The University of Turin is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of Italy, covering 120 buildings and with 75,000 enrolled students. The University has been acknowledged as a distinctive city within the city, stimulating cultural development, research, innovation, education and employment with campuses located in various areas of Turin which was established in 1404.

Furthermore, the University of Turin (Unito) is proud of its sustainability efforts and is seriously committed to contributing to the sustainable development of society. With economic, social and environmental sustainability, in the last few years UniTO has committed itself to sustainability. Employing around 3,700 human resources and with an economic value of 460 million euros, UniTO is closely linked with the local community.

University of Turin

Today, the University of Turin is one of the largest Italian universities open to international research and education, offering courses in a variety of programs other than engineering and architecture. It has research canters in medical diagnostics, biosensorics and nanotechnology, which are among the best in Italy. The University has a remarkable tradition of research in traditional subjects such as history, philosophy, law, economics and medicine. It is also currently developing in important sectors such as food science, social policy, IT, performing arts and communication sciences.

The University has 22 libraries dedicated to 32 different fields. This educational institution is known for its Botanical Garden and various university museums, such as “Cesare Lombroso” – Museum of Criminal Anthropology and “Luigi Rolando” – Museum of Human Anatomy. The University also cares for a network of local museums on subjects ranging from Egyptian to contemporary art and manages its own media, radio, television and film production units.

According to the latest figures, the University of Turin has 75,000 students. Approximately 4,600 of these are international students. There are 69 undergraduate, 75 master’s and 34 doctoral programs. With 429 professors and 776 associate professors, this university has a large teaching staff.

Where is the University of Turin (Unito) Located?

The University of Turin is located in Turin in north-western part of Italy. Turin is the seventh largest city of Italy and the capital of the Piemonte region, famous for its wines as Barolo and Barbaresco.

Turin is situated on the banks of the famous Po River and is easily accessible by railway, bus and air links with other cities in Italy. In this regard, students have a chance to travel among cities in Italy by taking advantage of unlimited transportation possibilities with discount cards.

The city is also located at the foot of the Alps and close to Sestriere, one of the major ski resorts of Italy. Turin is very rich in terms of historical and cultural heritage. There are many touristic sights in the city, such as historic buildings of various architectural styles, art galleries, museums, churches and palaces. Additionally, the city hosts the world-famous football team Juventus.

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Famous Graduates of The University of Turin | Università di Torino

In 1506 Rotterdam Erasmus obtained his degree at this University. In addition, many scholars, especially French and English, preferred this university in the first place.

Some of the 20th century’s leading names are;

  • Antonio Gramsci
  • Piero Gobetti
  • Palmiro Togliatti
  • Massimo Bontempelli
  • Norberto Bobbio
  • Cesare Pavese

These people played very important role in Italian political, social and cultural life. Salvatore Luria, winner of the Nobel Prize in the field of Medicine, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Renato Dulbecco, Luigi Einaudi and Giuseppe Saragat, Presidents of the Italian Republic, might be mentioned among other important names who graduated from the University of Turin.

 Library of University of Turin

  • 22 libraries spread over 32 locations
  • Approximately 3,200 workstations
  • More than 2,900,000 volumes
  • Approximately 23,000 new bibliographic books
  • More than 237,000 online resources (e-journals, e-books, databases, documents and reports)
  • More than 17,500 active users
  • More than 1,207,000 visits to OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Over 135,500 local and interlibrary credits

Student Life at the University of Turin

Being a student at the University of Turin is a center of cultural features thanks to a wide range of year-round events, museums, sites, monuments, churches, parks and theatres.

Exciting lifestyle of Turin is particularly favored by young people and students who are keen to pursue their academic career in this city. In recent years, great efforts have been made to improve all the services at the city for the student community.

where is University of Turin

Turin is a student-focused city, from a brand new campus to more study rooms and accommodation options and transport and student-friendly policies. With over 1,000 Erasmus+ agreements and more than 600 co-operation agreements with 177 universities worldwide, the University of Turin (Unito) strongly encourages and supports student mobility between countries and disciplines.

