History of University of Milan

University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano) was founded in 1924. It is one of Italy’s best and largest universities, offering a wide range of education options, with 64,000 students, eight faculties, and more than 2000 professors. The university campus is spread in many different parts of the city. It also has campuses in other cities such as Monza, Cremona, Lodi, where they are close to Milan. The central campus is a rare example of Italian architecture with its thousands of sculptures, a historical library, and a large garden where different designs are exhibited.

Milan University, a leading school in scientific research and development in Italy and Europe, is the largest university globally, with approximately 64,000 students. It is also a significant socio-economically educated human resource in the Lombardy region, in which it is located.

Regarding the library, Milan University has the most vibrant libraries in the Lombardy region, with 47 university libraries open to the students.

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Student Life in milano

Where is the University of Milan?

It is located in the heart of Milan. Milan is one of Europe’s most dynamic and highly international cities. When it comes to Milan, fashion, fairs, fashion shows come to mind. Luxury shops of Italian and foreign fashion brands in the world are located in Milan. 

Milan is an exciting city with fashion shows, fairs, and design weeks in every period of the year. 

Milan is also the capital of Lombardy, Italy’s wealthiest region. The Lombardy region is a leader in the country’s economy, which stands out in Italy’s research and development investments and technological innovations.

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Famous Alumni of University of Milan

Among the graduates of the University of Milan, there are many famous names from politicians to CEOs;

  • Silvio Berlusconi, former prime minister of Italy
  • Miuccia Prada, CEO of the world-famous luxury clothing brand
  • Giorgio Armani, the founder of a famous Italian clothing brand, “Armani.”
  • Nobel laureate astrophysicist Riccardo Giacconi
  • Carlo Ponti, director of the Oscar-winning film “La Strada.”
  • Karolos Papoulias, former president of Greece
  • CERN managing director Fabiola Gianotti

and many more famous names are graduates of the UNIMI.

Student Life in Milan

Milan is one of Europe’s most dynamic cities. Welcoming millions of tourists every year, it is also an excellent choice for student life. There are seven universities in the city, and these universities have thousands of international students from many different countries of the world. There are many activities organized by students. Furthermore, Milan promises an active life with fashion shows, museums, and concerts where many famous groups perform in the historical places in Milan.

Studying University at Milan

It is one of Italy’s most distinguished student cities and has the country’s most respected universities. There are seven universities in Milan, including the oldest institution in the city, Politecnico di Milano, which has hosted students for more than 150 years. These universities, which are among Italy’s best universities, offer many English programs for international students. They have a course program from engineering to medicine and from architecture to social sciences widely. The city also has campuses such as NABA, Marangoni, and Domus Academy, the leading fashion schools in Italy and the world.

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University of Milan World Rankings

The university consistently ranks as Italy’s best university in several areas. It always finds itself within 200-350 range globally. In this sense, it is among the top universities in Italy and in fact globally.

University of Milan world rankings:

  • 148th best university in the world according to CWUR 2019 data
  • According to the Shanghai Ranking 2018 data, it is among the top 200 universities in the world
  • According to QS 2019 data, the 325th university in the world
  • According to Times Higher Education data, it is among the top 350 universities in the world.

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University of Milan universitas studiorum mediolanensis

University of Milan Departments in English

  • Medicine
  • International Politics, Law and Economics(bachelor)
  • Political Sciences and Economy
  • International relations
  • Computer Science
  • Sustainable Development
  • Biotechnology and Bioeconomics
  • Data Sciences and Economics
  • Environment and Food Economics
  • Economy and Finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management
  • Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine
  • Molecular Biology
  • Corporate communications
  • Plant Sciences

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University of Milan School of Medicine

One of the most preferred universities for students who want to study medicine in Italy is Milan University. To study medicine at the University of Milan, it is necessary to take the IMAT Exam and get enough points according to the university’s quota. It is one of the universities that accept students with the highest scores among the medical faculties due to the high number of students’ first preferences, leading to high competition.

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The duration of this program is six years.

It consists of three years of theoretical and three years of practical training. Medical Faculty training is given at San Paolo Hospital, a full-fledged hospital.

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes the University of Milan from other universities is that its departments are mostly on health programs such as medicine, pharmacy, nutrition, dietetics, and psychiatry, which are specialized in human health and scientific institutions. It offers a multicultural education to students from all over the world by providing an English education option to international students, especially in medicine. Moreover, with the Erasmus + program offered by the university, you can go to other medical faculties abroad for both education and internship during your education period.

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Thanks to the medical education you will receive in Milan, you can catch up with the opportunity to grow up in different cultures and techniques and become one of Europe’s distinguished surgeons and doctors. When you graduate, you have the chance to practice medicine without equivalence problems.

Medical School Fees of University of Milan

Like other public universities in Italy, the University of Milan medical school tuition fees ranges from 156 to 3,000 euros per year. It is possible to provide discounts from annual training fees. There is a procedure to be followed for this. You can contact our expert team for professional support on the subject.

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Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities

Students from the University of Milan mostly prefer dormitories. The University also offers its students ample dormitory opportunities. There are dormitories and studio apartments in the center of Milan. The monthly fees for the accommodations of the university are 250 Euros. There is a certain quota in the rooms and have very reasonable wages according to Milan’s conditions. Additionally, there are private dormitories for students in Milan. The fees for private dormitories are around 350-550 Euro.

The fees for studio apartments or rooms in Milan start from 400 Euros.

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university of milan accomodation and dormitory

Scholarship Opportunities

There are several scholarships that Milan University students can apply for. Scholarships are between 2,000-5,200 Euros per year. If you want to benefit from scholarship opportunities in Italy, you can reach our expert team.

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University of Milan Fees

Annual tuition fees for the University of Milan are between 156-3,000 Euros.

Italian universities are preferred because of their low annual fees and high-quality education.

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Undergraduate Education at the University of Milan

The University Of Milan is among Italy’s top universities in the social sciences. International students mostly prefer the departments of political sciences, economics, and medicine. Medical education is at an outstanding level and is one of the most preferred and highest rated schools in Italy.

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Graduate Education at the University of Milan

English graduate department option is quite extensive compared to undergraduate departments. UNIMI is among the best universities in the world, especially in the field of social science programs.

Erasmus Education at the University of Milan

The University of Milan also hosts hundreds of international students every year for Erasmus. Students generally prefer departments such as medicine, political sciences, economics, and finance for the Erasmus program. 

How Can You Study at the University of Milan?

 To be accepted by the department you apply to; you should fulfill requirements—each department publishes a call regarding the prospective student. If you want detail regarding the program you wish to apply to, do not hesitate to contact our expert team.