What is TOEFL? Questions About the TOEFL Exam

The TOEFL exam is the exam that people wishing to study or live abroad take to measure and prove their English language skills. This exam is administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service), which is a private and non-profit headquartered in New Jersey, USA. TOEFL, which stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, was first administered for entrance to universities in the USA in 1964.

What Does TOEFL Do?

This exam is recognized as an English placement test accepted in much of Europe and Asia, in over 130 countries, including the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore. TOEFL score, which is used to apply to undergraduate and graduate programs, is also requested and important in some educational institutions in our country to prove English proficiency.

Today, in many job interviews, TOEFL exam scores are looked at, just like in education applications. For this reason, it is possible to say that this exam, which fully measures the ability of people to understand and use oral and written English, is a requirement for acceptance. In short, your language proficiency is tested with the TOEFL score, and as a result of this test, you will have a certification document valid in more than 160 countries.

What You Need to Know About the TOEFL Test

How is the TOEFL Exam Taken?

The TOEFL test, which can be administered both as an internet-based system and as a traditional paper-based system, is a test that makes it possible to analyze participants’ English skills through reading, listening, speaking and writing practices.

Those who prove their English language proficiency with the scores they have collected in all these areas have the chance to take the first step in their targeted education or career fields. The validity of the score obtained after the TOEFL exam is 2 years. Individuals who have completed 2 years after their first exam experience are required to take the TOEFL exam again in order to re-apply to institutions.

The expected base score from the TOEFL generally varies between 61 and 100 points, depending on the educational institution or the institution or institution to which the job application is made. A maximum of 120 points can be obtained from this exam at a time.

Where is the TOEFL Test Taken?

You can take the TOEFL iBT test at authorized test centers around the world or at home because it is an online test. TOEFL PBT, on the other hand, is done in writing at certain test centers.

What are the TOEFL Exam Parts?

Reading Section

In the reading section of the TOEFL, 3 to 5 reading texts related to various academic subjects and in different genres are given to the participants. Within a period of approximately 60-80 minutes, the participant is asked to interpret the meanings of the words in the reading text, extract the main idea of the text and catch the details supporting this idea, relate the topics in the text, and finally to answer the questions according to this text. The purpose of the Reading section is to measure people’s ability to understand and analyze written English texts.

Listening Section

The listening section of the TOEFL is the second part of the test and takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length. In this process, pre-determined passages are played to the participants and questions are asked depending on the subject.  34 to 51 questions are asked, and their listening comprehension skills are measured in this process. During the exam, two types of pieces are listened to, namely conversation-discussion and speaker-lecture. Participants who pass these screens and start answering the questions cannot return to the listening screen again. For this reason, it is recommended that the participants listen very carefully and take the necessary notes.

Writing Department

TOEFL writing section is a section where participants’ English grammar and vocabulary are also measured. At this stage, the participant is expected to write a well-organized essay on the topics identified for each question. In this section, which lasts approximately 60 minutes, the participants are required to analyze and explain both their own ideas and those of other people, depending on the materials listened to and read. In order to answer the questions correctly, it is very important to be able to synthesize the main ideas and the details given and to put them on paper with the right sentences.


Speaking Section

20 minutes are used to measure the English-speaking proficiency of the participants. In order to be successful in this section, people are expected to master the questions in the other 3 sections and to construct effective sentences by adding their own comments. In this section, where the ability to understand written and spoken English and the ability to verbally answer the questions to be asked is measured, the first two questions asked are independent, while the remaining 4 questions are determined as questions integrated with the topics.

This section makes up 61 to 100 points, depending on the educational institution or the institution or institution to which the job application is made. A maximum of 120 points can be obtained from this exam at a time.


How to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam?

The most important advice we can give to those who are considering taking the TOEFL exam is to first research thoroughly the rules of this exam. So exam format, score calculation, what you will see in the sections, etc. You need to learn all the details.

First of all, we should point out that this exam will measure your skills in various aspects. In other words, you must be above a certain level for this exam. Considering the average level of the exam takers, “intermediate” and “advanced” are difficult exams. So if your level is “beginner” and “elementary”, this exam is not suitable for you. This means candidates should be aware of their current level and work on improving their proficiency.


What are the TOEFL Test Types?

TOEFL has two different exam formats. These are called TOEFL IBT and TOEFL PBT . Exams are held every 2 weeks, continue throughout the year, and applications can be completed online. There are approximately 4,500 exam centres located in 165 countries. Participants who took the exam before and could not get the target score can re-enter the TOEFL as many times as they wish, provided they take a 12-day break.

What is TOEFL IBT?

The TOEFL IBT exam, which stands for Internet-based TOEFL and is offered as internet-based, is a comprehensive exam that includes all parts of reading, listening, speaking and writing. IBT, which lasts approximately 4-4hours, is done by computer at authorized exam centres. Recently, ETS has provided convenience and IBT’s special Home Edition exam has also been put into practice. With Home Edition, which is identical to the classic IBT format and shares the same screen experience, participants also have the chance to take the exam from wherever they are. During the exam, which is offered online through ProctorU, the participants are also followed by an officer appointed through this system. About 6 days after the end of the exam, the exam results are delivered to the participants.

How to Apply for TOEFL IBT?

TOEFL IBT, which is frequently carried out at authorized centres around the world, offers convenience. Candidates applying online must first register on the official website of ETS. They can complete the first step by selecting the username, the city they will take the exam, and the date they have determined according to the exam centre. The name used when registering must be the same as the name to be presented on the day of the exam. Apart from the online system, candidates can also register by telephone or mail, with the guidance of authorized TOEFL advisors.

Registrations close 1 week before the exam date, so candidates are advised to complete their applications at least 1 month before the exam date. ETS is also committed to providing necessary services to candidates with health problems or special needs due to disability. Detailed information on the subject and registration procedures are available on the official website of ETS.

What is TOEFL PBT?

PBT, which stands for Paper Based TOEFL, is a paper-based TOEFL test consisting of three parts: listening, writing and reading. Unlike IBT, there is no speaking part in PBT. Known as an old version of TOEFL and accepted only in certain countries, this test is not as preferred as IBT. The PBT, which has an exam duration of approximately 2 and a half hours, is scored using a different scale.

What is the Difference Between TOEFL IBT and TOEFL PBT?

The difference between TOEFL IBT and TOEFL PBT is that TOEFL PBT does not include the speaking part. TOEFL IBT is done online and TOEFL PBT is done in writing at specific test centres.

How Much is the 2022 TOEFL Exam Fee?

The test fee determined for TOEFL is in dollars. Accordingly, the TOEFL IBT exam fee is $185 and the TOEFL PBT exam fee is $170. Payments can be made by credit card, electronic check, PayPal or money order.

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