Medical Exam in Italy

You can turn your dreams into reality by studying medicine at the best public and private universities with the medical exam in Italy. Excellent opportunities in medical education continue in Italian universities, where you can find the opportunity to study with the quality of education, academic staff, and large budgets allocated to research departments. The content of medical education offered in public universities, and private universities in Italy is in accordance with the European Union standards with its credit ratio and education system. So all degrees are validated in European countries.

Recently, Italy has become a highly preferred and popular country among students who want to study medicine due to the increase in English undergraduate education.

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Medical Exam in Italy

Public Universities Providing Medicine Education in English in Italy

  1. The University of Milan(between 51 and 100 in QS-London ranking)
  2. The University of Bologna(between 51 and 100 in QS-London ranking)
  3. The La Sapienza University of Rome (between 101 and 150 in QS-London rankings)
  4. The University of Pavia (between 151-200 in the QS-London ranking)
  5. The University of Turin (ranked from 151 to 200 in the QS-London ranking)
  6. The University of Naples Federico II (ranked from 151 to 200 in the QS-London ranking)
  7. The Tor Vergata University of Rome (between 201-250 in QS-London ranking)
  8. The University of Milan-Bicocca (between 201-250 in QS-London ranking)
  9. The University of Bari (between 301 – 400 in QS-London rankings)
  10. The Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples (between 451 – 500 in QS-London ranking)

** The University of Florence, University of Pisa, University of Padova, University of Verona, and the University of Genova also do not have medical education in English. They have medical education in Italian. They are in the top 200-250 in the QS – London ranking.

Private Universities Providing Medicine Education in English in Italy

1 – Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

2 – Catholic University of Milan( Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

3 – Humanitas University

For admission to the medical section, private universities conduct their medical exam in Italy. The exam is held at a place on their university campuses. Annual fees for a medical department vary according to the university but are between 15,000 and 19,000 euros.

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Public Universities Providing Dentistry Education in English in Italy

There is a Dentistry program in English at the University of Sienna in Italy. (According to the QS-London ranking, it is between 301 and 350.)

Requirements for Admission to Dentistry Programs in English

Admission to the dentistry program requires candidates to take the IMAT Exam.

Applications to medical faculty consist of 4 stages. Required steps to take the IMAT exam:

1 – Online university application

2 – Registration to the test centre

3 – Application to the education department of the Italian Consulate 

4 – Application for the education visa of the Italian Consulate

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study dentistry in Italy

Language Requirement to Study Medicine in English at Public Universities

Some universities require IELTS, TOEFL, or internationally valid language certificates, but at least B1 level language proficiency is required.

Application Dates for Medical Programs in English at Public Universities

The medical department application at public universities usually starts in March, and the first 3 stages are completed until July. The application dates and deadlines of the IMAT exam are announced every year by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Requirements to Study Medicine at Public Universities | Medical Exam in Italy

Students who will apply for medical education in Italy must take the medical exam in Italy called the International Medical Admission Test, namely IMAT, developed by the Italian higher education institution. The admission requirements and application stages to medical departments in Italy are the same for international students. However, there are differences in application dates and quotas between European Union citizens and students who are not citizens of the European Union. There are more quotas for students who do not have a European Union or a residence in that country. The application dates may differ, so the registration dates should be considered.

The first condition for entering the medical departments in Italy is that 4-year high school education and 12-year education must be completed except for high school preparation. According to the old system, those who do not complete 12 years and study for 11 years have the opportunity to apply to the Faculty of Medicine after studying the first year of the university (excluding the foundation year).

As we have mentioned before, most universities require an English language certificate from students who will study medicine in English in Italy. For those who want to apply to medicine in Italian, a B1 Italian language proficiency certificate is required by the Italian Consulate.

Students who will study medicine in English must have at least a B1 in TOEFL or IELTS exams. It varies according to the university, but students who have completed and documented a 4-year high school education in English can be placed directly in some universities.

The IMAT exam consists of 4 parts. For candidates applying to medicine, dentistry, and surgery programs, the IMAT is a non-computer-based exam consisting of 60 questions of 100 minutes in English. The threshold score is 20. However, the threshold score varies according to the university and increases every year. Students with at least 30 and above can enter the Medical department.

We deal with online applications, necessary documents, and applications for exams in April-May for students who want to study medicine in Italy. Immediately after taking the IMAT exam, which is held on the same day and hour every year in September, the results are published in about 2 weeks. The registration process starts, and the lessons start in October.

Exam Subject Number of Questions
General Knowledge 2
Logic 20
Chemistry 12
Biology 18
Physics and Mathematics 8

** It consists of 60 questions. The duration of the medical exam in Italy is 100 minutes.

  • +1.5 points for the correct answer, -0.4 points for incorrect answers,
  • It counts as 0 points for unanswered questions.
  • It is forbidden to use a calculator in the exam.
  • The periodic table is not allowed in the exam.
  • The maximum score is 90.
  • Each candidate must get a minimum of 20 points in order to be placed in a university. Generally, this score is valid for foreign students but also for students who reside in Italy at the same time.

Students who want to study medicine in Italy will have an experience with expert and award-winning academicians, modern laboratories, classrooms, campus life, and communities that can reach students in all nations.

Thanks to the education supported by scientific research, R&D studies, symposiums, and conferences, students may gain skills such as instant problem solving, providing insight, communicating with people, hand and finger skills, patience, and practicality.

While serving students with medical faculties with great opportunities, Italy also offers career options after graduation. Medical education requires a strong memory, long working hours, and patience. Therefore if you like to help people and are not tired of working long hours, medical education is for you.

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Content of the Medicine Program in Italy | Medical Exam in Italy

Study Medicine in Italy

While students who want to get undergraduate education in another program study for 3 years in Italy, the medical program is completed in 6 years. While the first 2 years pass with standard basic knowledge and theoretical training, practical lessons and laboratory lectures are held in the following years. Attending the practical lessons is very significant in Italy. Afterwards, it focuses on internships and polyclinic studies.

Medical exam in Italy, where the academic year is divided into two terms; after the exam in September, the first semester starts in October and ends in January. The second academic term starts in February and ends in July. 

Oral and written exams are held just after the academic period ends. Research assignments, presentations, and student projects also have an important place to move on to the next term. During the medical education in Italy, education is provided in basic sciences such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and pathology, where pre-clinical studies and research are concentrated, and in clinical areas such as internal diseases and gynaecology, obstetrics, paediatrics, where internal and surgical departments are concentrated.

Working Part-Time While Studying Medicine in Italy

Part-time work opportunities are offered for students studying medical education or other programs in Italy. Therefore, students can earn their own pocket money and also improve their Italian. In some public and private universities, there may be job opportunities as an intern or part-time in hospitals that have an agreement with these universities. However, your Italian must be at least C1 level. At the same time, those who have completed their undergraduate education can obtain a work permit if they find a job. Besides, students who have a master’s and doctorate education can stay in the country for up to 12 months to find a job after graduation.

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