What is TESOL? What is a TESOL Certificate?

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, also known as TESOL, is a diploma for teaching English to non-native speakers and is an internationally recognized document. With the TESOL certificate, you can teach English anywhere in the world. It is the most recognized document in the field of international ESL (English as a Second Language).

What are the Advantages of Having a TESOL Certificate?

With the TESOL certificate recognized by the Ministry of National Education, you are defined as a ‘master teacher’ and you can get assignments to language schools, colleges and private schools, apart from high schools. You can also work as an English teacher at private universities. You can work in language schools in native English speaking countries and work as an English teacher in all non-native English speaking countries. Your TESOL document will give you a lot of advantages in visa interviews. In short, this certificate, which has international recognition, is a very advantageous document with the opportunity to find a job with a higher salary.

How to Assign with TESOL Certificate?

First of all, if you meet the conditions mentioned above, you can start by applying for the TESOL Certificate. When you qualify for the certificate, you gain the opportunity to work in private schools, colleges and private universities abroad. You can teach English in countries whose native language is not English and in countries where the mother tongue is English, you can have the opportunity to work in language schools.

TESOL Certificate Program

If you meet certain conditions, you can immediately apply for the TESOL exam. These conditions are:

-Advanced English knowledge

-You must have at least 2 years of an associate degree.

-College, private school etc. You must be a university graduate in order to be appointed to other places with the approval of the Ministry of National Education.

How Long Does the TESOL Certificate Program Take?

The TESOL program can be taken from any of the educational institutions that offer this program. In other words, there is no specific place where instructor training is given for the TESOL program. Many educational institutions have prepared this program both face-to-face and online.

In other words, you can get your certificate by choosing an educational institution of your choice and participating in the TESOL program they have prepared. Each educational institution may have prepared different packages- that is, some programs may be in the form of a master’s degree and may take 1-2 years, while some programs take only 1-2 months. The TESOL certificate is proof that you possess a high level of English.

How to Get a TESOL Certificate?

The most important aspect of the TESOL Certificate is that your oral and writing skills are at a high level. The scoring determined by the Ministry of National Education; in order to obtain this certificate is as follows; TOEFL IBT: min 85 /120, IELTS: 6.5/9, YDS 75 + face-to-face speaking exam. Those who pass these exams successfully can get the TESOL certificate.

Candidates whose English proficiency has been proven by the above-mentioned exams are entitled to receive a Level 7 TESOL Diploma. It’s possible to participate in the TESOL certificate program in many different countries worldwide.

Students are entitled to receive a Level 7 TESOL Diploma. This diploma is awarded by TQUK, an OFQUAL approved certification body. TQUK is a certification authority. It is recognized by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations (OFQUAL) and the Welsh Government as a certification authority.

Online TESOL Course

With the development of technology and the transition from face-to-face education to online education, most educational institutions have left face-to-face education behind and quickly adopted the online education model and prepared examination modalities in accordance with this. The TESOL certificate program, which is one of the online pieces of training, can also be given online.

The advantages of the online TESOL course:

– You can receive training from wherever you want, whenever you want,

-You can quickly finish the training content at any time without disturbing the flow of your daily life.

-You can get the chance to study in the comfort of your home.

How Long Is the TESOL Certificate Valid?

The TESOL certificate is a life-long document. Once you have received the TESOL certificate, the document is valid for the rest of your life. There is no re-taking required. 

What Languages Does the TESOL Certification Cover?

Since your TESOL document is a document that allows you to teach the English language, it is a document that allows you to teach only English. In other words, if you know another language and want to teach that language, you cannot use this certificate.

Who Provides TESOL Certificate Training?

The individuals determined by each educational institution to provide this training are different. For this reason, when deciding on the educational institution, we recommend that you research whether the trainer is qualified in accordance with the TESOL program and get detailed information.

What Are the Prices of the 2022 TESOL Certificate Program?

There are multiple educational institutions that provide training for the TESOL certificate program. The duration of these training programs varies. Some educational institutions prepare a TESOL certificate program with a 1-2 year process such as graduate education, while others prepare a training program for 1-2 months or 180 hours. The prices of the TESOL certificate program vary according to the duration of the training programs. The fact that the training can be online or face-to-face will also make a difference to the prices.

English Language Teaching with TESOL

We talked about the advantages of the TESOL Certificate in this article. You can become a teacher with this document, which is obligatory for those who have a dream of teaching English, especially those who want to teach a language abroad.

So, how can you get this document?

There are multiple educational institutions that issue TESOL certificates internationally. At the end of this training, you become entitled to receive the certificate when you successfully pass the exams. The competencies which are improved in the training programs are:

– Understanding how language is acquired,

– Understanding what causes language errors,

– The principles on which language teaching is based,

– Which methods will be used to teach English,

– How to use the materials and supporting elements in the classroom,

– How to design lesson plans.

What is the Difference Between TESOL and TEFL Certification?

TESOL/TEFL certificate programs are different uses of the same certificate program. In other words, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is used in the north of the USA, while the name TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Second or Other Languages) is widely used in Europe and Asia. The TEFL is a document that assesses a candidate’s ability to teach English. TESOL, on the other hand, is a document that should be obtained in order to teach English to students whose native language is not English.


TESOL – TEFL – TESL – TEAL – ELT – TESL. What is the difference?

Basically, they are all the same. The purpose of all these documents is to teach English to people who do not speak English. The difference is in the country where the teaching work is done.

Frequently Asked Questions About TESOL

Is there a requirement to be a university graduate to attend the course?

No, there is no such obligation. However, if you want to work abroad, it will be advantageous in the selection process to have a bachelor’s degree.

I got the TESOL certificate. Well, do I need to know the language of the country where I want to work?

No, there is no such requirement. With the TESOL certificate, your teaching will be recognized internationally.

Is it necessary to have previous teaching experience in order to get the TESOL certificate?

No. TESOL will give you experience by giving each trainee many chances to teach students.