The field of psychology, as the study of the human mind, shows a special emphasis on culture and how different societies influence behaviour. Students who focus on this discipline should consider a master’s education in psychology abroad to understand the field as a whole and improve their undergraduate curriculum. Having and study a master’s in psychology in Italy, which has the most established universities in Europe, will give you a broad vision in this field.

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Psychology Education in Italy

How to Study a Master’s in Psychology in Italy?

In Italy, you can study psychology completely in English. However, there are some criteria determined by Italian universities for this. In Italy, one of these criteria is that your first undergraduate diploma is taken from a program in psychology or a related field. Since a master’s education is a more specific education than the education you receive in the undergraduate field, your academic background and competence in that field are very important. Italian universities take this into consideration when evaluating your applications.

In addition to the undergraduate diploma in the relevant field, you are also requested to have a language certificate at the B2 level with international validity. In addition, they can also conduct interviews via Skype to measure your motivation, language, and academic proficiency in this field.

Tuition Fees for Psychology Master in Italy

Italian universities are famous for their low tuition fees. Universities have tuition fees ranging from 500-3,000 Euros per year. There is a process you need to follow to get discounts on these fees. You can contact us for the professional consultancy services we offer in this field.

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Scholarship Opportunities for Psychology Master in Italy

You can get a scholarship while you study master’s in psychology in Italy. You can receive scholarships ranging from 2.000-5.200 Euros per year.

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Study Master’s in Clinical Psychology in Italy

When it comes to master’s education in psychology in Italy, one of the most demanded fields is a master’s program in clinical psychology. A master’s degree in clinical psychology is given entirely in English in schools in Italy, which have very high rankings in the field of psychology. You can also contact our team, which has education and life experience in Italy, regarding the issue.