Locating in the center of Italy and close to France, the city is close to many different areas for students to visit. Turin is also very popular for winter sports and students can participate in many social activities in winter.

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University of Turin “Buddy Project”

The University of Turin can assign a Buddy to all incoming students. Your Buddy is a student at Unito and offers an encounter and support service to international students, students coming for the Erasmus+ program or from abroad to study.

If you are starting a course or coming on Erasmus, you will be contacted directly by a Buddy before you arrive in Turin. Once you arrive in Italy you will be able to meet your Buddy and start your experience of University of Turin.

So what are the benefits of a Buddy?

  • To make new friends
  • Learn Italian language and culture
  • Getting information and clarifying doubts before leaving
  • To get information about the services offered by the university such as libraries, study rooms, university canteens, sports activities, etc.
  • To get information about health, residence permit and housing
  • Fulfilling administrative procedures (enrolling in courses in your career plan, enrolling for exams, etc.)

Torino Üniversitesi Buddy Projesi

World Rankings of University of Turin | Università di Torino

  • CWUR World University Rankings 2018-2019 ranks the University 208th in the world and 6th in Italy.
  • According to the ARWU Shanghai Rankings of 2018-2019 it is #2 among the top 300 universities.
  • NTU Taiwan Rankings 2018-2019 is ranked Unito 171st in the world and 6th in Italy.
  •  It is ranked 232 in the world and 8th in Italy in accordance with US News Best Global Universities Rankings of 2018-2019
  • Green-metric Universities Sustainability Rankings of 2018-2019 ranked it 47th in the world and 2nd in Italy.

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University of Turin Graduates Job Finding (Employment) Rate

Over 13900 students in 2019, graduated from the University of Turin. 9400 out of this are graduates of bachelor’s degree programs and 5-6 year master’s degree programs, and 4500 are master’s degree graduates.

According to AlmaLaurea 2019 and 2017 Graduates Employment Rate from ISTAT Workforce;

Within first year after graduation,

  • A total of 61.1% get employed. (national average 53.5%)
  • Of these, 50.5% of undergraduate graduates found a job. (national average 41.1)
  • 78.2% of the graduates of 5-6 years graduate programs found a job. (national average 64.2)
  • 74.7% of postgraduate graduates found a job. (national average 74.8)

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Departments of the University of Turin

Undergraduate Programs in English

  • Business and Management
  • Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies
  • Medicine and Surgery

Undergraduate programs at the University of Turin are 3 years except Medicine and Surgery. The Medicine and Surgery program lasts 6 years. High school diploma and English language proficiency are required for admission. TARM exam is organized for language proficiency. In addition to this exam, it is also important to pass the OFA exam, which tests general basic knowledge.

departments of University of Turin

Master’s Degrees in English

  • Area & Global Studies for International Cooperation
  • Business Administration
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Economics
  • European Legal Studies
  • Materials Science
  • Molecular Biotechnology
  • Quantitative Finance and Insurance
  • Stochastics and Data Science

Master’s degree programs at the University of Turin are 2 years long. For admission, it is necessary to pass the exam where basic knowledge about the programs is measured and to get a valid grade from the language exam.

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University of Turin – Unito Faculty of Medicine

Medical education started providing at the University of Turin in 2017. The medical school is located in a teaching hospital known as San Luigi in a town called Orbassano, about 13 kilometers southwest of Turin. This arrangement allows students to experience and witness live treatments given to patients, as well as observe various research studies.

torino üniversitesi tıp fakültesi

The campus includes everything that professional medical students need. The campus has emergency services, hospitals, comfortable lecture theatres and first-class medical research laboratories.

The medical school campus has a proximal structure, which makes it possible for students to communicate easily with lecturers and other medical professionals. The curriculum of medical school is also designed in such a way that students can do an internship in their first year. The faculty has a special type of course called “Dorsale Clinica”. This special type of course, which allows the students to discuss specific clinical cases with a specific clinical coordinator, resumes until the last year, when students will focus more on clinical subjects.

