Thanks to the scholarship opportunities in Italy, it is one of the most preferred countries for those who want to study abroad. Italy, which opens the door to great opportunities for students, is also a very touristic country. The country that has a lot of richness in the world cultural heritage lists; It is very attractive with its cuisine, city life, architecture, entertainment life, education and art opportunities. However, the financial burden of studying abroad may lead students to seek a way to study in Italy on scholarship.

Italy is one of the countries in Europe where the highest number of foreign students receive education and scholarship opportunities are the highest. Studying in Italy with a scholarship will enable students to have a comfortable education and social life during their time abroad. Especially in recent years, studying English in Italy has reached a satisfactory level with the recently opened English schools and departments. For this reason, many international students apply to study in Italy with scholarships every year.

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Studying in Italy on a Scholarship

Scholarship opportunities in Italy vary between 2000 and 5000 euros per year for students who want to study at the university on scholarship. Certain conditions must be met in order to receive a scholarship. These conditions may vary between universities or regions. As in our country, first of all, the income of the families of the students who apply for the scholarship is taken into consideration. If the student is eligible for a scholarship, the scholarship is usually paid in two instalments.

Students studying in Italy on scholarship must meet the necessary credit conditions in order for their scholarship to continue. For example, in order to receive the second installment of the scholarship, it is necessary to pass the course corresponding to a certain credit. Some universities pay the entire scholarship in one installment at the end of the year. The student is entitled to study in Italy with a scholarship if he/she has met sufficient credit conditions by the end of the year.

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How to Apply for a Scholarship in Italy?

Students wishing to apply for a scholarship in Italy must first fulfil the conditions in the announcements. Some of these conditions are age limit, language proficiency and education certificate documents. Applications are made between April and May each year. Some of the requirements for students to apply for scholarship opportunities in Italy are as follows:

  • Be enrolled in a school in Italy
  • Be between 18 – 36 years old (45 for Italian language teachers)
  • At least B2 level of knowledge of Italian (This condition does not apply to those who will study in English.)

Applications can be made online. It is of great importance to pay attention to the necessary conditions and announcements in order to meet the requirements in the application process and not to miss the application period.

Italy International Student Scholarships

Scholarships for foreign students in Italy are determined by bilateral agreements between governments. Those who study in undergraduate, graduate, doctoral programs and language courses can receive scholarships. In addition, universities have the opportunity to apply for special scholarships. Scholarships allocated to foreign students who want to study in Italy on scholarship are given according to the following education programs:


İtalya'da Burslu Okumak

Universities & Institutions Offering Scholarships in Italy

All international students in Italy have the same opportunities as Italian students who are entitled to financial aid. There are national and regional government scholarships available for international students to apply. In addition, some Italian universities offer scholarship opportunities in Italy for international students.

Scholarships Provided by the Italian State

The Italian State offers scholarships for study to both its citizens in Italy and Italian citizens residing abroad (IRE). These scholarships include tuition fees, health insurance and a monthly allowance. It is possible to apply for a three, six or nine-month scholarship only. We can list the courses in which the scholarships are given as follows:

“Invest in Talented Students in Italy” Project supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development; students from Azerbaijan, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Turkey, Tunisia and Vietnam.

It offers scholarship opportunities in Italy as well as many other benefits, giving students the opportunity to develop their skills and specialize by taking postgraduate and postgraduate courses in English in Engineering, Advanced Technologies, Architecture, Design, Economics and Management at prestigious Italian universities. the main corporate sponsors support the best students to study with scholarships.

EDISU Piedmont Scholarships

Politecnico of Torino , University of Torino , University of Eastern Piedmont) , including international students outside the EU, can also apply for EDISU scholarships as long as they meet the economic requirements.

Part-time students are also welcome to apply if they are enrolled in any undergraduate degree. The scholarship amount can vary depending on many conditions. Accommodation can also be provided to non-resident students.

University of Bologna Scholarship

Bologna Üniversitesi Burs İmkânları

The University of Bologna offers educational scholarships for international students. It offers opportunities for international students who wish to enroll in undergraduate, graduate or single cycle degree programs at the university. Each scholarship is awarded for one academic year. Students have to re-apply each year.

For detailed information about the university, “University of Bologna”, You can visit the page.

University of Pavia Scholarship

Pavia Üniversitesi Burs İmkânları

In order to ensure international cooperation with developing countries, the University of Pavia (UNIPV) offers scholarships to outstanding students from developing countries.

For detailed information about the university, you can visit the page “Pavia University”.

Bocconi University Scholarship

Bocconi Üniversitesi Burs İmkânları

Bocconi University offers scholarships based on merit to international students enrolled in any undergraduate program or master’s program at Bocconi.

For detailed information about the university, you can visit the page “Bocconi University”.

Politecnico di Milano Scholarship

Politecnico di Milano Burs İmkânları

The Politecnico di Milano University offers a number of merit scholarships each year to the most talented international students admitted to the Master of Science programme.

For detailed information about the university, You can visit the page “Politecnico di Milano”.

Politecnico di Torino Scholarship

Politecnico di Torino Burs İmkânları

The Politecnico di Turin University offers scholarships to international students to attend academic programs in certain fields such as Engineering and Architecture.

For detailed information about the university, you can visit the page “Politecnico di Torino”. 

University of Cattolica Scholarship


  Cattolica Üniversitesi Burs İmkânları

The UCSC (Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore) International Scholarship is an annual tuition fee reduction promoted by Università Cattolica to encourage international students to apply for their degree programmes. The discount covers approximately 30% of the total cost.

For detailed information about the university, you can visit the page “Cattolica University”.

University of Padova Scholarship

Cattolica Üniversitesi Burs İmkânları

The University of Padova provides financial support to low-income students, both Italian and foreign, who have a good academic record and are still attending university. The scholarship consists of benefiting from monetary and partial services such as accommodation and meals in university canteens. The University of Padova also offers the Padova International Excellence Scholarship Programme, which provides full scholarships to talented candidates who wish to pursue an English-taught undergraduate or graduate degree.

For detailed information about the university, you can visit the page “Padova University”.

Scholarship of Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

There are many scholarship opportunities in Italy for the doctoral programs, 78 of which are full scholarships, to both Italian citizens and international students. All students admitted to the doctoral program receive full financial support, including tuition fees and living expenses.

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