General Information About the University of Siena

Known as one of the oldest universities in Europe , the University of Siena was founded with the name “Stadium Senese” in 1240. In the city of Siena, where the world’s first bank was established, the first publicly funded Italian university was the University of Siena. The historical and unique features of the city of Siena, and inclusion in the World Heritage List by UNESCO makes the city a center of attraction for foreign tourists.

Today, around 20,000 students make up almost half of the city’s population. The University of Siena is particularly known for its achievements in Law, Medicine and Economics.

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The University of Siena has 15 faculties, 32 undergraduate programs, 29 graduate programs, 24 doctoral programs, 11 double-degree programs, 729 research and teaching staff, and 997 technical and administrative staff. At the same time, it attracts the attention of students in many areas with the internet access within the school, the scholarships given and the agreements made with the Italian companies.

Notable alumni of the University of Siena are: Pietro Ispano, Pope John XXI, Cino da Pistoia, Antonio de Venafro, Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte, Pope Julius III, Francesco Accarigi, Piero Calamandrei, Richard M. Goodwin, Norberto Bobbio, Frank Hahn, Jean Blondel, Samuel Bowles, Antonio Tabucchi, Paul Ginsborg and Yusuf Garaad Omar.

Life in Siena

Winters are cold in Siena, but there is almost no snowfall. The weather is quite hot in the summer, but it is not humid and sweltering. If you want to do sports and exercise, you can go to the Fortezza park, and if you are interested in culture and art, you can find activities for you in Siena. However, we cannot say that these events are as varied and frequent as in big cities. Apart from all these, the last thing we can recommend is to travel a lot. Siena is really advantageous in terms of location and Florence , Pisa , Chianti, Montepulciano, San Gimignano are definitely unmissable places to spend your weekends.

Costs, Expenses

Living costs are slightly above the Italian average. Although it is a small city, unfortunately the rent or other expenses are not low. However, this does not mean that you will be deprived of social activities that you will have a bad time with. It can be quite fun to gather with your friends and have a drink in Del Campo square or enjoy a cup of coffee in small and cozy cafes. If you learn Italian, there is no doubt that your time there will be much easier and more enjoyable.

Apart from that, Italy is very generous in granting scholarships. According to many European countries, Italy provides international students with the necessary assistance in terms of student and living expenses.

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Where is the University of Siena?

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Considered one of the oldest universities in Europe and Italy, the University of Siena is located in the city of Siena in the Tuscany region.

University of Siena Student Life

Being a student at the University of Siena is a student-friendly educational institution in terms of the opportunities it contains. At the university, many summer schools and courses related to Italian culture and society are offered for students to develop themselves and get used to Italy.

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Student in Siena

The city of Siena is an important and historical city that will be included in the World Heritage List. The feature that makes Siena so attractive is that the works from the Renaissance period and the atmosphere of that period are preserved throughout the city. At the same time, the students studying in this city witness the horse racing events called Palio, which have been held in the city for centuries, as well as discovering the Italian cuisine.

Palio Event

The features that make Siena so attractive are that it preserves its fascinating Renaissance atmosphere and structure, it has the most original and quality products of Italian cuisine and wines, and perhaps most importantly, it hosts the Palio event.

To briefly explain Palio, we can say that it is a kind of horse race whose tradition has been going on for centuries. In this big and exciting event, which is held twice every summer in Piazza del Campo (the main square of the city),  jockeys compete to represent the Contradas (neighbourhoods) of the city, making great profits both for the city and for themselves. This event, which is almost as important as their lives for the people of Siena, is really worth seeing and will add a different perspective to your life.

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University of Siena Facilities

The University of Siena has an ideal environment for those who want to focus on their studies. Almost every faculty and dormitory has reading rooms and plenty of libraries. The fact that every institution and place is within walking distance of each other makes things easier. This includes dining halls. If you win the DSU scholarship (dormitory-dining hall and the institution responsible for the scholarship in Tuscany), you can enjoy free lunch and dinner, and of course other privileges.

It is also possible to work part-time in the library or in the international relations office at the university.

Another point that we do not want to go unnoticed is that the international relations office has genuinely helpful, friendly and friendly staff. Furthermore, the University of Siena cooperates with many European and non-European universities and institutions. We recommend that students who want to participate in student exchange programs with a dual degree program or Erasmus methods should follow up.

The University of Siena’s Place in the World Rankings

University of Siena is a world-ranked educational institution. According to THE Times Higher Education (THE) 2020-21 data, it is among the top 500 universities worldwide. It is among the 150 most important universities in the field of Archeology. In addition, it is shown between 51-75 according to THE European Teaching Rankings 2019 data. It is shown in the 460th place according to the CWUR 2020-21 ranking.

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University of Siena Departments

The undergraduate programs of the University of Siena last 3 years.

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English Undergraduate Programs

  • Economics and Banking
  • Economics and Business

5-6 Year Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Dentistry teaches in English; you can only find this at the University of Siena.

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Italian Undergraduate Programs

  • Law
  • Cultural Heritage, Education, Literature, Languages, History and Philosophy
  • Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Environmental Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Geology
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Physics, Engineering, Mathematics

English Master’s Programs

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • International Studies
  • Accounting and management
  • Public and Cultural Diplomacy,
  • Language and Mind. Linguistics and Cognitive Studies
  • Computer and Automation Engineering
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Engineering Management
  • Medical Biotechnologies
  • Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

University of Siena Tuition Fees

The University of Siena has tuition fees ranging from 600 to 2300 Euros.

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Accommodation Fees at the University of Siena

The University of Siena has official dormitories but there are also different accommodation options such as private rooms and dormitories throughout the city for students to stay. There are 11 university houses in the city of Siena, some of which are located in the city center and some can be considered a little further outside the city. Dormitory prices vary between 200-400 Euros per month.

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