As a new structuring in many countries, genetics and bioengineering are a field that has been educated in Italy for a long time, so the people who fulfil this profession are competent. Genetics experts and bioengineers can find jobs in both the private sector and government agencies. In this article, we will give information about studying genetics in Italy.

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Genetics Education

University of San Raffaele

What is Genetics Education, and What Areas Does It Include?

In education programs in genetics and related fields such as molecular biology, bioengineering, and biotechnology, courses such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, electricity and magnetism, microbiology, physiology, gene molecular biology, and gene engineering applications are taught.

Genetic Engineering in Italy

In Italy, you can study completely in English in genetic engineering or other related fields such as biotechnology and molecular biology. Genetic sciences, a young and dynamic field, is a field that has been educated in Italy for many years. You can also study genetics in Italy, which is one of the most important study areas of the future at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Where Can Genetics Graduates Work?

Students who have graduated from related education programs such as Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Bioengineering can work in the following professions:

  • Research and Development Organizations
  • Universities and Centers for Academic Studies
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Laboratories
  • Medical Companies
  • International Research Centers
  • International Biotechnology and Biomedical Companies

Undergraduate Education in Genetics in Italy

You can study genetics in Italy and biotechnology entirely in English. For this, universities require a language certificate at B1 / B2 level. Please contact us for detailed information.

Master Education in Genetics in Italy

You can complete your master’s degree in English in areas such as genetics, biotechnology, molecular biotechnology, and medical biotechnology in Italy. As admission requirements, universities require a B2-level language certificate and a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.

Tuition Fees for Genetic Education in Italy

Italy is a country known in Europe for its low tuition fees and well-established education quality. Besides, you also have the opportunity to get an education with a scholarship in Italy. The annual tuition fees of state universities in Italy range from 500-3,000 Euros. It is possible to get discounts on these fees.

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