General Information About Studying Dentistry in Italy

Studying dentistry in Italy has been a choice for candidates who are planning to study abroad, especially if they have a desire to study in the field of medicine. Italy, rather than other European countries, has been preferred by students in many fields, especially in medicine, in recent years. Thanks to their Italian degree, they have the chance to work anywhere they want in Europe. In dentistry, which lasts for 6 years in total, the course is taught in Italian and English languages. Thanks to Our Italian course, you can study at many universities by learning Italian, but if you want to study dentistry in English, you can study at the University of Siena.

For detailed information about the university, you can read the “University of Siena” topic.

Moreover , there are dentistry opportunities in Italy to study your master’s and doctorate studies in either English or Italian.

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Studying Dentistry at the University of Siena

The main aim of the English dentistry department at the University of Siena is to graduate patients with adequate clinical expertise and ethical values in oral and dental health. Students will also receive training on basic sciences such as oral physiology and pathology, medical issues related to dentistry and basic subjects such as restorative dentistry, endodontics, periodontology, oral surgery, implantology, prosthesis, orthodontics, and gnatology. In order to increase the theoretical knowledge of the students and improve their professional skills, each subject will be covered in the lessons and practices.

In addition, the University of Siena Department of Dentistry is recommended by the European institution ADEE (European Association for Dental Education), which brings together the most well-known dental schools, and the Italian Ministry of Education and is recognized by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

Advantages of Studying Dentistry in Italy

So, why should you study dentistry in Italy? Here are the pros of studying dentistry item by item:

  • Italian universities are among the best in the world
  • Issuing a blue diploma valid all over Europe
  • A recent survey by the Italian Dental Association showed that 91.5% of dentists are in stable employment within three years of graduation, as in other European countries.
  • Bilingual study (even if you study in English, you will improve your Italian a lot during your stay in the country)
  • Opportunity to provide tuition fees and scholarships to students that are not available in many countries
  • international social scene
  • Opportunity to experience Italian history and culture

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Application Requirements for Dentistry Education in Italy

In order to study dentistry in Italy, students must meet the following application requirements:

  • Must have completed 12 years of education.
  • The applicant must have passed the threshold in the university exams to be entered in the year in which the application will be made.
  • For those who want to study in English, a minimum of B2 level of English is expected.

Attention: TOEFL and IELTS in some years may be required due to the intensity of the course. For this reason, it is recommended to obtain an English proficiency certificate.

  • It is necessary to achieve success in the IMAT exam for medicine and dentistry at public universities or similar exams for private universities.

IMAT Kursu

For detailed information, you can take a look at the IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) or if you want to prepare for the exam as soon as possible, you can check out the IMAT course:

IMAT Course (Online)

Start Dates: Please View Course Details

Course Lengths: Please Review Course Details

Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

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Studying Dentistry in Italy – Tuition Expenses

Universities in Italy publish regulations on student fees annually. On average, annual university fees are between 156-3,500 €. Students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and long single-cycle degree programs (5-6 years) pay an annual fee in one or more installments (up to four).

The amount of tuition fees depends on both the student’s stated family income and success (number of credits obtained on 10 August each year). After the real economic conditions of the family are calculated correctly, the contribution is calculated. Accordingly, if there is a minimum income of 16.000 € and a maximum of 90.000 €, a contribution fee is paid to the university. If less than 16,000 € no contribution is expected.

You can check our article about “University Fees and Scholarships” for more information.

Studying Dentistry in Italy – Scholarships and Accommodation Opportunities

 Students wishing to study dentistry in Italy should be aware that compared to other European countries, Italy is very generous in giving scholarships. After the scholarship application, students are offered many scholarship alternatives. As a result, students can continue their education by paying the lowest contribution fee (156 €), earn a scholarship in the cafeteria fees, get free accommodation in university or state dormitories, and even earn a scholarship between 2000-5200 € per year.

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In many universities and state dormitories in Italy, students are offered dormitories. In addition, you can stay in private dormitories and student houses thanks to the companies that universities have agreed upon. Accommodation fees also differ from region to region.

For more information, you can check our article on “Accommodation in Italy” .

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Why Pava Education?

Pava Education, an Italy-based overseas education consultancy firm, successfully completes the procedures of prospective students who want to study dentistry in Italy with its progressive and professional attitude. The institution, which is with the candidate student from the moment he/she decides to apply until he/she settles in Italy, requests only the necessary documents from the students during all the procedures and then carries out the transactions. Thanks to its team that has experienced the one-to-one process, it ensures that the candidate students have minimal contact with the bureaucratic process during the exam preparation process and manages the complex application process. Since its headquarters is located in Italy, Pava Education can easily access the most up-to-date information and has adopted the principle of providing good education to everyone.

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