the application form immediately. Our expert team will get back to you in a short time.

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