What is a motivation letter and how to write it?

This question is frequently asked in recent times, especially since it is one of the procedures that students who want to study abroad come across during their application. It is very effective in the decision-making process of universities and students need to pay great attention and prepare carefully. Because many students with the same qualifications as you will apply to the same university as you. At this point, you should include correct information about yourself by using a simple and effective language in the motivation letter, which is the most important thing that will bring you to the fore.

You can get the chance to stand out in your candidacy process by providing effective and accurate information about your interest in the university and department you are applying for, why you are applying, and your qualifications that will give you an advantage. The information you provide should be supportive of your CV, apart from the information in your CV.

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What is a Letter of Intent and How is it Prepared?

If you are not familiar with preparing a motivation letter, you can take a look at the previously prepared examples. You can have a clearer idea, especially if you take a look at the letters prepared by the approved candidates. You can also take advantage of resources that can help you. One of the best resources for this is Europass. Because the CV and motivation letter prepared in Europass format are standardized in the European Union countries. These standards, created to speed up the application processes for candidates and institutions, also speed up the process considerably. However, there are many elements to consider when creating a letter of intent. If you want to have an advantage in your candidacy process and stand out among many candidates with the same qualifications as you, you need to give importance to all of these factors.

Preparing a Letter of Intent with Europass

What is a motivation letter and how to write it:

First of all, you must specify your personal information correctly. Then you can write the subject of the letter. After the subject, you should write the school and department information you will apply to in the recipient information section correctly. You can then complete the letter with the opening address, main letter content, and closing address. If you wish, you can add a signature image to the closing address section. You can then include other content and documents such as your resume in the motivation letter.

  • To prepare a motivation letter in Europass format, you can first click on the link: Europass Letter of Intent
  • When you enter the Europass page, you will see options such as “Create CV” and “Create a letter of intent”.
  • You will see the option “Become a member” or “Continue as a guest member”. Being a member here will be advantageous in terms of recording your information and using it continuously by you. -If you do not register, you cannot share the letter of intent you have created.- Then, when you say “Create my profile”, your personal information will be requested.
  • If you fill in the required information completely and continue on the page, you can see the sections where you can enter different information under different headings. This information is respectively: Person/organization information addressed by the document, city, date and subject, content and closing.
  • After reviewing the information again, if you are sure that you have entered it completely, you can say “Next” and proceed to the “Choose a template” stage.
  • After choosing a template you prefer, you will say “Next” and proceed to the “Choose format and save” stage.
  • From here, you can write the name of your letter of intent and download it easily.

Considerations | What is a Motivation Letter and How to Write It

  • First of all, it should be noted that it is important to include information that you can not include in other documents, such as the CV you prepared for the school application, but that can benefit you in your application, in the content of the motivation letter.
  • The reason for applying to the school and department you are applying to is among the most important issues. For this reason, you should explain your reason for application effectively.
  • You can explain the importance of the positive conclusion of your candidacy process for you. In this way, you support your reason for application.
  • You should use a very understandable but effective language. In order to be effective, you should try to use short sentences with plain language instead of using long sentences.
  • A long motivation letter will not give you an advantage. The 500-600 word range is quite sufficient.
  • Your preparation before you start writing the letter is also very important. You should create an outline in your mind and write confidently.
  • For this reason, you should not be afraid of a long preparation process, and you should read the letter many times after writing it.
  • A motivation letter should not be confused with a resume. You must submit your CV separately to the school you will apply to.
  • When talking about yourself, you should keep the line between describing your talents and qualities and praising yourself. You should try to explain your positive aspects without exaggeration.
  • For a long time, you can search the internet with questions such as what is a motivation letter and how to write it, and you can take a look at motivation letter examples. But you should definitely avoid going the copy-paste route. This may not benefit you, but may also harm you.

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