Established in 1962, The University of Trento has always determined as its mission to prepare students for life efficiently by establishing cooperation with Italian and foreign institutions and organizations. The University of Trento (Unitn), which existed as a private university nearly for 20 years, obtained the state university status in 1982 and from that day till present times; It has provided education as an Italian State University.

Trento Üniversitesi

In 2009, according to the Agreement of Milan signed between the Italian Government and the Autonomous Region of Trento, The University of Trento was granted a special authorization and all its financial expenses are covered by the state. This phase has contributed greatly to the development of facilities of The University and has significantly improved the library service, sports centers, laboratory facilities, education and research centers of University.

Currently, more than 16,000 students study at this university, while its academic staff comprises of about 600 professors and researchers and the equal number of technical and administrative staff.

University of Trento and Space

trento üniversitesi ve uzay

With the help of The University of Trento, the radar named Rime has been prepared to be sent to planet Jupiter and its frozen moons (Ganymede, Callisto and Europa). “Theories about the underground structure of moons of Jupiter have been proposed that have boosted the imagination of many scientists since their discovery by Galileo” said Lorenzo Bruzzone from the University of Trento, lead researcher of the radar. “Finally with this first step, it is a great opportunity to advance our scientific understanding of the cosmos. For the first time we can solve some mysteries and look beneath the surface in search of water.”

The European Space Agency (ESA) has just delivered the space ship developed for the Juice mission. The launch is expected to take place in 2022 and reach to Jupiter in 2030. For the first time, the Rime spacecraft will take a close look at Jupiter’s moons and uncover the mystery that lies beneath their frozen crust.

World Rankings of the University of Trento

The Times Higher Education journal, which ranks the best universities of the world and examines 1390 university all around the world, ranks the University of Trento (Università degli Studi di Trento) in the 301 to 350 group worldwide, making progress every year.

qs world university rankings (dünya sıralaması)

According to the QS Global World Ranking of 2021, another scale in which all world universities participate in research area, the University of Trento is the 403rd the best university in the world. According to the CWUR data of year 2020 to 2021, it was successful university by holding 465th place in the world.

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Where is The University of Trento Located?

The University of Trento is situated in the city of Trento in the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region of Northern Italy. The Trentino-Alto Adige region which is located in the Alpine region of Europe and is situated on the northern border of Italy. Trento is a city located in the central part of this region.

Established in 1962, the University of Trento is one of the youngest universities of Italy. There are numerous faculties and departments on various campuses located in the center of the city. The largest campus of the university is situated in the north of Trento and is known as the main campus. The University of Trento is considered as one of the best universities of Italy and is also recognized as one of the leading universities in Europe.

Student Life at the University of Trento | Life in Trento

Neighboring many civilizations, “Università degli Studi di Trento” is more than just a university that promises younger generation a cultural development. In a silent and underpopulated city with the high quality of life, students can easily get to know each other and explore ski resorts of Trento, famous for its scenic views.

Trento Piazza Duomo katedral meydanı

The centers of Canazei and Cavalese, especially Madonna di Campiglio, are the most popular skiing resorts of Trento.

Trento is also known as a center of attractiveness for students who want to go on a nature trip. Marmolada, Fassa Valley, Pordoi Pass, Fiemme Valley, Sole Valley and Non Valley, known for the deep canyons, that are among the natural beauties of Trento.

However, the city stands out not only for its natural beauties but also for its natural heritage. Established in the 13th century, Trento University students have the opportunity to visit Buonconsiglio Castle, Neptune Fountain and Palazzo Pretorio, which are the symbols of Trento, take unlimited beautiful photos and have a pleasant time in this city and get rid of the stress of the day by tasting the famous Italian dishes in Piazza Duomo square.

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Departments at University of Trento 

The University of Trento with its 11 faculties and 3 different campuses, – Unitn has a wide range of departments and has made a positive reputation in Italy with the quality of provided education.

