General Information About Bari Polytechnic University

Founded in 1990, the Polytechnic University of Bari was originally opened as the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Bari. Later, with the establishment and development of the Faculty of Engineering in Taranto, it has progressed in engineering branches. Major engineering departments offered within the school are: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Management Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

Today, the university, which offers education to more than 10,000 students, closely follows scientific developments thanks to its many research centers. Basic and applied research activities carried out on a university basis are organized in the Research Centers within the university.

Bari Politeknik Üniversitesi Politecnico Di Bari

Students who receive education within the school have the opportunity to be quite active during their university period. At the Polytechnic University of Bari, associations and student organizations offer students the opportunity to directly engage in socializing and decision-making moments. With the elections held within the school, the students aim to determine the student representatives in the bodies. At the same time, according to researches, individuals who receive education in this school; they get the reward of the well-equipped education they receive in the field of work. 89% of students graduating from this university get a good job opportunity within three years of graduation. You can also check out our article ” The Best Technical Universities in Italy “.

Bari Polytechnic University World Ranking

Bari Politeknik Üniversitesi dünya sıralaması

According to Times Higher Education (THE) 2021 data, the world ranking is between 401-500. Politecnico di Bari, which is a fairly recent university, is ranked 86th according to the Young University Rankings 2020 data among all universities that have been established in the recent past. Additionally, you can review our article “Top 500 Italian Universities” .

Where is Bari Polytechnic University?

Established in the city of Bari in the southern part of Italy, the university was founded on the very quiet port city of Bari. The city of Bari is considered to be the most economically developed city in Italy after Naples . The university also has campuses in Foggia and Taranto.

Bari italya nerede

Student Life in Bari

University is a global education institution where students from many different nationalities receive education, as it attracts many university students from the Erasmus exchange program . Thanks to the cosmopolitan structure of the university, students discover the characteristics of different nationalities by finding the opportunity to mingle with other students as well as students from their own nationality.

The city of Bari is a center of attraction for students, as it has a young population and hosts thousands of tourists every year. During their education in this school, besides the world-famous dishes of Bari; Students who have explored places such as the Teatro Petrezzelli stage where world-famous operas are exhibited, St. Nicholas Basilica, Murat district, Mercantile Square, Nicolaiano Museum, Sveno Castle, St. Sabino Cathedral, Bari Civico Museum and Altamura Town will have learned Italian culture when they graduate from this school. You can also review our article ” Moving to Italy and Living in Italy “.

Bari Polytechnic University Departments

Bari Polytechnic University , which provides education in 12 programs in 5 different faculties , is not only an undergraduate program; It also contributes to students in the form of master’s, doctorate and integrated doctorate.

You do not have the chance to get an undergraduate education in English at Bari Polytechnic University, the departments are taught in Italian. However, if you wish, you can study English during your master’s period . English master’s programs are available with a thesis, and there is no exam you need to take during the admission period to the department. For detailed information, you can also review our Undergraduate Education in Italy and Postgraduate Education in Italy Bari Politeknik Üniversitesinin Bölümleri

English Master’s Degrees

  • Industrial Design
  • Automation Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering

Italian Undergraduate Courses

  • Electrical and Information Technologies Engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • architecture
  • engineering

Italian Master’s Degrees

  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Engineering
  • Industrial design

Bari Polytechnic University Tuition Fees

Bari Polytechnic University is one of the most important public universities in Italy. Since it is a public university, the common price range applied in public universities in Italy is also valid in this university. The public university fees in Italy are known to be directly proportional to the financial income of the students’ families. Tuition fees vary between 156 and 3500 Euros and student fees are reduced.

The diversity of education opportunities in Italy is not limited to the fee reduction applied only at public universities. Italy is a student-friendly country with the number of scholarships given to students as well as the discounts on tuition fees. According to the education policies implemented by the Italian government, it is known that the Italian government gives scholarships to students at certain rates every year, and the amount of this scholarship is between 2000 and 5200 Euros per year. You can also read our topic on tuition fees and scholarships in Italy .

Bari Politeknik Üniversitesi Eğitim Ücreti

Politecnico di Bari Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities

Even though it has a small dormitory, students studying in this school may choose to rent a room or flat when they cannot find a suitable dormitory room. You can fill out our application form for price information about accommodation, housing, dormitory and assistance. Then let’s start the preparations for student life and life in Italy. Finally, you can review our article “Staying in Italy “. We offer professional consultancy training for students who want to step into a successful career in this field with a university education in Italy . If you want to study at a university in Italy, you can fill out our application form immediately. Pava Education’s expert advisors will contact you as soon as possible .