Italy is a country where social state understanding is ingrained. Italy, which is preferred by thousands of international students for university education abroad every year, has the oldest universities in Europe and has a deep-rooted education tradition. One of the questions in students’ minds and their parents who want to study in Italy is about studying on a scholarship in Italy.

Scholarship in Italy

Is it Possible to Study on a Scholarship in Italy?

In Italy, international students can benefit from the same scholarship and educational services as Italian students. There are government scholarships at the national and regional levels that international students can apply for. Besides, some Italian universities offer various talents and merit-based scholarships for international students.

Will the Scholarships I Will Receive in Italy Cover My Living Expenses?

The scholarships you will receive in Italy do not cover all of your living expenses. However, it meets your basic needs, such as accommodation or food and beverage and supports your budget.

Some scholarships for talented students are at a level to cover your expenses. However, in order to be able to receive these scholarships, your studies and academic competence in the field you will study must be at a high level. However, these scholarships are given to very limited universities and a limited number of students.

Scholarships in Italy | Study on a Scholarship in Italy

The scholarships that students who want to study in Italy on a scholarship can apply for are as follows.

1- Italian State Scholarships

Foreign students studying in Italy and Italian citizens living abroad can benefit from these scholarships if they study in Italy. Scholarships are offered for the following programs:

  • Master’s Programs (Laurea Magistrale 2 ° ciclo)
  • Art, Music and Dance Courses (AFAM)
  • Doctoral Programs, Academic Research
  • Courses on Italian Language and Culture

2- Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships, supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, are a scholarship program for talented and successful international students to apply. Partners and main corporate sponsors support talented students who have achieved success in an academic, sportive, or artistic field with scholarships awarded based on a certain quota.

3- Other Scholarships

There are several scholarship programs offered for international students studying in Italy. In order to study on a scholarship in Italy, you can get support from the Study in Italy team that has the education and life experience in Italy.

State Scholarship | Study on a Scholarship in Italy

Education Grant

The DSU scholarship is known in Italian as the “Diritto allo Studio Universitario”. It is a scholarship named after the initials’ abbreviation. The Italian government offers this scholarship program for foreign students who will study in Italy. Students who receive undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate education in Italy can benefit from the scholarship. 

The scholarship provides many advantages such as money, food, beverage and accommodation discounts. The scholarship is generally given in two instalments per year. The first instalment is given after the specified credit is completed, such as December-January of the academic year the education has started. In some schools, students can receive scholarships depending on completing the credit determined at the end of the first year.

Requirements for State Scholarship

In order to benefit from DSU scholarships;

  • Your family income must be less than 23,000 Euros per year
  • Making the application and other processes within the specified period
  • Taking lectures in the specified credit to continue benefiting from the scholarship in the following years.

How Much is State Scholarship?

The amount of state scholarship varies between 1188-5139 Euros per year. The state scholarship is sufficient to cover a part of your annual expenses. Although the annual cost of living for a student in Italy varies according to the city and region, it is around 7,000-9,000 Euros. That’s why we advise our students to act as if no scholarships will be granted to finance their education in Italy.

How to Get State Scholarship?

Different application dates are determined in each region and school for students who want to benefit from the state scholarship. Generally, application processes start in June-July every year. Some schools’ applications start earlier and end earlier. It is very important to follow this process well.

In the applications, documents named ISEE (l’Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente) documents showing their family income are requested from the students. These documents must be prepared carefully. Preparing more than the documents requested by the schools can put you under a large translation cost. That’s why you need to know exactly what documents need to be prepared. After the application, students who are eligible for scholarships in September-October are announced.

At the point of scholarship applications, we support our students in all processes, such as collecting the necessary documents, translation, application, and follow-up. In scholarship applications, which is a sensitive process, many students have pages of documents translated. The cost is naturally quite high. 

Some Universities Offering State Scholarships

University of Pisa

University of Pisa

Polimi State Scholarship

According to many research institutions, Politecnico Di Milano, known as the best university in Italy, has the option of a Polimi DSU scholarship. Scholarship applications are made in July-August for students eligible for and to continue their education at the university. You can also contact our team to benefit from Politecnico Di Milano’s scholarship options.

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DSU Toscana Scholarship

DSU scholarship has different nomenclatures in different regions and cities. The scholarship that students accepted from the Toscana region universities can benefit from is called the DSU Toscana scholarship. We also provide support for our students, whose acceptance from universities in these cities at the point of scholarship applications. You can also contact our team for DSU Toscana and to study on a scholarship in Italy.

EDISU Scholarship

EDISU scholarship is also the naming of DSU scholarship for different regions. Some documents are requested from you in the applications for this scholarship. There is also the official process of the application.

Politecnico Di Torino Scholarship

There are also various scholarship opportunities for students who will study at Politecnico Di Torino. You can contact our team to take your place among our students who receive and study on a scholarship in Italy at Politecnico Di Torino.

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Studying on a Scholarship in Italy – Amount

Students studying in Italy can receive scholarships ranging from 2,000-5,200 Euros per year. There is a procedure you need to follow to receive a scholarship. Different application dates vary from university to university. Since scholarship applications are a sensitive process, we recommend that you get professional support in this regard.

In addition to the scholarship, it is also possible to provide discounts on tuition fees.

Italy is a great location to study abroad, with low tuition fees and a wide selection of international students’ scholarships!

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Scholarship Study Conditions in Italy

There are some criteria for studying on a scholarship in Italy. You are usually asked to prove your family income, but some scholarships have certain success criteria. We advise our students who want to benefit from these scholarships to pay attention to subjects such as the average showing their academic level and the language document showing their language level.

We helped 90% of our students to benefit from scholarship education opportunities in Italy. You can also contact our expert team in order to get a university education on a scholarship in Italy.

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