The medical school of the University of Turin has several research groups, allowing the integration of both research and didactic knowledge. In addition to this, it also offers students an Erasmus placement program, work placement and many other services.

Medical education at the University of Turin lasts 6 years. There is only one test in English for admission, the International Medical Admission Test, commonly known as IMAT, which costs approximately €130.

Tuition Fees and Scholarship Opportunities at the University of Turin

Tuition fees at Unito or the University of Turin, for undergraduate programs and annual tuition fees for students coming from abroad may range from approximately 1,100 to 4,200 euros. For master’s programs, fees are approximately between 1,500 and 4,500 euros.

University fees depend on family income, the student’s country of origin and the program chosen. These factors can cause costs to decrease or increase.

In addition, Italy is one of the countries in Europe that offers the most scholarships to international students. Scholarship opportunities vary according to the university and department students are willing to apply. In Italy, which consists of regions, each region provides scholarships according to the rules determined internally. These scholarships may vary according to family income, success status and personal income of students.

University of Turin scholarships are paid to students annually and the amount of  scholarship provided ranges from € 2000 to € 5500 on average.

İtalya'da eğitim ücretleri, İtalya'da banka hesabı

Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities at the University of Turin

The University of Turin provides accommodation for its students and international exchange students (Erasmus+, etc.). In any case, accommodation is also available for those who wish to stay at private dormitories, rooms and apartments.

Dormitory fees in Turin are between 200 and 450 € per month on average. For students who want to rent a single room in Turin, have to pay around 300 € per month and 250 € for double rooms. In addition, if you want to rent an apartment alone, rents start from € 500.

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What are the Application and Admission Requirements for the University of Turin?

Students who wish to study at Unito in a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral (PhD) program have to meet certain requirements.

Undergraduate degree program requirements

  • Completion of the 12 years of education
  • Having exceeded the minimum score in the university entrance exam
  • B2 level language proficiency on IELTS or TOEFL exams is required for programs taught in English
  • Programs taught in Italian also require a B2 level language qualification (CELI and CILS exams)
  • To complete student visa, passport issuance and other consular procedures

In terms of language proficiency, a B2 certificate in both English and in Italian is a valid document, but for some programs in Turin, in case of not having certificate, this prerequisite is provided by exams such as TARM and OFA for language proficiency at the application stage.

Postgraduate and Master’s Programs requirements

  • To have completed any undergraduate degree program
  • B2 language proficiency is required for programs taught in English or in Italian
  • Master’s or doctoral (PhD) programs must be compatible with the obtained undergraduate program
  • Meeting the prerequisites of programs having prerequisites
  • All other necessary paperwork such as student visa, passport and translation of bachelor’s degree certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University of Turin (Unito) public or private?

The University of Turin is a public university. Located in Turin, which is full of cultural and historical richness of Italy, this university offers undergraduate, graduate and master’s programs in many different fields.

Which courses are offered at The University of Turin?

There are many programs in Turin in various fields, including:

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Art and Design
  • Economics and Business
  • Psychology

What is the language of instruction at the University of Turin?

Programs at the University of Turin – Unito are available in English or in Italian. Many programs are in Italian, but popular English-language programs include medicine, engineering, business and economics.

How much does it cost to study in Turin?

Tuition fees at the University of Turin range from 1,100 to 4,500 euros on average for undergraduate and master’s programs and are payable annually. In addition to these fees, registration fees, books and other educational expenses may occur additional to the tuition fees, so an average of 250 euros should be added to the tuition fees.

Is there a dormitory at the University of Turin and what are the accommodation options?

Unito has a university dormitory with single and double room options that students can benefit. Students who cannot benefit from the dormitory will be able to choose low-cost alternatives such as renting a room in the neighborhood close to the campus or renting a shared apartment.