IED, which stands for Istituto Europeo di Design, is one of the world’s leading networks with campuses in Brazil and Spain, many of them in Italy. IED conducts education and research activities in the fields of Design, Visual Arts, Communication and Fashion; it’s a system that offers undergraduate, graduate, summer school, certificate programs and personalized programs in these programs.

This system, which is based on the Italian matrix, also has international validity. IED is managed in parallel with developing educational techniques and offers a unique project culture opportunity to young minds. IED undersigns a training methodology based on experimentation, technology, integrated communication, creative strategies, market issues, professionalism principles and much more.

IED has an education network in Italy with campuses in Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice, Cagliari and Florence. There are also campuses in Madrid and Barcelona in Spain and in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The programs offered may differ at each campus; IED has been laying the groundwork for successful students to meet with the creative industries for more than 50 years. The philosophy of IED, which offers a comprehensive educational opportunity both in theory and in practice, is aimed to transform intercultural creativity into innovation.

IED is on its way to becoming the meeting point of new generations, aiming to contribute to the globalizing world and setting off with the mission of globalizing Italian design knowledge and mentality. For this purpose, it creates a unique network of encounters and is recognized worldwide as Europe’s best Fashion and Design School.

How Does The IED Network Work?

There are more than 1900 expert lecturers in this network, who primarily teach their students how to learn. Not only academic professors but also successful professionals who conduct theory courses and share their work experiences and perspectives during applied projects. The aim is to convey information through clear communication.

During the training, the participants take part in many laboratory projects, carry out joint activities with many companies, and have the opportunity to experience their knowledge with private companies, agencies and manufacturers. In addition to these, learning to work in teams is also very important within the IED network.

IED students can also work together to gain professional experience in different fields. Some of the topics included in the content of the training programs are as follows:

  • Luxury Marketing Management,
  • Brand Management and Communication,
  • Fashion Management,
  • Graphic design,
  • Urban Sustainability and Smart Building,
  • Transportation Design,
  • Arts Management,
  • Brand Design,
  • Fashion design,
  • Fashion Marketing,
  • Fashion Communication and Styling,
  • Product design,
  • Interior design.

At Istituto Europeo di Design, which offers a multicultural education service, education is provided in four different languages. About 100 of the courses are offered in English and more than 10,000 students from 95 different countries take the first step towards their career goals with this system. The fact that the courses offered cover all proficiency levels also allows students to apply at all levels. In addition, partnerships with leading organizations and efficient job placement services are also a core issue in the training strategy signed by the IED. This determines the functioning of the entire educational process.


IED Acceptance Criteria

In order to apply for IED, it is necessary to have completed 12 years of basic education or the first year of undergraduate level in our country. The degree programs offered by the IED start in October. In addition, the submission of the language proficiency document is also a mandatory item in the application process.

A B2 level certificate is required for Italian sections and a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or a TOEFL score of at least 68 for English sections. During the admission process, students are also expected to prepare a motivation letter and portfolio. Students, who also present their diplomas and passports, are invited to an interview after a positive preliminary assessment.

After these stages, the actual admission conditions differ from department to department. These differences also apply to the start dates of master’s and other courses. In fact, graduate applications can be made in September, October, November, January, February, March and April according to the chosen program.

For those who want to receive their education in Italian, having the level of Italian stipulated by the consulate is another item in the admission criteria. In addition, there are universities that conduct their own exams, and student candidates are expected to get the desired score from these exams.


IED Scholarship Opportunities

Projects are of great importance in the IED culture. This understanding is also an active decision path for students in the process of receiving scholarships. So much so that this program, which offers a special set of scholarships, promotions and financial aid support, can also give motivational scholarships to deserving students through their successful projects. In addition, portfolio-based scholarship competitions are organized in various periods, and scholarships are provided to talented students, especially in the field of fashion design. Every year, IED organizes talent competitions for university and master’s programs with a 50% scholarship rate. These competitions are project-based to prepare for the announced subject.

How Long is the IED Training Duration?

Under the program, undergraduate education lasts for 3 years. For students applying for graduate education, the total education period is 1 year. In addition, there are professional master’s programs and they last 6 months. Popular summer semester courses can last from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, and this range varies by department. IED is also considered an accredited university in Turkey and is approved by YÖK.

IED undergraduate programs start at the basic level and are offered in English or Italian as preferred. Again, the master’s programs offered by IED are in the fields of design and design management, and the language of instruction is English.

The leading sectors of the cities are taken into consideration in the master’s programs and the course contents are prepared in parallel with the sector. Certificate programs in design also start from the basic level, just like undergraduate programs. People who have never studied design education can also apply to this program, which aims to train designers in a short time with its intensive and practical-oriented curriculum. Summer schools, which are usually offered in English, are also available with Italian and Spanish language options. There is an education suitable for all levels in these programs.