General Information About Venice IUAV University

Venice IUAV University is one of the first schools of architecture, founded in 1926 under the name of Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (Venice University Architecture Institute) and it provides education in the fields of architecture, urban planning, fashion, art, graphics and design. In order to provide higher quality education, IUAV has limited entry to undergraduate, graduate, advanced specialization courses and doctoral departments, and therefore the average number of university students is about 4200.

Within the university, there are 4 undergraduate, 6 graduate, and 9 doctoral departments, as well as advanced specialization courses, various courses, workshops and learning activities. Venice IUAV University, which is among the few universities in the field of architecture, provides various internship or exchange opportunities for its students thanks to the universities it has agreements with- both in Italy and abroad. One of the best design and art schools in Europe and in the world, the university is the only one in Italy that provides comprehensive education and training in architecture, communication, industry, urban planning, design, visual arts, theater and fashion.

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Where is Venice IUAV University?

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In Venice, the capital of the Veneto region, there are around 120 large and small islands and around 400 bridges. Venice’s IUAV University, located on the coast of Venice, is also linked by the 3605-meter Lagunes Bridge. The faculty’s headquarters and lecture halls are in a Renaissance building, the former cloister of Terese, in the Dorsoduro district west of Venice’s historic centre; the studios have been converted from nearby Magazzini 7 (Ligabue) warehouses overlooking the Giudecca Canal. Basic teaching of all design departments takes place in these two buildings.

You are surrounded by the sea in this area of Venice, which is navigated by boats that people use to go from one place to another. Moreover, thanks to the 3.5 km bridge, you can reach Venice in a very short time. Venice is very well connected to the rest of Italy and the rest of Europe and to all the main sites in the Veneto Region, with trains departing from the Santa Lucia train station, and buses from Piazzale Roma and Marco Polo and Treviso airports.

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Student Life of the University of Venice IUAV


You will live in a city where there is very little opportunity to use a car. You can reach almost anywhere on foot or use a bicycle. Thanks to the water buses called Vaporetti, you can easily reach the city of Venice and the islands. Note that there are also bus and train options.


As in the rest of Italy, there are three main meals in Venice: breakfast, lunch, and dinner with several snacks throughout the day. A very popular Venetian custom is the pre-dinner aperitivo: people gather in small taverns (bacari) and cafes to share an aperitif and a few appetizers (cicheti). This habit can extend over the weekends and when it completely replaces dinner is called apericena. Eating out on weekends is very common, and if you’re going to a restaurant, it will be easier to book a table. Outdoor markets are a local alternative to finding fresh food (e.g. Rialto market).

Weather forecast

In the autumn months, the days become shorter and fog, and the temperatures begin to return to normal. In winter, the temperature is mild and there may be occasional snow. In the spring, the days start to get longer, the temperature rises and there is not much rain. In the summer, it is hot and humid, but thanks to the Adriatic Sea, there are breezes that reduce the temperature.

Spare time

Venice offers many opportunities to enjoy the city: museums, art galleries, cinemas, theaters. At the same time, cafes and entertainment venues around the “Grand Canal” passing through the city are places where you can spend your time. You can easily organize trips to other nearby places due to the easy accessibility to Venice and other cities.

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Notable Alumni of the University of Venice IUAV

Famous people who graduated from Venice IUAV University:

  • Carlo Scarpa (Architect)
  • Mario Botta (Architect)
  • Francesco Dal Co (Historian)
  • Stefano Boeri (Architect)
  • Nicola Verlato (Painter)
  • Graziano Gasparini (Architect)
  • Davide Prete (Sculptor)
  • Giancarlo De Carlo (Architect)
  • Benedetta Tagliabue (Architect)

Venice IUAV University World Ranking

Venice IUAV University is at the top of the world rankings in the regions it provides education due to the fact that it consists of faculty members specialized in certain fields.

According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020;

  • In the top 100 universities in the field of Architecture,
  • In the Art & Design department, it is in the top 150 universities.

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Departments of the University of Venice IUAV

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Venedik IUAV Üniversitesi Open Days 2020

Undergraduate Departments

  • Architecture
  • Fashion design and multimedia arts
  • Industrial design and multimedia
  • Planning and urban design

Graduate Departments

  • Architecture
  • Architecture (Partly English)
  • City and environment: planning and policies (English)
  • Fashion and visual arts (Partly in English)
  • Product and visual communication design
  • Theater and performing arts

Doctoral Departments

  • Architectural composition
  • Design sciences
  • History of architecture and urban planning
  • Innovation for building and cultural heritage
  • International PhD
  • New technologies and information for the region and environment
  • Regional planning and public policy
  • Urbanism
  • “Villard d’Honnecourt” international doctorate in architecture (competition notice every three years)
  • Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Fashion Studies

University of Venice IUAV Tuition Fee

The University of Venice IUAV calculates the tuition fees according to the family income of the students. Fees range from 150 € to 3500 €. Thanks to the exemptions and discounts currently applied, qualified or disabled students can receive scholarships, receive discounts or be exempt from fees. Fees are paid in 3 instalments.

Italy is one of the countries that offer the most scholarship opportunities in Europe. Scholarship opportunities vary depending on the university and department you are applying to. In Italy, each region grants scholarships according to the rules it determines. These scholarships vary according to family income, success and personal income of students.

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Venice IUAV University Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities

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Venice IUAV University provides dormitories for its students. Students from out of town have a variety of accommodation options in Venice. In addition, there are many agencies that the university has agreed with. There are many alternatives for students to choose from, as there are many accommodation opportunities such as private dormitories, residences, and apartments of different sizes.

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