Study Master’s in Architecture in Italy

Italy is one of the first countries that come to mind when talking about studying a master’s in architecture in Italy. Especially “Politecnico,” which are the technical schools of Italy; among the world’s leading universities in the field of architecture. Especially Politecnico Di Milano and Politecnico Di Torino are among the top 50 universities in the world in the field of architecture. There are 9 Italian universities in the top 200. Even this alone is an important detail that shows the quality of architectural master’s programs in Italy.

Architecture Education in Italy

Master’s in Italy’s architecture programs prepare students to design houses and buildings for private clients and companies. It aims to teach students a variety of computer programs to design a functional space. Students can also learn how to collaborate professionally with clients and teams through joint project work in master’s programs. Italian universities have bilateral agreements with large companies and many international high-level universities. Besides, students from many different countries of the world open their doors every year and support different approaches to architecture.

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Architect Salaries in Italy

Architect salaries in Italy vary depending on many factors such as the city, firm, and position. The average architect’s salary in Italy is around 2,300 Euros per month. The “blue diploma” you will get after your master’s in architecture in Italy is valid in all European countries. In addition, education at Italian universities with the best architecture faculties in the world will open many doors for you in Italy and other countries related to your profession.

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Master’s Programs in Architecture in Italy

The options for studying a master’s in architecture in Italy are quite varied.

There are many architectural master’s programs such as architecture conservation, architecture and city planning, and sustainable architecture.

It is very important to present a strong portfolio in applications to these programs. We carefully examine the portfolios and all other documents of our students to whom we apply for master’s in architecture through our teammates who are studying architecture in Italy or performing their profession. We are preparing a strong application file by making the necessary arrangements.

Architecture Exam in Italy

We mentioned that there was an admission exam organized by the Italian Ministry of Education for undergraduate education in architecture in Italy. In Italy, there is no exam requirement for a master’s education in architecture. However, universities request from you a portfolio of the studies you have done in your undergraduate or working life and a language certificate at the B2 level. There is no average threshold except for one school, but having a high graduation average strengthens your hand in your assessment process.

Requirements for Master’s in Architecture in Italy

The requirements to study architecture in Italy are as follows:

  • Having a bachelor’s degree in architecture or a related field
  • Proof of English language at least B2 level or proof of English undergraduate education
  • Portfolio
  • There is no lower limit for your graduation average except for one university.

Tuition Fees for Master’s in Architecture in Italy

Tuition fees for study a master’s in architecture in Italy range between 500-3,000 EURO. There is a specific procedure you should follow to get discounts on tuition fees. You can get support from our expert team regarding this.

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Architecture Fees

Scholarship Opportunities for Master’s in Architecture in Italy

Students who want to study architecture in Italy can also benefit from scholarships. The scholarship amount varies between 2.000-5.200 Euros per year. In order to benefit from these scholarships, there are documents you need to submit and certain procedures you need to follow. This process is delicate and takes place between specific dates.

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Study Master’s in Interior Architecture in Italy

Interior architecture combines technical skills with a creative vision to create working and living spaces in residential or commercial buildings. An interior designer uses these visions and skills to improve the design environment and any interior setting. Italy is the best country you can choose for a master’s degree in interior architecture.

Master’s in Italy’s interior architecture programs are mostly given within private schools such as NABA, IED, Domus Academy, POLI DESIGN, and Florence Institute of Design International. These schools are among the world’s leading schools in design and interior architecture. These schools, where you can study entirely in English, also offer master’s or certificate programs of 1 year or less. Generally, you have B1 or B2 level English, portfolio studies, and undergraduate diploma requirements in the related field.

There are also public universities that provide education in this field. These universities accept students with a B2-level language certificate and a strong portfolio.

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Tuition Fees for Master’s in Interior Architecture in Italy

Master’s in interior architecture programs are mostly provided by private schools, and annual tuition fees vary between 7.000-25.000 Euros. Public schools have tuition fees between 500-3,000 Euros. Factors such as the program, school, and the city you choose are important in determining this price scale.

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Best Architecture Schools in Italy

“Politecnicos” provide a high-quality and world-class education for master’s education in architecture in Italy. In addition to the schools of technical schools such as Politecnico Di Milano, Politecnico Di Torino is among the top 50 architecture schools globally, and 7 Italian universities are among the top 200 architecture schools in the world. In other words, the schools you will choose for a master’s education in architecture in Italy are schools that have proven their quality.

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