General Information about the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari

Founded in 1868, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice was the first business school established in Italy. The University of Venice has 23,000 students in total and 1,300 professors give lectures permanently. There are 6 libraries, 1 language center, and more than 700 exchange programs. It’s one of the main educational institutions in Italy preferred by those who want to receive undergraduate and graduate education.

Venice Ca’ Foscari University provides education in 4 main branches. These are: Economics, Western Languages and Literature, Humanities and Natural Sciences. These areas are divided into 8 departments in total. Venice Ca’ Foscari University, which offers its students the opportunity to do a joint program and double major, guides students to start their business life by improving themselves.

Notable alumni from Ca’ Foscari include billionaire businessmen Giuseppe De’Longhi and opera director Damiano Michieletto. Ca’ Foscari also has a dedicated alumni website where graduates can connect with their university friends through their profiles and messaging services, where they can make career connections.

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Where is Venice Ca’ Foscari University?

Venedik Ca' Foscari Üniversitesi nerede

Venice Ca’ Foscari University is located in the famous city of Venice, Italy. In addition to owning a building where the main courses are given, there are also classrooms spread over various points of the city. Venice is known as the capital of the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. In this city, people travel around the city on foot or by boat.

Student Life at the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari

At Venice Ca’ Foscari University, students are encouraged to participate in various sports activities and are brought into social life thanks to the student associations established. Living in a school located in the center of Venice, rather than the facilities inside the school, leads to a much more active student life.

In the city where many cultural events are held, students from Italian and other nationalities who come to the city to study find the opportunity to socialize and discover different cultures. Students who spend time in Spritz, an important square of Venice, also taste the world-famous dishes of Italy at the restaurants located here.

Cultural Activities

Enjoy culture and fun with Venice Ca’ Foscari University. From Ca’ Foscari Theater to Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival, and even Ca’ Foscari Art Night, Ca’ Foscari plays a central role in the cultural life of the city.

Ca’ Foscari Zattere is also present; it’s a venue for the Jazz Festival, exhibitions and educational courses, after-school activities, projects designed and realized by students, and more than 370 relaxation, reading, study and book events.

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Place in the World Ranking

According to studies conducted in recent years, the university, which has won more Marie Curie grants than any other Italian school, is among the best schools in the world in different fields.

According to the 2021 QS World Rankings subject ranking, Venice Ca’ Foscari is ranked in the top 100 in Modern Languages, top 150 in History, top 200 in Geography, top 200 in Linguistics and top 250 in Accounting and Finance, 130 in the world in Humanities. In Italy it also ranked in 3rd place.

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Departments of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

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Venedik Ca' Foscari Üniversitesi

Undergraduate Departments

  • Business Administration
  • Economics and Business
  • Digital Management
  • Philosophy, International and Economic Studies

Master’s Programs in English (2 Years)

  • Comparative International Relations
  • Computer Science
  • Conservation Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage
  • Economics and Finance
  • Environmental Sciences
  • European, American and Postcolonial Language and Literature
  • Global Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Language Sciences
  • Management
  • Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials
  • Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies
  • Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities – Arts and Management

Ca' Foscari Üniversitesi bölümleri, derslikler ve içi

Professional English Master’s Programs (1 Year)

  • Didactics and Promotion of Italian Language and Culture to Foreigners
  • Professional Psychomotor Therapist
  • Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Translation and Interpreting Theory and Techniques
  • Advanced Planning for Teaching Italian Language and Culture to Foreigners
  • Aviation Management
  • Economics and Languages of Eastern Europe
  • Global Business Japan
  • Global Economics and Social Affairs
  • Luxury Customer Advisor
  • Strategic Social Innovation Management
  • Sustainable Real Estate
  • Strategic Studies and International Security
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Public Policies
  • Labor and Social Security Law
  • Immigration: Migratory Phenomena and Social Change –
  • International Master on Aging
  • Innovation and Organizational Development for Healthcare Facilities
  • Health Economics and Management
  • Gender Studies and Social Change
  • public administration
  • International Business, Arbitration and Tax Law
  • International Master in Economics and Finance
  • Creative Development and Management of Cultural Activities
  • Fashion Design and Management
  • Fine Arts in Filmmaking –
  • Food and Wine Culture. Promoting Made in Italy Excellence
  • Sport Business Strategies
  • Yoga Studies: Body and Meditation in Asian Traditions
  • Management for Digital Publishing
  • Management of Cultural Assets and Activities
  • Administration and Management of Wildlife
  • Corporate and Regional Environmental and Energy Assessment and Management
  • Corporate Sustainable Management
  • Environmental and Land Law
  • Science and Techniques of Prevention and Safety
  • Characterization and Remediation of Contaminated Sites
  • Climate Change Science and Management

University of Venice Ca’ Foscari Tuition Fees

Venedik Üniversitesi eğitim ücretleri

Venice Ca’ Foscari University fees are generally similar for all students. Undergraduate programs are 1,900 € per year, only the annual fee for the Digital Management program is 7,500 €. The annual fee for master’s programs is 2,100 €.

In addition, University students can choose from a variety of full or discounted menus, including vegetarian and diet meals at discounted prices, and benefit from the university canteen.

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Venetian Ca’ Foscari University Accommodation Facilities

The university’s dormitory placement office helps students find a place to stay by contacting dorm rooms, apartments, hotels or real estate agencies that fit their budget. Accommodation costs are between 200-400 € per month.

Since Venice is a tourist city, there may be differences in prices. For this purpose, you can contact us for more information by filling out our application form. Pava Education will help you with all your scholarship, accommodation, departure and application procedures. You can contact us immediately.

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