Studying medicine in private Universities in Italy, one of the best countries in Europe, is a very alluring option preferred by many students. When the quality education provided both in private universities in Italy and in public universities is combined with the pleasant social life of the country, Italy becomes a center of attraction for students.

A total of 13 state universities in Italy provide medical education taught in English. One of them is the University of Siena, which provides only dental education.

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Italian medical faculties, which are generally in the top 500 of the world.

In addition, there are four private universities where students can choose to study medicine in English in Italy. These universities are:

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Medical education in Italy is 6 years long. The first 3 years of this training are theoretical and the remaining 3 years are clinical studies. Although the application conditions for leading private medical faculties in Italy vary in some details, they are generally based on two basic conditions:

  • Completion of 12 years of education
  • Participating in the entrance exam to be held by the university applied

Studying Medicine in Private Universities in Italy and Its Advantages

  • In addition to improving your language by studying in English, your Italian language skills will also improve during your long stay in Italy.
  • High quality instructional and practical training.
  • Italy has 50 cultural and 5 natural beauties on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • You will experience an international social environment thanks to Italian students and many students from abroad.
  • Especially thanks to a diploma you will obtain in EU countries, you will have alternatives in many countries.

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UniCamillus | Studying Medicine at Private Universities in Italy

UniCamillus University, also known as “The Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences” was established in Rome in 2017. Despite UniCamillus University is a private university with only departments in the field of health and medical sciences, it is a university that is frequently preferred by students when it comes to studying medicine in private universities in Italy, thanks to the quality education it provides. The main aim of the university is to train doctors and health professionals who can work internationally to meet the health needs of underdeveloped countries.UniCamillus University, Studying Medicine in Private Universities in Italy

UniCamillus English Medical Education Admission Exam

The UniCamillus University admissions exam for medical students is a computer-based test that assesses various mental abilities identified as important for medical education. This exam takes 120 minutes and costs € 50. The exam consists of two parts, a written exam and an oral interview. The written exam consists of 51 questions and these questions are put forward to the students in three parts.

  • Verbal Reasoning (17 questions): In this section, verbal reasoning ability of the student is measured.
  • Numerical Reasoning (17 questions): This is a section where students need to use numbers logically and efficiently.
  • Abstract Reasoning (17 questions): In this section, students are expected to understand abstract problems and solve them using their existing knowledge.

In the oral interview part, questions about general culture, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics are asked. Interviews are evaluated in the range of 0 to 69 points.

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San Raffaele University | Studying Medicine at Private Universities in Italy

San Raffaele University, also known as “Vita-Salute San Raffaele University,” was established in 1996. Based on the question “Quid est homo” (What is human?), it shaped the education system with the belief that the human species is psychologically, biologically and spiritually unique. San Raffaele University, which is among the youngest and most successful 25 universities in the world, also aims to provide its students with a distinguished and satisfying education as a private medical university. The university, which is an exceptional example when it comes to studying medicine in private universities in Italy with its magnificent beauty and high quality education, gives students the opportunity to work with a patient simulator, laboratories, practice areas and access to the clinical departments of the university hospital during their medical education.

San Raffaele university, Studying Medicine in Private Universities in Italy

San Raffaele University Medical School Entrance Exam

This exam, which is organized by San Raffaele University, is an exam that every student have to take who wants to study medicine at San Raffaele University. Students can take this exam, which is held 1 or 2 times a year and has an exam fee of 170 €, in their own homes in a computer environment if the exam environment determined by the university is created. In the exam, students are asked 100 multiple-choice questions and are given 120 minutes. The threshold score in the exam, which includes 60 questions on verbal logic and 40 questions on numerical subjects, is 35 out of 100 points. Within verbal logic, there are questions on logic, problem solving and reading comprehension. As numerical subjects, questions from the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology are asked. Students who register for the exam can access sample questions by paying a certain fee after registration. The registration right of the winning students is reserved for 2 weeks.

