General Information About the University of Palermo

The University of Palermo was founded in 1806 in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, located in the middle of the Mediterranean, with a population of more than 650 thousand. But the roots of the university go back to 1498, the beginning of the opening of the fields of medicine and law. In fact, the main building of the university, which now houses the rector’s office, was built in 1307 and is considered one of the most important historical buildings. UNIPA, a non-profit public higher education institution, currently has 3 more campuses apart from the main campus. These are located in the cities of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Trapani.

Palermo Üniversitesi

find new solutions to questions posed by nature, science and society. From information technology to biology, mathematics to medicine, social sciences and cultural heritage preservation, the university works to ensure that innovation and progress contribute to the international scientific community and the world of production.

Where is Palermo University?

Palermo University is located in Palermo, the capital of the Mediterranean and Sicily; it has always represented people of different nationalities, lifestyles and cultures. You will not be a stranger in Palermo, which has a typical Mediterranean climate. While the average temperature is 14 degrees in February, the average temperature is 26 degrees in the summer. There are also seven world heritage sites in the region: the Valley of the Temples (Agrigento), Villa Romana del Casale (Piazza Armerina), the stunning Aeolian Islands, Val di Noto, Syracuse and Pantalica, Mount Etna, and most recently the Arabian-Norman Palermo and Cefalú and Monreale’ Cathedral Churches.

Driving from the city center to Palermo’s newer neighborhoods, via Ruggero VII and Libertà, you will encounter very interesting shopping areas enriched by the presence of the two main city theaters, the Politeama Garibaldi, and the largest opera theater in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, Massimo.

Built between 1875 and 1891, it can accommodate more than 1,380 spectators. The opera was designed and supervised by the great Italian architect Giovan Battista Filippo Basile. It is considered one of the most famous operas in Italy, where you can enjoy the music and the beautiful room.

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Palermo Katedrali

University of Palermo World Ranking

  • University of Palermo is ranked 570th according to CWUR 2020-21 data.
  • According to ARWU 2020 data, it placed in the range of 501-600.
  • According to THE (Times Higher Education) World University Rankings 2021 data, it was placed in the range of 601-800, and 201+ in European Teach Rankings 2019.
  • According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020, it was placed in the range of 251-300 in Agriculture & Forestry, 351-400 in Engineering & Chemical, 451-500 in Life Sciences and Medicine and Medicine, and 501-550 in Biological Sciences.

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University of Palermo Notable Alumni

Famous people who have graduated from the University of Palermo :

  • Stanislao Cannizzaro (Chemist)
  • Emanuele Paternò (Chemist)
  • Angelino Alfano (Former Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies)
  • Filippo Mancuso (Judge)
  • Patricia Bullrich (Politician)
  • Manlio Di Stefano (Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies)
  • Giulia Bongiorno (Member of the Italian Republic Senate)
  • Ernesto Basile (Architect)
  • Teresa Mannino (Comedian)

Student Life in Palermo

Palermo University offers language courses to its students who want to learn a new language. You can study Arabic, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish by academic faculty and professors at the university. You can also enjoy many cultural and historical excursions in the city, including seven UNESCO sites in Palermo. While walking through the narrow and characteristic streets of the city center, you will experience the baroque breeze and taste the street food of Palermo: “pani ‘ca meusa” and “panelle” (fried spleen or chickpea sliced bread), “stigghiola” (grilled meat), “arancine” (rice balls), “sfincione” (typical Palermo pizza). These foods are plentiful at many historical sites of the city.

In places such as Garibaldi Square, Della Liberta and Roma street, the city has the most people and restaurants. Students have many places to visit as the city is intertwined with nature, history and culture. In addition, since the university is only a few minutes away from the sea, students can spend time in restaurants, cafes and bars by the sea, either during the day or at night.

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University of Palermo Departments

Palermo Üniversitesi Bölümleri

The University of Palermo has about 122 departments (first and second cycle), 44 masters and specialities and 23 doctoral courses of study. Below are 16 faculties and 1 school belonging to 122 departments:

  • Architecture
  • Biomedicine, Neuroscience and Advanced Diagnostics
  • Cultures and Societies
  • Surgical, Oncological and Stomatological Disciplines
  • Physics and Chemistry – Emilio Segre
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics and Informatics
  • Health Promotion, Maternal-Child, Internal Medicine and Excellence Specialist D’Alessandro “
  • Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences
  • Earth and sea sciences
  • Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies
  • Economic, Business and Statistical Sciences
  • Political Sciences and International Relations
  • Psychological, Pedagogical, Exercise and Training Sciences
  • Humanities
  • School of Medicine and Surgery

English Master’s Degrees

  • Neurosciences
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Tourism development and management
  • International relations
  • Economic and financial sciences
  • Complex administrations and organizations science
  • Food science and technology
  • Business economics

University of Palermo Tuition Fees

Palermo University has followed a certain path for the convenience of first-come students for tuition fees: The University does not charge a first-year tuition fee for students coming from outside Europe. They will only pay the registration fee. However, EU students and Italian students pay tuition fees on the contrary. Tuition fees in Italy generally range from 150 € to 3500 €.

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Scholarship Opportunity


Italy is one of the countries that offer the most scholarship opportunities in Europe. Scholarship opportunities vary depending on the university and department you are applying to. In Italy, each region grants scholarships according to the rules it determines. Financial aid for international students is divided into several items: Scholarship, student fee waiver, accommodation from October 1 to the end of July, free meals at university canteens, and some additional assistance. These opportunities and aids may differ depending on the success of the student, and the economic situation of themselves and their family.

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Palermo University Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities

The University of Palermo provides accommodation for its students. In addition, there are many agencies that the university has partnered with. There are various alternatives for students to choose from, thanks to the fact that there are many accommodation opportunities like private dormitories, small, medium and large-sized apartments, and residences. Their prices are also considered reasonable compared to other Italian cities.

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