Study pharmacy in Italy is an integrated program (unico ciclo) and lasts 5 years. During the education, students are trained to practice in the pharmacy profession and be specialists in medicine and health products in the field of health. It aims to train graduates with a solid scientific foundation necessary to operate in health. Throughout the training, theoretical and practical information is blended, and pharmacy education according to the international environment and standards is provided.

Studying pharmacy in Italy leads students to acquire helpful information for the profession and do detailed studies on the following. Some of the necessary training in pharmacy education in Italy:

  • Patient compliance with pharmacotherapy and chronic treatments
  • Information on biotechnological drugs
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Knowledge of medical devices

In addition, pharmacy programs in Italy consist of courses in areas such as bioethics, genetics, epidemiology, and clinical pathology, which are complementary to the professional business life of their graduates.

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Why Study Pharmacy in Italy?

Pharmacy Education in Italy

  • To gain expertise in this program, which is significantly needed in the field of health for the well-being of humanity.
  • Taking lessons from world-renowned experts in a university and campus with high international mobility
  • Pharmacy science is a meeting point for pharmaceutical, health, biological and chemical sciences.
  • To prepare students directly for pharmacy studies and to introduce students to the world standards of the pharmacy profession.
  • Provide various business opportunities in the supply chain of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products

Universities Where to Study Pharmacy In Italy

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Faculty of Pharmacy in Italy

There is a faculty of pharmacy in Italy where you can study pharmacy. While most of these faculties teach in Italian, there are also pharmacy faculties where you can learn in English. At the entrance, students are usually given an exam called TOLC-F. The exam content includes biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and logic questions. For English pharmacy education, you can take the English TOLC-F exam.

Since 2020, the TOLC-F exam has started to be organised in English.

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How to Get Pharmacy Education in Italy?

In Italy, study pharmacy in Italy is provided in two cities.

These universities are located in the cities of Rome and Bologna.

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However, there are different conditions that universities require students to provide. You can contact us to find out about these terms.

For pharmacy education in Italian, students are accepted through exams such as TOLC-F. Besides, they must obtain Italian language documents such as CILS and CELI at B1 / B2 level.

Tuition Fees for Pharmacy Education in Italy

Tuition Fees for Pharmacy in Italy

Tuition fees for Italian universities are determined by family income. The tuition fees of universities that provide pharmacy education in Italy vary between 500-3,000 Euros. However, there is a procedure you need to follow to get a discount on tuition fees. You can consult our expert team for support in this regard.

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Scholarship Opportunities for Pharmacy Programs in İtaly

There are scholarship options for students who want to study pharmacy in Italy. In Italy, you can receive scholarships ranging from 2.000-5.200 Euros per year.

You can contact us for Scholarship Opportunities in Italy.

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Postgraduate Pharmacy Education in Italy

After your pharmacy education in Italy, you will see that the pharmacy profession does not only consist of drug distribution. Important pharmaceutical companies are operating in Italy in the pharmaceutical sector, one of the world’s most critical sectors.

In addition, the pharmaceutical industry is essential in the commercial activities of many countries with Italy.

After you have studied in Italy with advanced knowledge of English and Italian will find a job in this industry; if you want, you can continue the pharmacy profession in Europe. In other words, studying pharmacy in Italy will allow you to enter the pharmacy, considered a prestigious career all over the world, with a universal understanding.

In Italy, there is an examination by the Italian state to open a pharmacy and practice the pharmacy profession. The exam content includes practical and laboratory work, followed by a 300-question test and an oral exam. Those who pass the exam are given a license to open a pharmacy. In addition, a registry record must be taken in the city where the pharmacy will be opened. In Italy, it is allowed to open pharmacies in proportion to the population. In settlements with a population of less than 12,500, there is a pharmacy requirement for every 5,000 people and a pharmacy for every 40,000 people in other towns and cities.

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