Advantages of Summer Schools in Italy

Summer schools in Italy are preferred by people who want to learn or develop a foreign language, get a qualification in a certain profession or field, live the summer period after education to the fullest, continue their education in Italy in the future, or who just want to explore Italy. The summer school courses enable people to specialize in a field and they can last anywhere from 1 week to 2 years.

This type of interim training can help people who are already in a particular career path but desire to broaden their horizons. Students can pursue summer school education to deepen their understanding of the subjects they studied in undergraduate school, or to study for a specific new field of their interest.

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İtalya'da Sertifika Programları

Summer School Courses

Summer education can be offered in a variety of subjects, academically, professionally or privately:

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Choosing the Right Course

Choosing the right course is very important when choosing a school. Some of the points to consider when making a decision are:

  • The education quality of the school
  • Number of classrooms
  • Age of students
  • City of education
  • Course level
  • Course duration
  • Weekly lesson hours
  • Course fee
  • Advantages of the school

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Summer Schools in Italy

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Language School

Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Leonardo Da Vinci Language School provides Italian education in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena. Apart from the Italian language, there are also courses such as Italian language and culture, long-term Italian courses, exam preparation courses, teaching courses, wine and cooking courses, art, fashion and design courses, and academic and professional courses.

The Pava Education team are official representatives of Leonardo da Vinci Language School in Turkey; we provide free consultancy services to our students who want to be a partner in these goals and who want to take an Italian course at Leonardo da Vinci Language School. Do not forget to fill out our application form.

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  • NABA | Summer Schools in Italy

From June to August, NABA offers intensive two-week courses in Design, Fashion, Fine Arts, Multimedia Arts, Communication, and Italian Culture in Milan and Rome.

You will be immersed in Italy’s thriving creative community with visits to museums, companies, production facilities and design studios. You will discover fashion and design trends guided by talented Italian and international professionals and learn how to research and present creative ideas.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to study in Milan or Rome, or even experience a double course in both cities. Accordingly, upon successful completion of the 2-week (45 hours) summer course in both cities, NABA will award each student 3 CFA credits transferrable to their home university.

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NABA Sanat AkademisiNABA Art Academy

  • Marangoni Art Academy

Istituto Marangoni has a wide range of courses in fields such as Photography, Fashion, Design. It even has a social media photography course, a t-shirt design course, and a style tutorial for your fashion page, which it offers only to 16-17 year olds. In addition, thanks to the double school course, you can go to the other Marangoni Branch in Paris while enrolled to the course in Milan.

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  • Bocconi University

Bocconi University is an important institution in the field of economics; it offers many short-term courses such as International Business and Digital Law, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Fashion and Design Management, International Business Strategy, Equity and Venture Capital Financing.

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Bocconi ÜniversiteiBocconi Üniversitei

  • University of Padova

University of Padova gives the opportunity to attend summer schools in Italy, organized in cooperation with academic institutions or other international organizations, in line with its policy of promoting globalization. The initiative is designed to provide early support for high-quality short-term intensive courses targeting different types of users, both Italian and foreign researchers, doctoral students, postgraduate students or professionals and public or private workers.

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  • University of Pisa

University of Pisa offers summer school courses in most fields such as Humanities, Society, Economics and Law, Health Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture and Veterinary, Mathematics and Science.

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Pisa ÜniversitesiPisa Üniversitesi

  • Florence Institute of Design International

Florence Institute Of Design International offers weekly courses as well as 1 and 2 years of Graphic Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design etc. It is known for its graduate education in these fields.

  • IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)

  • Polymoda | Summer Schools in Italy

  • UER (Università Europea di Roma)

  • Haute Future Fashion Academy

  • Accademia Riaci

  • Istituto Venezia | Summer Schools in Italy

  • Istituto Modartech

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Summer School Expenses in Italy

There are two important items to consider as summer school expenses in Italy. These are the tuition fees and accommodation fees. Your tuition fee varies depending on the education you receive, the location of the school, the advantages the school provides you (materials, excursions, meals, seminars and sometimes hostel or room), your course duration and course hours. It’s important to also consider living expenses.

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Summer School Accommodation Options in Italy

For summer schools in Italy, there are various accommodation options during your stay. If you want to learn about the Italian language and culture, you can consider the option of homestay. With this, you can learn about and experience the life of Italians. Some schools offer students affordable accommodation in shared apartments, homestays, dormitories, or private apartments.

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