Master’s Degree Abroad

Graduate options abroad are increasing at a substantial rate in today’s global market. This situation makes it possible for students to experience doing a master’s degree abroad. So, how can you do a master’s degree abroad? Moreover, which are the countries where you can do a master’s degree abroad? Here lie all the answers to these questions and more!

How to Do a Master’s Degree Abroad?

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One of the goals of those who have an academic career is to do a master’s degree. Doing a master’s degree abroad draws attention to your CV, thus bringing important opportunities. That’s why we can confidently suggest a lot of postgraduate options abroad. If you want to do a master’s degree abroad, you should first clarify this situation in your mind. If you have made a clear decision to do a master’s degree abroad, you should next decide in which department you will do your master’s degree.

The fact that graduate programs abroad are carried out in a comprehensive way will also make it easier for you to find the department you are looking for. While choosing a country, you must follow a rigorous research process. Especially in recent times, it’s known that there are many opportunities for postgraduate studies in many different countries. Therefore, in order to do a master’s degree in accordance with your demand, you should choose a country accurately.

When choosing a country, you should pay attention to criteria such as the academic level of the universities in the country and the academic structure of the country. Again, if you are going to do a master’s degree abroad, you must pay attention to the living conditions and even the climate of that country. Only in this way will you get the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree without any problems. In addition, when choosing a country abroad, you must take into account the education fees of the relevant country.

When graduate abroad options come to the fore, we come across different advantages. We can also state that an academic who has gained experience abroad has gained new perspectives in terms of vision. Therefore, in today’s conditions, doing a master’s degree abroad brings important advantages. It’s important to state that some documents are also requested from the candidates in order to do a master’s degree. So, what are the postgraduate foreign application documents? Here are the details!

What are the Application Requirements for Graduate Studies Abroad?

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To gain admission to master’s programs abroad, you must meet certain criteria. In addition, there are documents requested from you in order to take advantage of the privileged opportunities abroad. In this context, the conditions for foreign master’s application are as follows:

  • Your CV
  • Your Letter of Intent
  • 2 academic references
  • Your workplace reference letter if you are employed
  • Your 4-year undergraduate diploma from the school you graduated from
  • If you haven’t graduated yet, your final year student certificate
  • Document showing that your academic grade point average is 2.2 or higher
  • Document showing the proficiency of the language used in the master’s degree program abroad (for example, you must show English language proficiency in order to study in a master’s degree taught in English)

You must submit all the documents in the application conditions listed before the start of the academic year.

Postgraduate Fees Abroad

How much are the postgraduate fees abroad? In most countries abroad, there are no exam requirements for placement in any educational institution. However, every educational institution charges fees from students. The tuition fees for education abroad are not very high. It is possible to study abroad with the amount you have allocated for special education in your home country. Tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses are not included in the tuition fees. For the reasons listed above, one of the best options for getting an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, is studying abroad.

The cost of education abroad is around 6,000 and 12,000 Euros annually at universities. This amount may vary depending on the country or university you prefer. The fees of departments such as dentistry, pharmacy, medicine abroad are among the departments that are slightly more expensive. In the light of all this information, if you are going to do a master’s degree abroad, you will come across different fee options. In fact, if you meet the necessary criteria, it will be possible to do a master’s degree abroad with a scholarship.

Education fees abroad, with various accommodation options for students, may vary depending on the preferred department. Dormitory facilities are provided to many graduate students. Whether you prefer a state university or a private university, you will have to pay certain costs to study a master’s degree.

While you are studying for a master’s degree, you can take advantage of the opportunity to both work and study, as the state will give you work and accommodation permits. When foreign graduate fees pose a potential problem, we can recommend budget-friendly options. It’s important to keep in consideration that in some countries it is much more expensive to do a master’s degree. If you are going to do a master’s degree abroad, you will encounter dormitory fees as another expense item.

Dormitory Prices Abroad

Dormitories, which are considered in the fees of studying abroad, usually consist of three or four-person rooms. The monthly fees of the standard dormitories vary on a weekly, monthly or periodic basis. Private dormitories, which are more comfortable and have higher standards, are among the accommodation options that are slightly more expensive.

Most students prefer to rent houses for accommodation and get together with a few people and rent these houses. The monthly price of the rented house varies according to the features of the house and the city and region. Here, the economic conditions of the country you will choose will directly affect your budget. Therefore, if you are going to do a master’s degree abroad, you should be meticulous in choosing a country and even city. If you are going to do a master’s degree abroad, it is also recommended to improve your linguistic skills by taking courses at language schools.

Foreign Language School Fees

Language schools are among the options to study abroad . They can improve your language better, you can get the opportunity to lay the groundwork for your career by going to language schools. Foreign language school fees also vary depending on the country you go to. Before you start your undergraduate education, you will need to have language proficiency documents to be exempt from the preparatory classes. Instead of studying at the preparatory class, you can go to language schools before your undergraduate/postgraduate education, and you can have the opportunity to both acquire the proficiency documents and go beyond in your linguistic abilities.

In Which Countries Can You Do A Master’s Degree?

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In today’s conditions, when you want to do a master’s degree abroad, you will come across different options. The vast number of countries here will also enable you to do a master’s degree with the criteria you want. Below, we can list the 10 countries that are among the options to study abroad:

  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • America
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Estonia
  • Britain
  • Poland
  • Hungary

When you want to do a master’s degree abroad, Italy will appear as the address of effective opportunities. Sapienza di Roma University in Italy has the distinction of being the largest in Europe. The fact that there are many well-established institutions in the country makes Italy a popular destination. Canada has been attracting a large number of international students lately. It is known that many universities in Canada rank at the top of the world rankings. according to Times Higher Education .

Ireland is also a country that stands out with its universities that have YÖK equivalency. It is also known that master’s programs in this country are less costly than in England . Ireland offers excellent opportunities for internships thanks to the fact it hosts giant companies such as Google and Facebook.

It is known that universities in America have exceptional quality from an academic development point of view. Therefore, the number of students who have historically gone to this country for postgraduate studies is very high. Most universities in America start in September.

Germany and the Netherlands are also countries which host a large number of International students, especially those studying master’s degrees.

Estonia is a Baltic state and it has similar characteristics to Europe in terms of education quality. As an EU country, Estonia is a border country with the Gulf of Finland, as well as being close to countries such as Norway and Denmark.

England draws attention as the first country that comes to mind when it comes to doing a master’s degree abroad. Although England is a expensive in terms of fees, getting a master’s degree from this country is literally a source of prestige and global opportunities easily open for graduates.

Poland is among the countries where you can get an affordable but quality undergraduate and postgraduate education. Therefore, Poland is one of the most logical options when it comes to graduate abroad opportunities. Again, Hungary, as a country located in the center of Europe, is frequently on the radar for university education in Europe. In Hungary, you can do a master’s degree in 1.5-year or 2-year programs.