Cattolica University (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart)

Cattolica university was founded in 1921 and is the largest private university in Europe; it’s also known as one of the leading universities in Italy with its four campuses in Milan, Rome, Brescia and Piacenza. Cattolica University, which provides education in both social sciences and natural sciences, delivers high quality education to more than 35,000 students within its body. Cattolica University, which is in the 101 to 150 band in the field of medical education according to the QS World Ranking, where educational institutions around the world are ranked and has proven to be one of the leading universities in the world holding 451st place according to CWUR, also educates successful students with the special medical education it provides.

Cattolica University, Studying Medicine in Private Universities in Italy

Admission Requirements of University of Cattolica Medical School 

Students who want to benefit from the outstanding education provided by the University of Cattolica have to meet main requirements. Among the students who want to study medicine at private universities in Italy, those who want to apply must first complete their 12-years of education and pass the threshold or be registered at a university by taking the university entrance exam in the year they will apply.

The University of Cattolica also requires applicants to have a TOEFL IBT score of 80 or higher or IELTS 6.0 or higher level language certificates. An entrance examination is also required to study medicine at the University of Cattolica, which allocates 30 places of its 50 person student quota to non-European students. Non-EU citizen students who successfully pass the entrance exam and are eligible for registration pay 15,600 € per year as tuition fees. A deposit must be paid to the school within two weeks of the results being announced.

University of Cattolica Medical School Entrance Exam

This exam, administered by the University of Cattolica, is an exam that every student who wishes to study medicine at the University of Cattolica have to take. The exam consists of 65 questions, candidates are given 65 minutes for completion and a minimum of 15 points out of 65 points must be obtained to pass the exam. Exam content includes biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, general culture, psycho-behavior (logic, visual space logic and problem solving), religion and ethical culture. The exam fee is approximately 160 €.

Humanitas University | Studying Medicine at Private Universities in Italy

Founded in Milan in 2014, Humanitas University provides a high-level of education to its students with its hospital and technological opportunities. The campus is located in the Humanitas Research Hospital Campus in Rozzano, which is part of Milan. This institution allows students to be intertwined with medical cases and it’s also very instructive in gaining experience and being calm in the profession. Thanks to the simulation center at Humanitas University, where approximately 800 students are educated, students can apply various treatment methods to patients created in virtual environments and improve themselves. This private university, which provides 6-year English medical education, also has 3-year nursing and 3-year psychotherapy programs. However, these programs provide education in Italian. There are 11 undergraduate and graduate programs within the university. Humanitas University, Studying Medicine in Private Universities in Italy

Why Humanitas University?

  • 14 years of legacy
  • The close connection between Humanitas and world-class hospital facilities and cutting-edge research
  • Opportunity to gain an international profession
  • Modern interactive teaching methods

How to study at Humanitas University?

  • Being successful in the entrance exam of the University,
  • You must be 12 years after graduating from a high school program in most countries.

How many people are in the quota of Humanitas University?

The university’s non-EU quota has been increased to 50 for the 2022-2023 academic year.


The HUMAT exam administered by Humanitas University is an exam that every student who wants to study Medicine at Humanitas University has to take. HUMAT, which was carried out with an exam format similar to IMAT content in previous years, has been prepared in a format determined by the university itself since this year. It basically consists of Scientific Thinking (30 questions) and Academic Literacy (30 questions) sections.

The scientific thinking part consists of functional thinking, mathematical thinking and visual thinking. Students are given 60 minutes in the scientific thinking part, which is the first part of the exam and is held in two parts. The academic literacy section constitutes the second part and the time given to answer the questions is 60 minutes.

The exam fee is approximately 165 €. Candidates who want to study medicine in private universities in Italy need to check the exams and times, university entrance requirements, application, registration, consulate and other details. You can fill out our application form and our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

Annual Tuition Fees at Humanitas University?

Students from countries outside the European Union pay an annual fee of 20,000 euros/year. The students who are among the top 3 candidates in the exam conducted by Humanitas have 10.000 Euros of scholarship. Scholarship opportunities are higher for European Union citizens.