Italy hosts more and more students each year, with many opportunities it offers to international students. University education without admission exams in Italy allows for multiple-choice acceptance. Your options in case you want to get a university education in Italy are higher than in many countries. In Italy, besides the programs that accept students with an exam, there are also programs where you can get a university education without an admission exam.

The programs in which you can be accepted without an examination in Italy are generally programs in the fields of social sciences. There is no separate admission exam for education in these programs.

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University Programs Without Admission Exams in Italy

There is a wide choice of programs in Italy where you can be admitted without an admission exam. Many preferred programs in the world can be studied without an examination in Italy.

The programs without an admission exam in Italy are:

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Foundation Education for Italian in Italy

One way to study without an exam in Italy is to take a foundation education in Italian. It is possible to study in Italian by taking a 1-year foundation class in Italy. For education in Italian, the choice is much wider. You can also get the opportunity to find a job and work in Italy with an advanced level of Italian you will learn.

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Universities Providing Education in English in Italy

There are dozens of school options that university education without admission exams in Italy where you can study in English. Education is provided entirely in English in more than 400 programs at undergraduate and master’s levels.