Undergraduate programs at the University of Trento last for 3 years same as all around of Europe and the language of instruction for some departments is Italian or English.

trento üniversitesi bölümleri ve bina

Undergraduate Departments

  • Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology
  • Business
  • Construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer, Communication and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Cultural heritage
  • Economy and Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Communication technologies
  • International Security
  • Law
  • Modern Languages
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Master Programs taught in English

  • Behavioral and Applied Economics
  • Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology
  • Computer science
  • Economy
  • Energy Engineering
  • Environmental Meteorology
  • European and International Studies
  • International Business
  • International Security
  • Innovation Management
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Physics
  • Communication technologies

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What are the Research Opportunities and Projects at University of Trento – Unitn?

The University of Trento conducts numerous research projects and activities that has a wide range of research opportunities. Research activities of the University are carried out through faculties, centers and institutes in various disciplines.

Some of them are:

  1. Digital Technologies: The University of Trento is in the top of the list of universities for research in digital technologies. Research in this field covers topics such as cryptography, computer science, artificial intelligence and robotics.
  2. Health Sciences: The University also conducts numerous researches in the field of health sciences. Some of these areas include neurology, psychology, molecular biology and biotechnology.
  3. Social Sciences: The University of Trento also finances various research projects in the social sciences area. The most known topics are anthropology, political science and economics.
  4. Physics: Trento is also a pioneer University in the area of physics. Research in this field covers topics such as nuclear physics, particle physics and astrophysics.
  5. Energy: The University of Trento also conducts research in the energy field. Research in this area covers numerous topics such as sustainable energy, renewable energy and energy storage systems.

Tuition Fees 

The University of Trento since the date of becoming  a public university, it has the same pricing range as other public universities of Italy. If the tuition fees at this university are examined in terms of undergraduate departments, it might be explained in such manner that undergraduate fees in Italy are determined according to the financial situation of families of students and these fees usually vary between €500 and €3000.

Trento Üniversitesi Eğitim Ücretleri

In addition to the convenience provided for tuition fees, Italy is also a student-friendly country with the amount of scholarships provided to students. According to the policies implemented by the Italian government, students might apply to the scholarships that provided at certain rates every year and this scholarship amount varies between 2000 and 5200 euros per year.

Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities of University of Trento

The University of Trento suggests more than 1,500 residences and shared apartments for students who is willing to use the dormitory service of university. However, with approximately 16,000 students studying here, it is impossible to accommodate all students in the dormitory. For this reason, the management of the University of Trento has set certain criteria for determination of the students who want to stay at university accommodation facilities. These criteria are the economic status certificate of the students’ family and the educational achievement starting from second semester.

Monthly rates per person for Accommodation Facilities of University is (per month for the 2019-2020 year):

  • Students who qualify for the UniTrento Scholarship and are exempt from fees, €180 for a double room and €220 for a single room
  • All other students (including PhD), 270 € for double room and 330 € for single room
  • Post-doctoral students pay 325 € for double room and 385 € for single room

Students, if they wish, also have the opportunity to rent a single, double room and flat in Trento. Double room prices are 150 to 250 euros per month  and single room prices are 300 to 350 euros also flats are available at a cost of 500 euros in Trento.

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What are the Application and Admission Requirements at Unitn – University of Trento?

Students who are willing to study in one of the bachelor’s, master’s or other postgraduate programs at the University of Trento have to meet certain requirements.

In general, the application and admission criteria at Unitn consist of the following stages;

  • Completion of 12 years of School education or the first year of a university degree is required.
  • It is mandatory to pass the minimum score in the university entrance exam.
  • Students who wish to study in programs taught in English must pass an oral interview or even required, obtain a B2 level language certificate. (You can also check our related articles about “IELTS Exam” and “TOEFL Exam“).
  • Students choosing to study in programs taught in Italian should also pass the CELI and CILS or an equivalent exam.
  • Conditions should be met in programs that conduct their own exams or have other prerequisites.
  • Student visa, passport issuance and other consular procedures should be completed.

