General Information About Studying Prep in Italy

Studying preparation in Italy is an introductory and warm-up period for those who plan to study in Italy in the future, but it is also a great opportunity for those who want to have a university experience abroad. In Italy, the preparatory program is given at certain state universities, and although the duration of education varies for each university, education is usually given from September to June, just like university education. Students who plan to study preparation in Italy can take this education in English and Italian. Students attending preparatory school are expected to improve their Italian and English languages for academic purposes.

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Generally, preparatory education is given in Italian, but in some universities, English preparatory education is given, and in some even in two languages. Moreover, with the preparation, some universities also offer courses in social sciences and some in science. Students who have completed the preparatory education can apply to the university or other universities, but they must take the exams (if any) required by the department.

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Preparatory Education Academic Program in Italy

The preparatory program in Italy usually lasts 9 months and starts in the last quarter of the year. At first, the students are taught intensively the Italian language and culture to adapt to Italy, its culture and Italian. Afterwards, students can study in a field they are interested in and if they meet the necessary entry requirements, they can study in Italy.

Some of the universities that provide preparatory education in Italy are:

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Studying at the Sapienza University of Rome

To give an example, preparation at the Sapienza University of Rome started in November this year. There is a minimum 75% attendance requirement in the courses to be given between 415/450 hours in total. The academic program of this year’s prestigious university in Rome and Italy is as follows:

  • From November to December, 160 hours of “intensive Italian language and culture” 4-5 days a week
  • “Italian language and culture” for a total of 60 hours, 4 hours a week, from January to March
  • From January to April, they should choose one of the fields of Science or Humanities, which will be given a total of 160 hours 4-5 days a week. In the field of Science there are departments of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics; in the field of Humanities, there are sections of Italian Art, Italian History, Italian Literature, Italian Fashion.
  • If you successfully complete the program, you may have the chance to apply to undergraduate or single-stage degree programs (5-6 years). Then, to prepare for the entrance exam, you can choose at most 2 of the Medicine, Engineering, Humanities fields, each of which will be given 35 hours from April to May .

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Studying at the University of Pavia

At the University of Pavia, the preparation started in October this year and will end in June. The university has two preparatory courses: permanent education and blended education.

In permanent education, the student must be in Pavia from October to June. During the teaching period, he/she can choose 420 hours of Italian language and culture course (various levels are available from zero to advanced) followed by 300 hours of field study taught in Italian.

An Italian language and culture intensive course (various levels are available from zero to advanced) will be delivered online from October to February, followed by the 300-hour field training and the second part of the Italian language course from March to June in Pavia. will take place in. Students can choose only one of the following three majors:

1- Humanities

  • History of Art and Archeology
  • Italian Literature
  • Ancient and Medieval History
  • philosophy

2- Sciences and Medicine

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

3- Economics, Law and Politics

  • Political science
  • Contemporary History
  • Economics
  • Law

Students who pass the preparatory year final exams meet the minimum entry requirements for undergraduate education at the University of Pavia and are exempt from the Italian Qualifying University entrance exam.

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Application Requirements for Preparation In Italy

In order to study in preparatory school in Italy, students are not required to meet many conditions. These conditions are:

Advantages of  studying preparation in Italy

When students come to Italy, they can not only live there and learn the Italian language and culture but also benefit from some of the advantages of studying abroad, especially in Italy:

  • Those who graduate in the Italian language in preparation can study at any university with the language certificate they have received.
  • Since there are no exams and difficult application requirements, almost anyone who pays the fee is accepted.
  • Those who successfully complete the preparatory education will be able to know both English and Italian at a good level.
  • Receive undergraduate education in the fields of interest.

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Studying Preparation in Italy Study Expenses

Preparatory study fees in Italy average around €5,000 per year. Generally, the application fee is refunded if the student gives up the program before arriving.

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Preparatory Study in Italy Accommodation Opportunities

Many universities in Italy have dormitory facilities. In addition, private dormitories, residences, apartments, student houses, etc. are available, thanks to the companies and agencies that the university has partnered with.

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