General Information About the University of Pavia

University of Pavia is one of the oldest academic institutions in the world, which began teaching in 825 but was officially founded in 1361. Like Oxford and Cambridge in England, Pavia has a unique university system in Italy that dates back to the 16th century. 

University of Pavia, which was officially founded by Emperor Charles IV, has become one of the most fundamental universities in Italy in terms of studies and courses in the field of Law. The current student capacity is approximately 24,000 and there are approximately 1500 international students. In addition, 2700 professors, lecturers and administrative staff; It is ready to give the best education with 30 libraries and 1 language center.


Pavia has been awarded the title of “ European City of Sports 2014 ”. The University Sports Center (CUS) promotes sports among university enrolled students by offering a wide variety of courses, organizing championships and tournaments. With their teams, they take part in national and international competitions such as CUS Pavia, World University Games. Used by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pavia, San Mateo Medical Center is among Italy’s most famous and advanced research hospitals .

How is the University of Pavia?

Pavia today offers 4 merit-based colleges, 12 public colleges and 4 private colleges. The University of Pavia provides education in many different fields. It continues to provide education in a total of 18 different departments in fields such as undergraduate, graduate and doctorate. In addition, through bilateral agreements with more than 400 universities, it hosts visiting professors from all over the world and provides its students with the opportunity to continue their education at different universities. These universities include the historical University of Coimbra, many European universities, Middle Eastern universities, schools dominated by the Mediterranean geography, universities of America, China, Japan and many other countries. In addition, there are more than 700 universities with which it has Erasmus exchange agreements.

University of Pavia offers numerous training courses along with teaching English. In addition to medicine and surgery courses, Pavia was the first university in Italy to start courses in English in 2009.

University of Pavia Facilities and Sports

University of Pavia houses 2 campuses, 20 University colleges, 35 libraries, 1,250,000 books and journals, 19 museums, 4 cinemas and theaters, 12 cultural centers, 1 music school and 2 civic music and art schools.

In addition, it is internationally recognized thanks to the title of European City of Sports 2014 . 2 multi-use sports centres, 4 public swimming pools, 3 private sports clubs, 26 school and 8 university gyms, 20 playgrounds, 15 football fields, 5 petanques (boules grounds), 4 private equestrian centers, 20 tennis courts, golf. With 10 facilities that offer skating, skating and five-for-five football, and many different activities and facilities, it provides its students with sports to the fullest.

Where is Pavia University?

şehir, yaşam ve öğrencilik

Pavia is located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy; it’s located south of Milan, within easy reach of Genoa and the Ligurian coasts. Pavia is a small and charming Italian city with a population of 72,612.

Student Life at the University of Pavia

The university’s campuses are located at different points in the small city of Pavia. A train leaves every 10 minutes to Milan, and since it is 25 minutes away, there are many students living and studying in Milan. It is known that Pavia was the capital during the Lombardy Kingdom. For this reason, the central campus of the university, like all other buildings in the city, preserves its old original state. Students in Pavia gain value with friendships and a sharing mentality.

Electrical Technology, Natural History, Mineralogy, Chemistry, Physics, Music Science, Mathematics, Archeology etc. on university campuses. There are museums and collections in the areas. Campus life is very lively, with various student clubs.

University life in Pavia aims to create an open community in which academic achievements, traditional events, parties and sports competitions all play a role. At university, students can also establish their first professional network.

Famous Alumni Taught at the University of Pavia

Pavia Üniversitesinin ünlü mezunları

Among the most famous teachers of his time, Christopher Columbus, who discovered America, was among the most famous teachers of his time, Lazzaro Spallanzani in natural sciences, Lorenzo Mascheroni in mathematics, Alessandro Volta in physics, Antonio Scarpa in anatomy, the Napoleonic era, the teachings of Vincenzo Monti and Ugo Foscolo, in civil law Gian Domenico Romagnosi has the background of the University of Pavia .

Throughout the nineteenth century, Pavia’s medical school and mathematics school were cited by great figures who had important national and international repercussions and gave a powerful new impetus to scientific research. Mathematicians Eugenio Beltrami, Felice Casorati, and Luigi Berzolari taught one semester in Pavia; Camillo Golgi, professor of histology and general pathology, received the Nobel Prize in 1906 for his work on the structure of the nervous system. Carlo Forlanini developed new methods for the treatment of tuberculosis.

University of Pavia World Ranking

University of Pavia is in the CWUR World University Rankings 2018-2019; ranks 366th in the world and 13th in Italy with an overall score of 75.4. According to QS 2019 data, it is among the 250 Universities Providing the Best Medical Education in the World, and among the first 200 universities in the field of Civil and Structural Engineering according to the same source.

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University of Pavia Departments

Università degli Studi di Pavia includes 18 departments, 77 Italian courses (39 undergraduate, 38 graduate), 12 English master’s courses and 19 doctoral courses.

Undergraduate Departments

University of Pavia, undergraduate education is given in Italian and the education period is 3 years. Italian language proficiency is required for admission. It is also necessary to pass a local entrance examination test for each department.

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Graduate Departments

  • Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural Hazards
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Harvey Medicine and Surgery Course
  • Industrial Automation Engineering
  • Master Program in Economics, Finance and International Integration
  • Master Program in International Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Sciences
  • The Ancient Mediterranean World (History Archeology and Art)
  • World Politics and International Relations

There are 11 different postgraduate departments taught in English . The duration of the master’s departments is 2 years. While the application requirements for graduate programs may vary from department to department, a language document showing that you have at least B1 level language proficiency is generally required.

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University of Pavia Faculty of Medicine

Pavia Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pavia is indeed an exceptional school that stands out in the midst of the multitude. Despite being the first of its kind in Italy, the Medical School standards are still sought after by others. Founded in 1361 in the center of Pavia, the Faculty of Medicine has successfully retained its legacy. He offers his students the Harvey course, a complete curriculum that has been practised by medicine for over 500 years. This system provides students with a solid background. English and Italian education options are available in the department.

Pavia University’s Faculty of Medicine consists of many teaching professors, scientists and clinicians who constantly follow the leading developments and up-to-date information in the Medical Field. The professor of the pathology course, Prof. Dr. Gherardi (Immunologist) has 20 years of teaching experience in Cambridge before coming to Pavia.

Medical education at the University of Pavia lasts 6 years. A single exam in English is valid for admission: International Medical Admission Test (IMAT).

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University of Pavia Graduates Employment Rate

  • 82% of graduates find employment within one year of graduation.
  • 93% of graduates find employment within three years of graduation.
  • 94% of graduates find employment within five years of graduation.
  • In addition, those who have master’s degrees in Science, Engineering, Medicine and Pharmacology find a job at a rate of 95% after graduation.

University of Pavia Tuition Fees

Pavia Üniversitesi Eğitim Ücretleri

Fees are calculated based on family income and the student’s country of origin. Fees range from 150 € to 3500 €. Italy is one of the countries that offers the most scholarship opportunities in Europe. The University of Pavia also gives scholarships to 3000 people every year. Scholarship opportunities vary depending on the university and department you are applying to. In Italy, each region grants scholarships according to the rules it determines. These scholarships vary according to family income, success and personal income of students.

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University of Pavia Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities

Pavia'da örnek konutlar

The University of Pavia offers students many options in terms of accommodation. It has 17 student dormitories. There are many colleges and residences located in different parts of the city depending on the university. There are historical dormitory buildings in which the British college system is generally adopted. The university provides not only accommodation, but also an environment conducive to the socialization of students is provided with activities organized for the remaining students.

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