 Cost of Living in Trento | Università degli Studi di Trento

Food Charges

We tried to indicate the many eating and drinking expenses at the University of Trento. Do not forget that the average prices are written, as you can consume more or less than the specified prices.

  • In a university cafeteria, you can cost around 280 € for a meal: 4.90 €/full meal, 4.40 €/small meal, 3.10 €/snack
  • For breakfast in a cafe, you may cost around 70 € per month: 2.50 €/a cup of coffee + croissant
  • Pizza price in a moderately priced restaurant: 15 ~ 30 €

Apart from these, the approximate prices of some products are listed below (in Euros):

  • Milk: 1.20/Liter
  • Bread: 4.50/Kilo
  • Butter: 1.70/250 gr.
  • Meat: 9 ~ 19/Kilo
  • Chicken: 8 ~ 10/Kill
  • Rice: 1.70 ~ 2.50/Kilo
  • Pasta: 0.80 ~ 1.20/Kill
  • Mineral water: 0.50 ~ 0.80/Liter


Other Expenses That May Happen in Trento

  • For an Italian language course at the Language Centre: Free – up to 100 € per course
  • Clothing: pair of shoes 70 €, jeans 40 €, sweater 40-60 €
  • To buy a mobile phone: 50 – 400 €; monthly pay-as-you-go plans: 5 € to 40 € (eg Italian providers: WIND, TRE, VODAFONE, TIM, POSTEMOBILE
  • To buy a laptop: 400 – 1.000 €
  • For a drink at the bar: € 3 a small beer, € 1.10 a cup of coffee (espresso), € 1.50 a croissant.
  • For a movie ticket: 5 – 8.50 €; For a 10-entry card: EUR 50-55.
  • One museum entrance ticket: 4.00 Euro ~ 8.00 Euro
  • One theater/concert ticket: between 15 ~ 40 euros
  • For a gym course: 60 – 100 €/month (discounts available in the school hall).
  • Entry to a climbing hall: € 5.50
  • To purchase a ski pass during the ski season: 35 – 50 €/day
  • Swimming pool entrance ticket: € 4.90 for students (up to 26 years old); Entrance pass starting at 41.70 € (for students up to 26 years old) and 56 € for adults.

Do not forget to fill in our application form to apply to the University of Trento departments and the IMAT application with the quality of Pava Education. We will contact you as soon as possible.

University of Trento Living Costs

Immediately starting from the arrival of students at the University of Trento, they will have urgent needs and certain expenses. These expenses may vary and we recommend you to ask our advisors for the up-to-date information.

Urgent Costs

Here are some of the urgent costs that might occur:

  • Application for Permit of Residence : 118 €
  • Private health insurance for EU students (unless you do not have an European Health Insurance Card): prices may vary by insurance companies chosen
  • Health insurance fee for non-EU students is €149.77 (per calendar year) for enrollment in the National Health Insurance System
  • Mandatory deposit payment of 360 € (refundable) upon arrival in accommodation in University residence + 40 € (non-refundable) upon departure for check-out expenses
  • 4 month advance rent payment for graduate students who are not receiving a UniTrento scholarship
  • Catering service in university canteens: approx. 280 €/month
  • Transportation by bus: € 1.20 for a single use ticket (valid up to 70 minutes), 1-month subscription card € 27.50; 1 year subscription card 50 € or 213 €

Note: You can contact us by filling the application form to get a chance to benefit from cheaper travel costs such as bus and train, Trento University application and for more.

Food Expenses

We have tried to indicate many food and beverage expenses at the University of Trento. Please note that average costs are written as you can consume more or less than the prices indicated.

