Students who want to move to and live in Italy, when they look at the Italian universities that are in the top 500 in the world,  realize the high quality and important institutions they can study in. With its outstanding academics and prestigious universities, students can receive an exceptional education in many faculties and departments; Italy also hosts many students from many different parts of the world. Moreover, as a result of the influx of millions of tourists to Italy every year, life in Italy has become an impressive experience, free from difficulties, for foreigners and especially foreign students.

Every year, many students from all over the world go to Italy to study at universityÖğrenciler için İtalya'da Yaşam

Documents Required When Going to Italy

In order to move to and live in Italy, you should check out everything from travel planning to your essential items. Any detail you miss could mean your trip is not as you dreamed it would be. First of all, you should plan everything step by step, and most importantly, you should check everything you need to have once or twice to avoid any surprises.

The documents you need to have with you to go abroad may differ depending on your purpose of going abroad and other variables. For example, if you have a burgundy passport, you must have a written document, card or document that certifies your work. You must also have an international exit permit approved by the institution you work for. Of course, you must also have an insurance record as proof of your employment. You can get detailed information like this from the institution you work for.

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If you want to go abroad as a student, you should carefully prepare the necessary documents. First of all, you should complete the passport and visa procedures, and you should definitely have your student certificate with you. If you are going to study abroad, you should take your school acceptance certificate with you. If there is a deficiency or error in any document, you may encounter some obstacles. In addition, you should have your passport issued by considering its expiration date. Assuming that you will stay for at least 3 years because you are going to study abroad, it will be beneficial for you to have a passport valid for 4 to 10 years.

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Documents Required When Traveling to Italy

First of all, there are some documents you need to get when you go to Italy and some important requirements:

Items to be Bought While Traveling to Italy

İtalya'ya Giderken Alınması Gereken Eşyalar

Students want to move to and live in Italy in a sweet rush. There will also be the stress of preparing suitcases in these rushes. The list of the most important items you can take with you when you go abroad can be as follows:

  • Backpack

Sırt Çantası

A backpack with you will be your greatest helper not only for abroad but also for all your travels. You can carry your small belongings, documents you need to keep with you, your wallet, and your technological devices such as your phone, charger, and computer in your backpack. In this way, you can reach these items quickly and feel safer by keeping your valuables right next to you.

  • Portable Charger 

Going abroad means being away from home for a long time and spending most of your time on the road and on the street. In these cases, running out of the battery of your mobile phone is one of the negative situations you may experience. Or it can be quite frustrating to run out of battery just when you are going to take a picture of a very beautiful place. For such cases, you should definitely have a charger with you.

  • Universal Plug Converter 

Different socket types are used in many regions of the world. For this reason, those who want to go abroad must have a socket converter with them. Otherwise, you cannot plug your technological devices into any socket. The universal socket converter can be compatible with sockets in more than 150 countries.

  • Raincoat 


In order to move to and live in Italy, students should have with them a raincoat. Depending on the region you are going to, you may think that you will not need it, but if you do not want to get wet when you encounter any surprises and get caught in bad weather conditions, you can bring a raincoat with you.

  • Medicine 

If you have a medicine that you are currently using, make sure to keep it with you when you go abroad. Apart from this, it may be beneficial to take medications such as painkillers, muscle relaxants, and antibiotics with you as a precaution. You can even take flu medicine. In this way, you can be prepared for situations that may spoil your trips, such as a cold, headache or muscle pain. In addition, you can get rid of the uncertainty of hospital and prescription costs abroad, and you do not have to take drugs that you are not used to.

Tips That Can Help in Daily Life

As in any country, one of the most basic elements of life in Italy is transportation. For this, you are likely to use the train quite often. You can travel almost all of the country by train lines. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient information about the train lines in the country. For example, if you buy your ticket before you get on the train, you can get it much cheaper. Also, before you get on the train, you have to have your ticket scanned by a machine at the station. Otherwise, you may face a fine.

You can use large supermarkets and shopping centers for your shopping, or you can choose local markets and markets. You can go more to local markets for fresh and daily food. Supermarkets are very few in Italy anyway. In addition, bags are sold for a fee in the markets in Italy as well as in our country.

As it is known, the official currency in Italy is the euro (€). All transactions such as shopping and banking transactions are carried out in this currency. Mastercard, Visa and Carta Si credit cards can be used in the country.

Life in Italy for Students | Moving to and Living in Italy

How Much Does a Student Cost per Month? | Moving to and Living in Italy

First of all, the answer to this question is largely personal. Costs may vary depending on the student’s expenditure, accommodation and region of residence. However, a few points can be mentioned as a hint.

For students, living in Italy can be economically focused on the following, minus the school-related costs:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Water, electricity, natural gas and telephone bills
  • If you have a car, parking and gas costs
  • Other expenses

Considering all these expenses, more economical or slightly more costly options can be preferred for all of them. Student dormitories will be the most economical choice for accommodation. Or room rental options can also be considered. Renting a private residence means that it is necessary to increase the budget considerably. There are also hotels with daily rates between 20 and 50 euros.

Transport in Italy is generally affordable. City buses are usually priced at 1 euro. Discounts are also available on transfers. For intercity trips, the most suitable option is the train. There are also options for trains. For example, if you travel from Florence to Rome by high-speed train, you have to pay 56 euro, and if you travel by regular train, you have to pay 40 euro.

Apart from these, there will be other personal or non-personal expenses. Daily expenses may arise, such as eating lunch, shopping for groceries, visiting museums and exhibitions, or having a coffee at a cafe. These will vary according to your budget and preferences. For example, having lunch in a restaurant can vary between 5 Euros and 20 Euros.

As you can see, life in Italy can be quite affordable.

Italian Cuisine | Moving to and Living in Italy

If you’re moving to and living in Italy, we come to one of the most enjoyable parts: the food.

Italian cuisine consists of very rich local delicacies that must be tasted. Italy has its own breakfast and food culture. Italians, who usually prefer light foods and drinks such as coffee, croissants and cakes for breakfast, consume many different types of food, from meat dishes to vegetable dishes for other meals. Meals such as pasta, risotto, minestra (vegetable soup), lasagna, and pizza are the most well-known Italian delicacies. During their time in Italy, students can taste these local delicacies that appeal to all tastes.

İtalya'ya taşınmak ve İtalya'da yaşamak


 Study Time in Italy | Moving to and Living in Italy

You are now at a new level when classes start. Now is the time to make new friends and, of course, adapt to the school system and the culture of the city. You will go to school or work every day, you will be responsible for the cleaning of your apartment, that is, you will keep everything in your own hands, and yes, your sense of self-confidence will be at the ceiling with the feeling of “I did it”.

Life in Italy

It’s time to meet new people, attend parties, even throw parties in your own home, go to different cities on the weekends…

Core Challenge

The core challenge of living abroad will likely be language-related.

Living in Italy has some difficulties, but it is a fact that most of these difficulties become natural over time, so after a certain time, there is no difficulty. Not only in terms of language but also for all problems that may be encountered in a foreign country in general: home, school, friendship, you get used to all of them over time.

This habituation period also varies from person to person; for some, it takes two months, 6 months or maybe a year, and some even do not encounter such a troublesome process at all. But the truth is that your journey abroad will change or end at a certain point, and it will be time to say goodbye to the friends you have made and the places you always went to. What you will have are the experiences you have accumulated, the skills you have acquired, and the cultures you have gained. When you look back in the future, you will see a whole life that you have built on your own.

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