  • For a meal in a university cafeteria you can expect to spend around €280 per month: €4.90 for full meal, €4.40 for small menu and €3.10 for snack
  • For having breakfast in a café you can expect to spend around €70 per month: €2.50 for one cup of coffee + croissant
  • The price of pizza in a mid-priced restaurant is around  €15 and  €30

In addition to these, the approximate prices of some products are listed below (in Euros):

  • Milk: 1.20/Liter
  • Bread 4.50/Kilo
  • Butter 1.70/250 gr.
  • Meat: 9 ~ 19/Kilo
  • Chicken: 8 ~ 10/Kilo
  • Rice 1.70 ~ 2.50/Kilo
  • Pasta: 0.80 ~ 1.20/Kilo
  • Mineral water: 0.50 ~ 0.80/Liter

Other Expenses that might occur in Trento

  • For an Italian language course enrollment at the Language Center: Free – up to €100 per course.
  • Clothing: Shoes €70 for a pair, jeans €40 for a pair, sweaters €40-60.
  • Buying a cell phone: €50 to €400; monthly pay-as-you-use plans: €5 to €40 (e.g. Italian providers: WIND, TRE, VODAFONE, TIM, POSTEMOBILE).
  • Buying a laptop: €400 to €1.000.
  • For a drink at the bar: 3€ for a small beer, 1,10€ for a cup of coffee (espresso), 1,50€ for a croissant.
  • For one movie ticket: €5 to €8,50; for a 10-entry pass: €50 to €55.
  • One time museum entrance ticket: €4.00 to €8.00.
  • One time theater/concert ticket: €15 to €40.
  • For a monthly gym course: €60 to €100 (discounts available in the university hall).
  • One time entrance to a climbing gym: 5,50 €.
  • To purchase a daily ski pass during the ski season: €35 to €50 
  • Entry ticket to the swimming pool: €4,90 for students (up to 26 years old); €41,70 (for students up to 26 years old) and entrance pass card for adults from €56.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is University of Trento (Unitn) public or private?

The University of Trento is a public university. Situated in the historic city of Trento, at the foot of the Alps, this public university accepts a lot of international students each year to its undergraduate and postgraduate and master’s programs taught in English and in Italian. Offering a highly prestigious education, the university prepares its students for a bright future career.

What are the dormitory and scholarship opportunities at the University of Trento?

There are numerous public and private dormitories in Trento, including private dormitories under the control of the university. In addition, education in Italy, which provides number of privileges to foreign students in terms of scholarship opportunities, organized in an easy way for students. Students can reduce their living costs by alternative ways such as renting a room or renting a shared apartment in Trento, where the cost of living is generally moderate.

Which are the departments of University of Trento?

The University of Trento offers education in several departments. The departments are as follows:

  1. Faculty of Economics and Management
  2. Faculty of Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering
  3. Faculty of Computer Science
  4. Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
  5. Faculty of Italian Language and Culture
  6. Faculty of Law
  7. Faculty of Sociology and Social Studies
  8. Faculty of Mathematics
  9. Faculty of Physics
  10. Faculty of Human Sciences

There are also numerous centers for interdisciplinary research within the university. These centers include the Center for Industrial Science and Technology Policy, the Center for Environment and Sustainability, the Center for Digital Sciences, the Center for Biomedical Sciences and Technologies and the Center for Social Sciences.

Is it expensive to live in Trento, how much does it cost to live there?

Despite Trento is located in the north part of Italy, it has a lower cost of living compared to other major cities of Italy. It offers a more affordable options, especially in comparison with Milan and Rome. On the other hand, living costs in this city are generally a bit higher than in other parts of Italy. It is obvious that students should consider the budget around 700 to 1000 euros per month.

How much does it cost to study at the University of Trento?

Tuition fees at Unitn, the University of Trento ranges between 800 and 4,000 euros per year for undergraduate programs. Master’s programs might cost between 900 and 5,200 euros per year. Doctoral programs on the other hand cost between 3,300 and 5,200 euros per year.